6 Tips for Blow-drying Your Wig

6 Tips for Blow-drying Your Wig 




If you know a few tricks about blow drying your wig, the set will last longer and the hair will be smoother. Here are some tips to remember when styling your wig to achieve wig perfection.




-         Start with hair that is damp, and not very wet. For best results start blow drying the hair when it is about 65% dry.


-         To add lift to the roots use your hands to comb your roots upwards and blow-dry.



-         Use the largest round brush that you’re comfortable with, it will give the hair a smoother look.


-         Use a brush with nylon bristles or a traditional boar brush. This provides the most tension for the perfect pull.


-         Let your hair set. Allow the hair to cool down before moving on to the next section, it will give a longer lasting and smoother finish.


-          Use the nozzle. The nozzle concentrates the heat at the cuticle and gives the hair the smoothest finish.




See our earlier blog with tips of how to help the blowout last.





Is a Topper a Good Choice For Me?


Is a Topper a Good Choice For Me?






For those experiencing thinning but not ready for a full wig can find themselves in this uncomfortable middle ground. You might not be ready for a wig, but at the same time you miss the fullness you once had. You are tired of the constant struggle and time consuming efforts to hide the thinning and wish there was a solution for you. Depending on the level and pattern of thinning a topper could be a good option for you.
Freeda’s goal is to help all feel beautiful and proud of their hair; while many companies don’t offer toppers, we are proud to offer custom-made toppers for many happy clients. We will share all information about toppers to help you decide what the best option would be for you.




What is a Topper?


A topper provides coverage on the crown area allowing one to mix their own hair with the topper. This will give you beautiful volume once again and take away the endless, time consuming efforts to make you feel beautiful and comfortable.





What is the Process of Ordering a Topper?



Our professionals will find a wig that matches your hair color, length and texture. Our fit specialist will measure your head and create a custom topper from an existing wig. This process can be done in a short amount of time.


We then cut the topper and blend it with your existing hair style. We will teach you how to secure the topper, blend the hair, and care for it.




What is the Expected Time Frame?


Your topper can be completed in under a week! Keep in mind that the customizations could take more time, but majority of our toppers are ready for wear in a short amount of time, allowing you to enjoy your new hair immediately.




Will People Know I’m Wearing a Topper?

They will not! Your topper will look like your hair on its best hair day! Freeda uses only virgin European hair allowing you to highlight it, and style it exactly the way you’ve been accustomed to.  People will comment on how good your hair looks and ask what your secret is.



Call today and speak with our knowledgeable team members to see if a topper is a good choice for you.


Will insurance pay for my wig?

Will insurance pay for my wig?



Recently a customer came in to buy a wig. Alopecia had caused her hair to thin to a point where she wasn’t comfortable anymore.  As she was leaving I mentioned that she should find out if her insurance might contribute toward the cost of the wig. She called me today, ecstatic, to let me know that her insurance pays for 80% of the cost of the wig!




If you ask your insurance company if they cover the cost of wigs the answer will likely be no.  However, if you asked about cranial prostheses the answer can be positive. A wig is considered cranial prostheses.




How it’s done?

You’ll need a prescription with the diagnoses code from your doctor.  After you’ve chosen your wig you receive a receipt for a cranial prosthesis to submit with your insurance claim. It’s as simple as that. You may be surprised at how much of the cost is covered.


If you’ve purchased a wig from Freeda and believe your insurance will cover it, you can email [email protected] and request a cranial prosthesis receipt.







Our Newest Curly Wig- The Danya Long

Our Newest Curly Wig- The Danya Long



At Freeda’s we recently added a few styles to our Collection to satisfy the needs of our clients. One of our new styles is the Danya Long. Here is some background on the Danya. The Danya has been part of the Freeda Collection for over 12 years. It is one of the original curly wigs that Freeda manufactured. Freeda called the wig Danya, the name of a close friend of hers, who has been wearing the style since it first came out.




The “Danya” air dries in a wavy to curly texture, one of the only wigs on the market that is a “wash and wear” style. It’s easy to maintain on your own. Our customers love it, many of whom wore straight wigs because a texture like this was hard to find.  They were so happy to look like themselves again.




The Danya is a shoulder length wig. Before we added the Mimi to our stock, the Danya was the only curly wig in our collection. The Mimi, an 18” long wig then joined the collection. We had a shoulder length curly wig and a long curly wig, but we didn’t have a mid-length wig with that curly texture. The Danya Long, now part of the team, fills the gap between a short and long curly wig, at 15” long.




