A Threadbare Multi – A Wig Hack

A Threadbare Multi – A Wig Hack



Earlier this week a customer came in with a friend’s wig. It was many years old and had a threadbare crown.  While she couldn’t wear the wig she didn’t want it to be thrown away either. Her friend brought the wig to us to brainstorm on what we could do.


This is what the wig looked like:





For under ten dollars and under ten minutes this was the result!







Here’s what we did:

We used a hair color spray, meant to temporarily retouch graying hair, and colored the big empty section that was missing hair.  Then we used brown eye liner and brushed it gently in select spots that were partially missing hair.

Next we moved the part over the slightest amount from left to right. That’s all we did, and now she has use of a wig that was previously unable to be worn.


We added this trick to our list of favorite hacks. What are some of your favorite wig hacks? Is there a wig issue you are experiencing that you wish you had an easy fix? Let us know and we will try and come up with a simple, cost effective solution.


Human Haired Wigs vs. Synthetic

Human Haired Wigs vs. Synthetic

Buying a wig has you making lots of checks and balances when doing your research. It’s a big decision to

make and the price will likely be part of that decision. If price is a concern often one might consider
buying a synthetic wig verses investing in a human hair wig. Investing is the key word here. While the
synthetic wig is less likely to break the bank a human hair wig is an investment.


At Freeda we are proud of the human haired wigs we sell, all of them made with 100% virgin European

hair. It’s the top grade hair available which will make your wig an investment verses a purchase. We’ve
made a list of the pros and cons to show you why a human hair wig is the best choice for you.



Hair Acts Like Hair
Well, of course it does! It seems like an obvious statement but once you’ve tried a synthetic wig you’ll
know that hair on a synthetic wig doesn’t “act” like hair. That natural flow and swing of hair doesn’t
exist in a synthetic wig. The styles will generally be stiff. When your hair knots, while annoying, there is
a simple solution. If a synthetic wig knots it’s a real problem that can be tough or impossible to fix.




Quality and Workmanship
The quality of human hair verses synthetic hair is a no brainer, but what about the quality and
workmanship of the cap? Our wigs are created for people who will wear them long term and for many
hours a day. The caps, materials used, thread, size of needles and so many other factors are considered
to make an extremely durable cap that will last a long time. A synthetic wig is not made to last, its
lifespan will be short.



Treat Your Hair Just Like Hair
Again, seems like a no brainer, which it is- until you want to treat your synthetic wig like hair. A human
hair can be washed just like hair, with shampoo and conditioner. Any product, serum, spray or cream
that you’d use on hair can be used on your human haired wig. The care on your synthetic wig will not be
the same.



Some of the most fun you can have with your wig is styling it straight or wavy, or any way you’d like.
Using hair tools on synthetic wigs will burn and singe the wig. You even have to be careful when opening
a hot oven. The heat is often high enough to compromise the texture and feel of the synthetic hair.




Coloring a wig can be a great way to have fun with your wig and customize your style. A wig with human hair can be highlighted and dyed just like hair. You can always highlight or lowlight the wig to give it little more pizzazz. A synthetic wig can’t be colored or dyed.


These are but a few of the benefits of a human hair wig. Customers of ours who’ve come to us after wearing synthetics just can’t believe just how much better the experience with a human hair wig is.

Come visit our showroom and see just how great a human hair wig can be.




6 Tips for Blow-drying Your Wig

6 Tips for Blow-drying Your Wig 




If you know a few tricks about blow drying your wig, the set will last longer and the hair will be smoother. Here are some tips to remember when styling your wig to achieve wig perfection.




-         Start with hair that is damp, and not very wet. For best results start blow drying the hair when it is about 65% dry.


-         To add lift to the roots use your hands to comb your roots upwards and blow-dry.



-         Use the largest round brush that you’re comfortable with, it will give the hair a smoother look.


-         Use a brush with nylon bristles or a traditional boar brush. This provides the most tension for the perfect pull.


-         Let your hair set. Allow the hair to cool down before moving on to the next section, it will give a longer lasting and smoother finish.


-          Use the nozzle. The nozzle concentrates the heat at the cuticle and gives the hair the smoothest finish.




See our earlier blog with tips of how to help the blowout last.





New Bang Trends for 2019

New Bang Trends for 2019





Many like to experiment with different styles of bangs when considering their wig style. Bangs are convenient for wig wearers; they give a natural looking hairline with minimal fuss. You don’t need to worry about a showing hairline or the hair or lack of hair under the wig.




When the New Year rolls around we have an urge to try new things; new hobbies and new looks. Bangs are always a quick fix for the need for change. The good thing about bangs is that there is no wrong season to try them, no wrong age to try them- bangs can be classic or trendy and you can always reshape bangs provided you haven’t cut them too short.





Long Sleek Side Swept Bangs

You can’t go wrong with this classic style. Good for wigs of all lengths, this style will be current for many years.

There are variations to try when you want some change. You can pin back the bangs with a bobby pin, style bangs with a middle part, or braid the bangs and secure them on the side or crown of the head.



Thick Face Framing Bangs

Face framing bangs are classic. These bangs are flattering to anyone because you can customize the look to suit your face structure. These bangs can be cut to hit below the eyebrows or higher.









The Bang Layer Hybrid


Not really a bang, the specific cut of this bang/layer hybrid gives the wig the benefits of a bang without the commitment. This look can be parted anywhere along the crown making this look very versatile.




2019 medium hairstyles with bangs 2017 Awesome Short to Medium Hairstyles with Bangs and Layers Inspirational Hair

The Curtain Bang

The curtain bang is back for 2019. Gaining popularity, this bang can be cut to frame your face while emphasizing your eyes and cheekbones. This look can be cut longer to tuck back behind your ears to open up your features.








