Fun Fashion Week Trends

Fun Fashion Week Trends






For us at Freeda Wigs, fashion week is all about the hair. With alacrity we await to see the hair trends and creativity designers use while showcasing their latest fashions.  This year models walked the runway with pin straight hair with severe middle parts, reminiscent of the 90s.




What set this look apart were the diamond crystals that were placed in a straight line directly on the part. You wouldn’t imagine look for everyday, but all over social media the darting are recreating this fun new trend. It certainly would be perfect for certain occasions like birthday parties and such. Would you try this look? Our Riva Long would be perfect for this quirky style. I guess there really is no such thing as too many diamonds!











Freeda Wigs and Guinness Book of World Records


Freeda Wigs and Guinness Book of World Records




Wigs that break world records? It’s an interesting topic.



We get lots of requests for thick full wigs, but there was a wig so thick that was so jaw dropping, we almost didn’t believe it. The wig was more than seven ft wide! Seven feet!  That’s wider than some cars, and taller than most basket ball players! This record happened here in New York, by a wig worn by an actor, who broke the record in 2017 on the Today Show.



We don’t carry wigs that thick here at Freeda Wigs, but we do custom order wigs, if that is a style that might interest you. While our wigs take about 8 weeks to order, you may need to allow some extra time for a request this big.





This wig measured 5 ft 3 in high and took four people to put the wig on her head.  Just look at it! Can you imagine how long it would take to brush and style a wig like that?




The record for the tallest wig made of hair was made in Italy. It was 46 ft 11” (!) and was erected in the main square of the city. Can you imagine washing that wig?  That’s taller than a four story building! The record for most people wearing wigs is 31,304 people! This record was broken at a baseball game in California.




I’m certain Freeda would win the record of “wig with the longest lifespan”. We have customers who are happily wearing their Freeda wigs that are 30 years old or older! What world record could Freeda break next? Send your ideas in; we love to hear from you.

A Haircut That Will Change Your Life

A Haircut That Will Change Your Life


Can a haircut change your life?


It seems like a bold statement but psychology supports this claim. A haircut (or new wig style) may seem like something small, but has significant results. This change could be the push that inspires self confidence, creativity and courage. It symbolizes starting something fresh and new, or a marker of a change or shift from a past situation or attitude. A new look inspires confidence and trust, and the compliments or attention from the new look supports that.


Buying Your First Human Hair Wig



It’s evident in Hollywood where a different hairstyle can make or break someone’s career. A popular haircut on the show “Friends” known as the “Rachel” was credited for the previously unknown actresses rise to stardom as well as the show’s abounding popularity.



In fact, we created our “Friends” wig, because of the many requests for a similar style. The Friends wig, still popular, can be viewed here.





Do you remember your worst haircut ever? I certainly remember mine. Like me you may have cried, canceled plans, covered up your hair with hats, and in general felt disheartened. You never forget your worst haircut and how badly you felt.







A great haircut, on the other hand, gives you those same intense but positive feelings.  You want to make plans with family and friends. You’ll stand straighter with confidence. It’s a very wonderful experience. You’ll smile every time you think of how great it felt to look in the mirror and loved how your new hairstyle looked.



Hair is an individual’s crowning glory and an incredibly important feature; if your wig looks good, you feel good. Our wigs help define our personality and can make one feel younger. While a person isn’t their hair, great hair helps you as a person.





It’s important to upgrade your style periodically to give you that boost that a new hairstyle will give you.  At Freeda we want each customer to look in the mirror and love their new hairstyle. We feel privileged to be a part of making you feel confident, cheerful and beautiful.



freedablog human hair



All the beautiful, smiling women pictured are wearing Freeda Wigs. (The woman in the last photo is wearing her Freeda wig which is over 20 years old!) . See all our wigs at


Jew In The City: Freeda Wigs Makeover

Freeda Wigs and Jew in The City have formed a partnership in order to create excitement over the use of real human wigs, specifically in the Orthodox Jewish community. Allison Josephs, the founder and director of Jew In The City, has been working on Jewish Outreach programs for over a decade and hopes to continue her mission through Jew In The City. Essentially, their mission is to reeducate non-Orthodox Jews, as well as the non-Jewish community as a whole, in the real practices of Orthodox Jews, eventually breaking away from the stereotypes found in current popular culture. Allison has been mentioned in numerous publications and was named one of NJOP’s Top Ten Jewish Influencers in 2012, and we couldn’t be more excited about our partnership.


The Freeda Wigs Makeover with Jew in the City is an excellent example of one of these outreach projects. Allison worked directly with us to choose a winner that would receive a new hair wig for women handpicked for her style and look. There are currently two episodes of Freeda Wigs Makeover with Allison of Jew in the City, and we hope to continue to make more over the course of the next year! Our first winners could not be happier with the results, and giving back to the community is a major aspect of the Freeda Wigs philosophy. To learn more about how you can be involved, visit Jew in The City or Freeda Wigs.