Preparing Your Wig For Fall Weather

Preparing your wig for the Fall weather





Fall is finally here and the weather is changing. It’s important to know how to take care of your wig in the different types of weather. When the weather is windy the hair on the wig blows and can ruin a fresh set or even cause the hair to tangle, but don’t worry- it’s simple to take care of.




Next, you may have concerns that your wig will fly off your head with a gust of wind. If your wig is well fitted and secured properly the odds of that occurring are small.




Avoiding Tangles



Wearing a scarf or a hood are simple fixes for both these concerns. If you don’t often wear coats with a hood a scarf can be folded up and take little space in your pocket or your purse.



A baseball cap with the hair tied back is also an option that will provide security and keep the hair protected from tangles. You don’t need to wear the baseball cap, simply tying the hair back will offer the hair protection. You can use a looser hair tie if you are concerned about the ponytail holder leaving marks or indents on the wig.



 Does the Wig Fit Well?



Be sure the wig fits you well, before you address the type of clips, combs or adhesives you might use to keep the wig secure. At Freeda we do customized fittings or we can add adjustable elastics to tighten or loosen the wig. This is especially helpful if you prefer a looser fit but want more security when outside in the wind.



Securing Your Wig
We’ve talked at length about the different methods for securing your wig. Clips and combs may be best for those with hair underneath the wig, those without might use wig glue or tape. We are big fans of the Freeda Band that provide security without any clips, combs, glue or tape.


There is a solution for all weather related concerns you may have. We welcome your questions and feedback and look forward to hearing from you.




A half pony or bun is also a good option on less windy days. Our satisfied customer is wearing an Atara wig in this photo.

Will insurance pay for my wig?

Will insurance pay for my wig?



Recently a customer came in to buy a wig. Alopecia had caused her hair to thin to a point where she wasn’t comfortable anymore.  As she was leaving I mentioned that she should find out if her insurance might contribute toward the cost of the wig. She called me today, ecstatic, to let me know that her insurance pays for 80% of the cost of the wig!




If you ask your insurance company if they cover the cost of wigs the answer will likely be no.  However, if you asked about cranial prostheses the answer can be positive. A wig is considered cranial prostheses.




How it’s done?

You’ll need a prescription with the diagnoses code from your doctor.  After you’ve chosen your wig you receive a receipt for a cranial prosthesis to submit with your insurance claim. It’s as simple as that. You may be surprised at how much of the cost is covered.


If you’ve purchased a wig from Freeda and believe your insurance will cover it, you can email and request a cranial prosthesis receipt.








Pipe Braids




If you read this blog you’ll know that I’ll never get tired of braids. I love braided styles, for all different occasions, on all lengths of hair, and all seasons.



Now that warm weather is finally here and it’s outdoor-music-festival season, braided hairstyles will be a centerpiece and focus style which will last as long as the weather is warm. Braided hair is the perfect  solution of a of a polished or  statement look, that allows the hair pulled back and away for warm weather activities like, enjoying outdoor music, walks on the beach , or an evening out.  This style can be a lifesaver during those humid hot days.




Lately a new style braid has been exploding all over social media.  It’s called the pipe braid;  a hybrid of the infinity braid, the French braid and the twist, created by Nikki Welch (who also created the “S wave”).  Reminiscent of the friendship bracelets you made in overnight camp this braid uses a similar technique.









An interesting fact- Welch used sailor knots and other similar tying methods for inspiration, trying to achieve the durability that “tight-to-the-scalp” braids offer. It took her months to figure out the perfect wrapping technique, but she got it.



This braided style will take practice. Here’s a step by step guide on how to get your pipe braiding technique up to par from the expert herself.  Try this style half up, in a loose version or anything else you can think of.











Prism Hair – Would you try it?



      Prism Hair – Would you try it? 






We’ve seen dramatic color more frequently in the last year or so. Purple, blue, and green hair which was once reserved for rock stars and such suddenly found its place within the fashionable and chic. It’s a look that wig wearers aren’t quickly adopting, although if you like the look, a wig is a great asset to the trend as it’s a style you get tired of quickly. That’s the beauty of a wig; you can change your hair as much as you want.




