The Riva Long

The Riva Long


Our Riva Long is a long wig that measures 16-18 inches long. Typically it will sit about 3-4 inches below the shoulder.  It has straight hair with body that is perfect for straight sleek styles or for a style with beachy waves.  The body in the wig will hold the curls beautifully as well.




The Riva Long has slight layering at the bottom of the wig making it versatile for all different styles. It can be worn with or without bangs, with additional layering or without. The minimal layering allows the wig to be worn in an updo or ponytail.





The Riva Long boasts our multidirectional crown, perfectly crafted to give you the most natural looking, skin-like part and a natural looking hairline. You can view the Riva and all our styles at




Here are some of our favorite examples of how the Riva Long can be styled:



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The Linda Wig

The Linda Wig



Our Linda wig is a short “pixie” wig.  It comes in a straight texture. The hair looks beautiful blown with lots of height and body, but also worn straight and sleek.




It has been part of the Freeda Collection for over 25 years, and is still a classic today. The Linda wig was crafted uniquely and with extra care. Other short wigs don’t look natural because they stand away from the neck; a dead giveaway that you’re wearing a wig. The Linda is the only short wig that hugs the neck perfectly without standing away from the neck.



The Linda has a multidirectional crown that allows for volume and height. As always our wigs are only made with 100% virgin European Hair allowing for the wig to be dyed and highlighted just likes hair. You can use any tools, blow-dryers and products that you would use on your own hair.




See our beautiful Linda wigs here.









Is a Topper a Good Choice For Me?


Is a Topper a Good Choice For Me?






For those experiencing thinning but not ready for a full wig can find themselves in this uncomfortable middle ground. You might not be ready for a wig, but at the same time you miss the fullness you once had. You are tired of the constant struggle and time consuming efforts to hide the thinning and wish there was a solution for you. Depending on the level and pattern of thinning a topper could be a good option for you.
Freeda’s goal is to help all feel beautiful and proud of their hair; while many companies don’t offer toppers, we are proud to offer custom-made toppers for many happy clients. We will share all information about toppers to help you decide what the best option would be for you.




What is a Topper?


A topper provides coverage on the crown area allowing one to mix their own hair with the topper. This will give you beautiful volume once again and take away the endless, time consuming efforts to make you feel beautiful and comfortable.





What is the Process of Ordering a Topper?



Our professionals will find a wig that matches your hair color, length and texture. Our fit specialist will measure your head and create a custom topper from an existing wig. This process can be done in a short amount of time.


We then cut the topper and blend it with your existing hair style. We will teach you how to secure the topper, blend the hair, and care for it.




What is the Expected Time Frame?


Your topper can be completed in under a week! Keep in mind that the customizations could take more time, but majority of our toppers are ready for wear in a short amount of time, allowing you to enjoy your new hair immediately.




Will People Know I’m Wearing a Topper?

They will not! Your topper will look like your hair on its best hair day! Freeda uses only virgin European hair allowing you to highlight it, and style it exactly the way you’ve been accustomed to.  People will comment on how good your hair looks and ask what your secret is.



Call today and speak with our knowledgeable team members to see if a topper is a good choice for you.


Dos and Don’ts While Wearing your Freeda Wig

Dos and Don’ts While Wearing your Freeda Wig



All the time customers ask us how long their wig will last. At the same time we have customers who come in with wigs that are 10 years old or older for routine maintenance.  The care of your wig will determine its shelf life; here are some dos and don’ts to assist a long lasting wig that you’ll be happy to wear.