The multi-directional crown allows the hair to be parted in all directions. This wash and wear style can be easily maintained on your own.  It is quite simple; when the hair is wet use a wide tooth comb to get rid of any knots. Simply use your favorite product for curly hair, and scrunch the hair with your fingers. That is all the Danya Long needs.




If you’d like to wear the wig in a straighter style the Danya Long is also perfect for that. The hair blow dries nicely so the wig can be worn straight, with body, wavy and curly. It can be styled, blow dried,  or washed and worn air dried. It’s a very versatile wig.  The texture lends itself well to a set that will hold strongly and for a long time. Because the wig has light layering people find they need only a bang or some face framing in order to wear the wig. It’s also a great wig for any mid-length hair style. See the Danya Long in our Brooklyn showroom.




The Lob: Still Holding Strong

The Lob: Still Holding Strong




f you read this blog you’ll know that the long bob aka the “lob” is something I go crazy for. I just love this style. The lob is not short nor is it long, and it looks good on 5 year olds and 60 year olds. It works with oval shaped faces and round shaped faces, it’s just the most adaptable and flexible style. It is seen on those in classic attire and coveted by those who are trend pioneers



The lob is still hanging tight with no plans on going anywhere. Slightly updated to match the changing coveted trends, the lob is modernized and upgraded in this seasons summer tresses. Sharp blunt ends are featured on the updated version of the lob. While tousled and natural was the look for the last while, we are now seeing sleek hair void of the perfect disheveled that I so loved.


The style is slightly longer in the front and grazes the shoulder in the back to give the cut more depth and movement.  To add even more dimension the outer layer is blunt while the inside of the hair is slightly layered to give smooth movement to the hair. I also love it because it’s long enough to pull back during hot summer days.  With a wig you never have to commit to just one length, I’m a supporter of changing your wigs style and experimenting with long tresses, short, highlighted, mono-colored. We invite all to our showroom to meet our friendly Freeda team where you can try on lobs or other styles you’d like to try.  See our Riva Short or our Liberty wig, both perfect styles to create the lob.





All women pictured are wearing beautiful Freeda wigs available at Freeda.com

All You Need To Know About Parting Your Wig

Training your part



You wouldn’t believe what a world of a difference your wig experience will be after you learn how to “train” the part.

It’s so simple and will change so much in your wig experience.

Here’s why we do it. The wigs come from our factory with an intended hair direction and part. Once the wig is yours the part will change to suit you and perhaps the direction of the way you wear the wig. A multi directional crown can be parted in every direction but sometimes it takes some effort for the wig to “cooperate”. Until then, people often find they are fighting with a direction that seems to have a mind of its own.  These steps will help fix that problem. (We also have other solutions if you need more assistance.)




Here’s how it’s done:

Training the part starts with a wig that has been washed before it has dried. First the wig should be wash, part changed as desired, and then blow-dried.






Next, pin the wig on a foam or canvas wig head

Using T-pins pin the bangs away from the face a lot higher than you’d like them to fall.






Make an exaggerated pin curl, and pin into place


Repeat each time you place your wig on a foam head.

After a short time your bangs will fall into place perfectly in an off the face direction.










If you’ve learned how to wash your wig and have been taking care of your wig successfully you may start thinking about other hair care services that you’d normally send to a professional.




After working at Freeda and watching the stylists work their magic I’ve come to learn enough tricks to wash and set my wigs on my own. I’ve always taken my wigs to be colored by a professional but after trying unsuccessfully to make an appointment to color my wig I decided to make the plunge on my own.




I was looking to add roots to my wig. I wanted to go from a shadow root to a long root. I was going to add about 3 inches of darker hair to the top of the wig.



I did my research.



I watched countless YouTube videos.

I watched the colorist work.

I asked tons of questions.

I felt confident to take on the task.




I purchased a dark ash brown color from the drug store. I read the instructions. I wanted the roots to slowly fade rather than a straight line. I added a step and teased the hair the way I had seen and been instructed by our colorist.



It was not as simple as it looked. Dye got EVERYWHERE, and the hair wasn’t dividing into the neat sections I had seen others do. It was a mess.  I kept going, following the directions the best I could. Finally, when I had finished with all the hair, I waited 15 minutes, washed out the wig and let it air-dry.



When it was ready I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The color was close enough to what I wanted and I also got the red out which was what I was concerned with the most.



Win. Big time.

Later on I went through the wig more carefully. I had missed spots and there was places were color didn’t catch the way it should. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough.


Next I wanted to brighten up the highlights. I figured the second time would so smoothly because I had practice and planned to be much more precise and careful.  The second time around I watched more YouTube videos , asked more questions, and tried to find out anything possible that might make this task more successful.