We understand the hesitation, especially for those who like to maintain the same consistent style. However, if you feel like you’re missing out on the fun, there’s a fun new trend emerging that allows you to experience this colored hair while still maintaining a professional look.




This trend called “prism hair” is exactly as it sounds. It takes “unicorn hair” and makes it clean and minimalistic. Prism hair is barely noticeable; it’s a little spot of color with the faintest amount of rainbow, as if a light is shining on the hair. It’s blink or you miss it, was it or wasn’t it? The hair will move and it won’t be sure if you imagined the sheen of color or not.




What do you think? Would you try this fun trend? Is it too daring? If you try this color trend or any others please send us the photos! We love seeing our Freeda family having fun with their wigs.






Spring Trends 2018 – A Bang We Love!

Spring Trends 2018 – A Bang We Love!








Bangs are always popular when wearing wigs. At Freeda wigs, we are excited for the latest bang trends that are becoming the next big thing. As the weather turns warmer the trend is bands that are choppier and shorter – somewhat undone and bold.




Top stylists in L.A. and New York City who cater to A-listers agree; everyone is getting bangs and mid-length hair is more popular than ever. Accessories are a new trend as well, see our blog reveal of our favorite accessories for your hair.




So, bangs are going to be huge next year, and the best thing about it is how much variation of these bangs we are seeing. The one single noteworthy bang is called the “curtain fringe”.  This Brigitte Bardot style is a classic; Pintrest even reports that searches for “curtain fringe” have surge 600%! That clearly indicates the popularity of this style. This long, tapered, soft side-swept bang look works for every texture and length hair.




Piecey and full of texture these will be easy to style, and super versatile. Try them swept to the side or brush them down the middle. These bangs have lots of movement as well, which will make the wig look even more natural.




What we also love is how low- maintenance this fringe is – if you don’t have time to style them they can easily be pinned out of the way. Movement and texture, easy to style, and natural looking; what’s not to love?




Our Huge Maya Sale – Buy One Get One Free!

Our Huge Maya Sale – Buy One Get One Free!




All year long we get calls about our next big sale.  Well, it’s finally here!




Ongoing is our Maya sale- buy one and get one free. Yes, all purchases of our very popular Maya wig, part of our Collection, come with a free wig!  The Maya is great for those who like volume and height.  It’s a shoulder length, layered wig that compliments all face shapes.  It is so versatile and can be styled in so many ways.  You can read all about our Maya wig here.




Just add two wigs to your cart, add the code DOUBLEMAYA, and dream about how beautiful you will look in your new Maya wigs.




Shop the Maya sale here.




Sale ends on Wednesday 03/14/18



Fun Fashion Week Trends

Fun Fashion Week Trends






For us at Freeda Wigs, fashion week is all about the hair. With alacrity we await to see the hair trends and creativity designers use while showcasing their latest fashions.  This year models walked the runway with pin straight hair with severe middle parts, reminiscent of the 90s.




What set this look apart were the diamond crystals that were placed in a straight line directly on the part. You wouldn’t imagine look for everyday, but all over social media the darting are recreating this fun new trend. It certainly would be perfect for certain occasions like birthday parties and such. Would you try this look? Our Riva Long would be perfect for this quirky style. I guess there really is no such thing as too many diamonds!











All about our Maya Wig


All about our Maya Wig





The popularity for big full wigs with volume has risen as of late. The Maya wig is an excellent choice for those who want hair that is voluminous with body and texture.




Why do we love the Maya so much? The Maya is a shoulder length classic wig style. The Maya was crafted to compliment all face shapes with its soft layers that frame the face. Some of the top reviews about the Maya are how long the set lasts and the beauty of the fullness of the wig.




The Maya is so versatile and can be worn in limitless styles. The Maya is customizable and can be styled straight and sleek, straight and full, in a feathered style and curly. Its natural texture air-dries in a wavy beachy texture. The Maya, like all Freeda wigs, boasts the highest quality 100% virgin European hair. The cap is breathable and lightweight making it an excellent choice for those wearing the wigs for medical reasons.




The Maya comes in a range of colors from blonde to black, including styles with highlights and lowlights. The hair can be dyed as well to further customize your personal style. Its crown is multi-directional allowing you to




style it with bangs or an off the face style without bangs. It’s truly a must have wig for all. See our top-rated Maya wigs in our showroom or at