  • Have a professional maintain your wig if possible; washing the wig incorrectly lends itself to lots of wear and tear on the wig
  • Protect  your wig from the sun
  • Use a wig stand for storage to keep the wig’s shape
  • Brush the knots out daily, but be careful not to damage or pull out the hair
  • Experiment with different methods of securing your wig , don’t wear a wigs that is uncomfortable
  • Use sprays and serums that will condition the hair but don’t let the conditioner get on the material of the wig, as the oils will loosen the knots





  • Use tools that are too hot on your wig, but do feel comfortable to style your wig with a curling iron or blow drier just as you would style hair
  • Wear an ill-fitting wig, speak to your stylist if the cap feels too small or too big, a minor adjustment is an easy fix
  • Don’t wear your wig with wet hair underneath, it will loosen the knots and cause the hair to shed sooner
  • Don’t be scared to have the bangs and face framing layers, an unfinished cut will look very wiggy
  • Don’t wash your wig too often, think of it like a hat- you can wash it as little as once every 8 weeks or so





Follow this advice and you will enjoy your 100% Virgin European Wig for many years to come.
Questions about maintaining your wig? Please email us at [email protected]





Humidity and your Freeda Wig

Humidity and your Freeda Wig




We’ve discussed swimming in your Freeda wig  and how to stay cool in the summer, but what about dealing with the effect the humidity and heat that your human hair wig might react to.  Over and over you’ll hear about Virgin European wigs being the best quality hair – and it is, but just like hair it will react to the humidity.





Prepare Your Wig

Before going outside, you can prepare the hair in anticipation for the weather. Have your stylist use a stronger conditioner and shine sprays meant to fight frizz. You may find no issue with the weather and your wig.





Dealing with Humidity after the Fact

If your wig has lots of texture (which is great for a style with lots of body), you may find the hair gets flyaway hairs or some frizz when you’re spending time outdoors. Using a serum with silicon or Moroccan oil will help tame the hair.

Tip: If you get stuck in the middle of the day with no products take a little moisturizer and rub it into your hands. Glide your hands over the wig for an instant solution.





Pull it into a Braid

Braiding the hair will help the wig avoid the effects of the humidity. You can pull out the braid when you get indoors.




A Relaxer

Silky hair reacts less to the humidity than hair with body. Often we will have customers that will ask for a deep conditioning treatment or a Keratin treatment right before the summer.





Chlorine and Salt

Summer and swimming go hand in hand. Chlorine and salt aren’t great for the hair and can add dryness , but a little exposure isn’t a problem. You can swim in the wig as long as you’re careful to rinse the wig out well as soon as you are done.





A Second Wig

It’s always a good idea to have two wigs and it can be especially helpful in the summer.  If your wig’s style has drooped and needs a pick me up you’ll have your second wig to fall back on.




What are your tips for dealing with humidity?  You’re welcome to contact us with any questions or assistance by emailing [email protected]





Breaking Down the Cap Construction

Breaking Down the Cap Construction


Freeda Wigs, known for their excellent workmanship continues to fine tune the crafting of our wigs. Often it’s hard to know if one is wearing a wig or not.  How do all these parts come together? Here is the breakdown of the different parts of the cap that make up the wig.



The Base


The wig cap or base is the material the hair is attached to. Freeda’s caps are durable and made to last. We create our wigs to be worn for many hours a day.  The most common cap we make is a closed cap. Closed caps are made out of soft and comfortable, yet resilient material. It has stretch for optimum snugness and comfort. The closed material prevents the hair from coming inside the cap.




Wefts are the rows of hair sewn on the cap. Our wefts are expertly placed so that the hair falls just as it was growing from your scalp. We also ensure that when the wind blows no bald spots will show. As you move the wig will move with you.




Adjustable Elastics


Two adjustable elastic tabs are located under the ears toward the nape. These are good for when you want a snugger fit or as the size fluctuates such as when you cut your hair or as it grows.



Ear Tabs


The ear tabs are small slightly oval shaped tabs that rest in front of the ear. Many choose to remove the ear tabs and the wig can be worn just fine without them


The Crown


Our crown boasts a multi-directional top, with a natural looking skin part. You can part your wig in any direction just like you would your own hair.



Will insurance pay for my wig?

Will insurance pay for my wig?



Recently a customer came in to buy a wig. Alopecia had caused her hair to thin to a point where she wasn’t comfortable anymore.  As she was leaving I mentioned that she should find out if her insurance might contribute toward the cost of the wig. She called me today, ecstatic, to let me know that her insurance pays for 80% of the cost of the wig!