Round two was just as messy as round one, but all I cared about were the results.  I followed the steps, I waited, I washed out the dye, air dried and….





Nothing had changed. NOTHING! It was like I hadn’t done anything at all. Oh yes- the huge mess and staining from the dye, but that was it.

It was time to give up.

I spoke to a colorist who attempted to explain what had gone wrong.  I couldn’t really understand what she was saying. How could I possibly learn in a conversation what took her hours of studying and practice?


All in all, the verdict is this; don’t do it.


You may be able get by without bringing your color to a professional, but I don’t recommend it.  I ended up having a professional fix my mistakes anyway. I wasted time and money, and now my wig was going to go through yet another color process- something you really want to avoid.



Another reason to go to a professional is to get a tailored service just right for you. A box dye is a “one size fits all” option rather than a professional who mixes the colors perfectly for your wig, taking into consideration the color of your wig, the color you want to achieve, and the type of hair your wig has. Box dye can’t do that. Box dye also can’t recommend the length of time needed to change the color properly.


We’ve also seen some really awful wig disasters happen when people try dying their own wigs, sometimes irreversible.



  1.     -We’ve seen pillowing in the multi
  2.     -Wigs that have changed texture
  3.     -Hair that is fried or damaged
  4.     -Wigs that have changed to undesirable colors
  5.     -Wefts that have unraveled
  6.     -Bald spots


Don’t let this happen to your wig.  Send your wig to a professional who specifically works with wigs. If you can’t find a colorist in your neighborhood, send it to our Freeda Salon where a Freeda specialist will give your wig the treatment it deserves.


Keep that Freeda wig beautiful!

See our beautiful highlighted wigs- none of which I did.



Swimming in Your Freeda Wig

Swimming in Your Freeda Wig





Summer means beach days and time at the pool. Many wearing wigs for the first time often imagine a summer void of their favorite warm weather activities such as swimming, relaxing in the spa or going to the beach. Swimming in a wig can seem intimidating, but it can be done.




You don’t have to watch the fun from a beach chair. You don’t have to buy a low quality synthetic wig. You want to look beautiful in your Freeda wig and with a few guidelines you can! A Freeda wig can look beautiful all the time, including at the pool or the beach.



Our clients are vast; we have sold wigs to deep see divers, those snorkeling on vacation, wigs for models doing photo shoots underwater, and just those who want to relax in a pool and the spa .Your Freeda wig is made with 100% virgin European hair. It is real hair, it moves like hair and can be treated like hair, but there are just a few tips to keep in mind. Here are our best tips for wig perfection in the water.




Strong Hold

There is nothing enjoyable about a day in the water when you are constantly worried that your wig won’t hold tight. If you are just doing light swimming your preferred standard method will work just fine. If you are looking to do more intensive swimming or diving we suggest using a sport adhesive with a water base.   At Freeda wigs we like a product called Bell Horn, our customers have raved about its super strong hold. We also like SuperTape which is good for those who prefer tape rather than glue. Some also like to put a hair-band on the wig for an extra secure feeling.




Take your wig for a test run

It’s a good idea to take your wig for a test run before you spend a day at the pool. Experiment with different adhesives, and make sure you feel comfortable and secure with the hold.  Test the wig underwater and during vigorous exercise. You’ll enjoy your day much more if you feel secure with the wig’s hold.




A special wig for swimming

Never wear your favorite wig in the pool. It’s important to have a designated wig for sports, the pool or even a rainy day. After the water your wig won’t be styled and will need tending to.  You’ll need time to brush your wig, rinse it, condition it and dry it. We don’t recommend wearing a wet wig for longer than necessary as it can stretch out the cap and loosen the knots.  You may want to consider a pony wig or a hat fall (to be worn under a bathing cap or hat) as your designated water wig.




Tie the Wig back
You’ll want to braid your wig or put it in a ponytail for more vigorous water activity. Loose wet hair gets tangled and knotty and is a chore to brush out.



After the Water

Tending to your wig once your swimming is done is very important.



The guidelines:

  • Rinse the wig in fresh water to get rid of chlorine or salt
  • Comb through the wig slowly and gently to get rid of all knots
  • Use a conditioner on the ends of the hair and rinse
  • Hang the wig on a wig head to dry completely



You are now ready for a beautiful beach day with your beautiful Freeda wig. Enjoy!

Curly Wigs that “Wash and Wear”

Curly Wigs that “Wash and Wear”

Wearing a wig in a natural air-dried manner is a popular growing trend. Our Maya, Danya, Mimi, Atara and Pearl all dry naturally with a wave or a curl.