A New Color Trend for Brunettes

A New Color Trend for Brunettes






It’s hard to imagine new ways to changed up dark colored hair when you don’t want to go too blonde or aren’t looking for a dramatic color change. Lots of people feel an urge to change their color when the new year starts and this trend is something that fits the bill. A new trend originating in Brazil is the answer to the problem. In Brazil the trend is called “morenas iluminadas” which translates into “illuminated brunette”.
How it’s done:



One inch strands are hand painted that are close in color to the hairs natural color.  There is no obvious color difference like you’ll typically see in ombre and balayage coloring. This color blends together with no line or big differentiations. However, some people like to add a root to their wig to simulate the growing out phase in hair that is colored.




If you’re looking for a way to change up your dark hair before 2019, these inspiration photos are for you. The greatest thing about this is that you can easily cover the color when you want your wig darker and easily lighten the hair if you want a more dramatic color change.


This style will work well with our Riva Short



Try our Mimi for a similar style


Sensitive Scalp and Your Wig

Sensitive Scalp and Your Wig


What does one do if they have a sensitive scalp and find they experience discomfort while wearing their wig?




The experience of wearing an uncomfortable wig can be disheartening especially when you’re not sure if there is a solution.  Luckily there are a few solutions to try if you are feeling discomfort.





  1. The cap can be softened through washing.  You can use fabric softener on the cap to soften to cap quickly. Often this is all you’ll need to do to make the wig comfortable.
  2. Try a wig cap under the wig, sometimes it’s the loose hair that causes the discomfort, and containing it will fix the issue.
  3. A lining can be added to your wig. Freeda offers a silk-like lining or velvet lining that offers comfort when you are experiencing sensitivity.
  4.  Try washing your wig with a different shampoo and avoid any hair products you’ve used on your wig. Sometimes it’s the products you are feeling sensitivity to.




There’s always a resolution to get your wig feeling comfortable. Please call our office if you’re feeling any discomfort or have any other issues with your wig. Our staff will help you find a solution that works so you can wear your beautiful Freeda wig comfortably.




I Don’t Fit in the Standard Size Cap – What Can I Do?

I Don’t Fit in the Standard Size Cap –

What Can I Do?




The size and fit of your wig is a really important part of wearing a wig that looks natural. Our wigs are crafted in three sizes; small, medium and large, and generally fit majority of people. What happens if you’re a combination size or a different size completely?




There are solutions for sizing concerns.





  1. You might want to consider a custom made wig. Freeda can create a wig for you made with your exact measurements for a perfect fit.
  2. Freeda has a professional fit specialist on staff. If your wig needs to be taken out or made smaller we can get your wig to a perfect fit.
  3. Adjustable elastic tabs are sewn into every wig, for minor adjustments you simply tighten or loosen the elastics for the correct fit.





If you’ve ordered from our website and don’t live locally, simply send us your wig with your measurements and we will craft your wig to its perfect fit.  Freeda is proud of our excellent craftsmanship and will never remedy the size using pinch or tuck sewing methods. Your wig will be recreated with the perfect, individualized fit just for you.




See our fitting chart here.

Wig Hacks

Wig Hacks



Adding Volume to Your Wig -so easy anyone can do it!




Do you love extra height on the crown but don’t want to change the amount of hair the wig has?  Or maybe you want that pop of volume sometimes, like for a dressy occasion but you don’t want it to be your everyday look?




You’d be surprised at this little known trick we do that takes just a second but gives oomph and some va-va-voom to your wig. You don’t need to be a stylist; you don’t need a quick crash course at beauty school, you don’t need to have any hair added to your wig. Best of all, this is something anyone can do! And yet, one more thing that you won’t believe! This trick will cost you about a dollar!




What’s the trick? A shoulder pad!



Yes, for volume and height in the blink of an eye people will add a shoulder pad right under the crown of the head. No tools, no blow-drying, no rollers, just an easy fix for a new look you’ll love.



You can pin the shoulder pad into the crown but be careful not to pierce the multidirectional crown. (Those little holes cause the multi extra wear and tear that you’ll want to avoid.)




What a great wig hack! Stay tuned for other great hacks that will keep you loving your Freeda wig!



This dress updo with height on the crown can be created by simply adding a shoulder pad under your wig.  This look, created with our Riva long, can be viewed on our website at Freeda.com.





What are the steps to take when purchasing a cranial prosthesis?

What are the steps to take when purchasing a cranial prosthesis?


When you are first faced with a medically necessary wig it can be overwhelming to figure out what steps to take care of first. Should you find a wig? Talk to your doctor? Should you contact the insurance company? What should you say? What should you ask?




These are the steps you should take when filing a claim:





Call your Insurance Provider


Step 1: The first step is to call your Insurance Provider. You will want to ask them about their requirements, what they will cover, and what specific terms they will need on the prescription. Likely they will need a prescription for a cranial prosthesis.

Find out if the wig needs to be purchased before the claim is made, if they are paying a set amount or a percentage of the wig.

Please see our post here all about the terminology of the cranial prosthesis and a little background.





See Your Physician  


Step 2: When you see your physician you will want to get a prescription for your wig. Be sure your doctor uses the terminology that your insurance requires.




Purchase your wig



Step 3: Make plans to find your wig. Ask for a medical receipt to submit to your insurance. The receipt should be a specific receipt for a cranial prosthesis. At Freeda we have a coach on staff who can guide you through the insurance claim process.






Submit Your Claim




Step 4: You will submit the claim to your insurance company. You will need a copy of

  • Your doctor’s prescription
  • Sales receipt for your wig
  • Completed insurance claim form




Keep copies of anything related to your wig and your insurance claim. You will need these copies if you need to resubmit your claim for any reason. You should also keep any correspondence you have with the insurance company.