If you ask your insurance company if they cover the cost of wigs the answer will likely be no.  However, if you asked about cranial prostheses the answer can be positive. A wig is considered cranial prostheses.




How it’s done?

You’ll need a prescription with the diagnoses code from your doctor.  After you’ve chosen your wig you receive a receipt for a cranial prosthesis to submit with your insurance claim. It’s as simple as that. You may be surprised at how much of the cost is covered.


If you’ve purchased a wig from Freeda and believe your insurance will cover it, you can email [email protected] and request a cranial prosthesis receipt.







Keeping Cool During Summer Months

Keeping Cool During Summer Months



A question we hear a lot is “isn’t the wig hot in the summer?” While Freeda wigs are constructed to wear year round and for many hours a day, we have suggestions on how to keep cool while wearing your wig in warmer weather.



Is the wig you normally wear thick and full?
You may want to consider a thinner wig with less density for this season. A thinner wig will also be easier to pull back away from the face, which brings us to our next solution.



Change Up Your Style
Wearing your wig in a pony is a go to summer style; with the hair off your neck and away from your face you will feel cooler. Our pony wig is a great option and can be seen here. You can also tie a longer wig into a braid to keep the hair off your neck.
Another suggestion is to wear a shorter style; our popular Dorothy wig is a great option for a classic shorter hairstyle.


Wearing a Cap or Hat
If you prefer to stay cool under a cap, our hat fall wig is a favorite of mine. The hat fall also transitions well into winter with knit caps and such. Over and over again our customers tell us how they wear their hat fall so much more than they thought they would. Bonus, our hat falls are deeply discounted in our sale department. See them here.





A Lighter Wig Cap
Are you wearing a Freeda Band to secure your wig? We love them, but the extra layer may be overheating you in the summer. There are vast options for keeping your wig secure. You may want to experiment with a different method specifically for warmer months.
Another option is to get an open-wefted cap. Many of the styles in our sale section have open caps instead of a closed net. Many find this cap a problem solver, and the sale prices are a big perk.



Show us your summer wig styles! We love to hear from you.






The wig pictured is a Riva pulled back into a ponytail. The beautiful highlights were done by our talented colorist

Our huge Maya Sale EXTENDED plus SUNDAY HOURS!

Our huge Maya Sale EXTENDED plus SUNDAY HOURS!





Due to popular demand we’ve extended our Maya BOGO sale!




Some of our favorite comments and feedback from the Maya included women who had worn their Mayas daily and found it so comfortable and lightweight, or how they got compliments about their “hair” everywhere they went.




We love making you feel beautiful in your wig. To accommodate the demand during our sale we have some of the top guest stylists helping you find the perfect wig. We also have Sunday hours from 10:30-5:30 during this sale.



To visit our showroom call 718-771-2000 and we will arrange a private consultation and appointment for you.



You may also view all our Maya styles and our other wigs and Add code DOUBLEMAYA for our BOGO offer.

All about our Maya Wig


All about our Maya Wig





The popularity for big full wigs with volume has risen as of late. The Maya wig is an excellent choice for those who want hair that is voluminous with body and texture.




Why do we love the Maya so much? The Maya is a shoulder length classic wig style. The Maya was crafted to compliment all face shapes with its soft layers that frame the face. Some of the top reviews about the Maya are how long the set lasts and the beauty of the fullness of the wig.




The Maya is so versatile and can be worn in limitless styles. The Maya is customizable and can be styled straight and sleek, straight and full, in a feathered style and curly. Its natural texture air-dries in a wavy beachy texture. The Maya, like all Freeda wigs, boasts the highest quality 100% virgin European hair. The cap is breathable and lightweight making it an excellent choice for those wearing the wigs for medical reasons.




The Maya comes in a range of colors from blonde to black, including styles with highlights and lowlights. The hair can be dyed as well to further customize your personal style. Its crown is multi-directional allowing you to




style it with bangs or an off the face style without bangs. It’s truly a must have wig for all. See our top-rated Maya wigs in our showroom or at