Here are our best tips for wearing curly or wavy air-dried styles.





Air-dry the wig on an angle

You’ll have to get a wig clamp for this, but the results will be worth it. Drying the wig on an angle will allow the curl open up more, resulting in a bouncier curl.







Air-dry the wig upside down


To create a look with lots of volume pin the damp wig on a head with the nape on the top and the crown on the bottom. You can also hang the wig on a hook with the up side of the wig down. Air-dry the wig completely upside down for a full style with abundant volume. This tip works well on a straight wig as well as on a dry wig.




wavy airdried blogdanya



Get to “know” the hair on your wig




The products that worked best on your hair are the ones you’ll be naturally drawn to. There may be better products for your wig. Experiment with the many products on the market for waves and curls. Our Freeda stylist can recommend the best products to use based on the look you want to achieve.









All wigs shown are naturally dried Freeda Wigs. Our company prides ourselves on being the only company with wash and wear curly wigs. See Freeda’s curly styles and all our wigs here.

Freeda Wigs Dry Shampoo Experiment

Freeda Wigs Dry Shampoo Experiment



I love dry shampoo. I maintain that is the one styling product that delivers its promises and even more. It’s intended to refresh and revive hair without water, and it does the job well. I use dry shampoo for so many other reasons. I use it as hairspray and find it holds hair so well. I use it to give thin hair texture. I use it to extend the time between wig washes, or if I get caught in the rain. Those who exercise in their wigs find it’s a perfect refresher when used afterwards.


How it works:


1)      Spray the shampoo about 8-12” away from hair

2)      Massage through the roots

3)      Brush through for hair that has freshness and body


At Freeda we experimented with different dry shampoos using steps 1-3 to see which one stacked up the highest.



First up was Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo


This formula was safe on color treated hair (and yes, your dry shampoo should be color safe just as your regular shampoo should be if your wig is color treated).  The price was also a standout at less than $5 a bottle. When we used it to add texture to a wig styled with tight waves the set loosened significantly but it held well for a long time without needing to be retouched. We didn’t see this issue when we used less of the product on the hair. Spraying too close to the wig left a white residue that was harder to get out with regular brushing.


Overall, it works well, and absorbed oil.  It had a clean fresh scent that didn’t smell like chemicals. The shampoo didn’t weigh down the style when the appropriate amount was used. The shampoo added texture and reduced the fly-aways.  Some felt the spray left the hair a little dull looking. The consensus in the office was positive and the stylists liked how much body it gave the wigs.


Final grade- 9/10



Next we tried Dove Refresh and Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo   dryshamp



This shampoo was also under $5. This didn’t get the rave reviews like the others. The stylists felt that the spray smelled like chemicals and wasn’t very pleasant. On the thinner wigs this spray worked best if the hair was gently separated after it was sprayed rather than brushed or massaged through, it also needed a few more minutes to sit on the head.


Overall, this spray was very good for adding texture, but not as good at refreshing the hair and didn’t work as well at stretching the time between washes. One of the stylists liked this shampoo over the Suave shampoo.


Final Grade-8/10


Next up was Aussie Total miracle Collection Dry Shampoo     dryshampoThis shampoo was pricier than the others but still under $10. All the stylists agreed that this was the best smelling shampoo.  It wasn’t a favorite among the stylists who felt it left a sticky feeling in the hair.  We used it to spray just the roots of the wig and that gave it nice height and volume.


Overall it wasn’t the product that our stylists wanted to use again.


Final Grade 6/10



Batiste Original Dry Shampoo   dryshampoo




This seemed like a winner here in the Freeda salon. The stylists felt that it left the least residue of all the others. It was slightly more expensive than the others, at just over $10. It gave the hair nice texture; it absorbed the oil well and didn’t have a lingering smell. This dry shampoo felt the most like freshly washed hair, and the residue left behind was minimal.


I specifically loved this dry shampoo and it really saved me from a particularly bad hair day. My hair was looking flat and limp (the kind of day that requires hiding under a hat) and I would have been happy for my hair to be upgraded from poor to acceptable. After using the Batiste spray I loved how my hair looked and found myself having an extra great hair day.


Final Grade-10/10


It seemed with all the sprays that less was more. Using smaller amounts of the product did a better job than spraying lots of dry shampoo all over the hair. Waiting a few minutes between spraying and styling also yielded better results. It’s also really important to shake the bottle well before spraying and will make a big difference in the results.


At the end the Batiste ranked the highest but the Suave brand was a really close second. Dry shampoo is now been upgraded at our salon to a product we can’t live without.