Preparing Your Wig For Fall Weather

Preparing your wig for the Fall weather





Fall is finally here and the weather is changing. It’s important to know how to take care of your wig in the different types of weather. When the weather is windy the hair on the wig blows and can ruin a fresh set or even cause the hair to tangle, but don’t worry- it’s simple to take care of.




Next, you may have concerns that your wig will fly off your head with a gust of wind. If your wig is well fitted and secured properly the odds of that occurring are small.




Avoiding Tangles



Wearing a scarf or a hood are simple fixes for both these concerns. If you don’t often wear coats with a hood a scarf can be folded up and take little space in your pocket or your purse.



A baseball cap with the hair tied back is also an option that will provide security and keep the hair protected from tangles. You don’t need to wear the baseball cap, simply tying the hair back will offer the hair protection. You can use a looser hair tie if you are concerned about the ponytail holder leaving marks or indents on the wig.



 Does the Wig Fit Well?



Be sure the wig fits you well, before you address the type of clips, combs or adhesives you might use to keep the wig secure. At Freeda we do customized fittings or we can add adjustable elastics to tighten or loosen the wig. This is especially helpful if you prefer a looser fit but want more security when outside in the wind.



Securing Your Wig
We’ve talked at length about the different methods for securing your wig. Clips and combs may be best for those with hair underneath the wig, those without might use wig glue or tape. We are big fans of the Freeda Band that provide security without any clips, combs, glue or tape.


There is a solution for all weather related concerns you may have. We welcome your questions and feedback and look forward to hearing from you.




A half pony or bun is also a good option on less windy days. Our satisfied customer is wearing an Atara wig in this photo.

Is a Topper a Good Choice For Me?


Is a Topper a Good Choice For Me?






For those experiencing thinning but not ready for a full wig can find themselves in this uncomfortable middle ground. You might not be ready for a wig, but at the same time you miss the fullness you once had. You are tired of the constant struggle and time consuming efforts to hide the thinning and wish there was a solution for you. Depending on the level and pattern of thinning a topper could be a good option for you.
Freeda’s goal is to help all feel beautiful and proud of their hair; while many companies don’t offer toppers, we are proud to offer custom-made toppers for many happy clients. We will share all information about toppers to help you decide what the best option would be for you.




What is a Topper?


A topper provides coverage on the crown area allowing one to mix their own hair with the topper. This will give you beautiful volume once again and take away the endless, time consuming efforts to make you feel beautiful and comfortable.





What is the Process of Ordering a Topper?



Our professionals will find a wig that matches your hair color, length and texture. Our fit specialist will measure your head and create a custom topper from an existing wig. This process can be done in a short amount of time.


We then cut the topper and blend it with your existing hair style. We will teach you how to secure the topper, blend the hair, and care for it.




What is the Expected Time Frame?


Your topper can be completed in under a week! Keep in mind that the customizations could take more time, but majority of our toppers are ready for wear in a short amount of time, allowing you to enjoy your new hair immediately.




Will People Know I’m Wearing a Topper?

They will not! Your topper will look like your hair on its best hair day! Freeda uses only virgin European hair allowing you to highlight it, and style it exactly the way you’ve been accustomed to.  People will comment on how good your hair looks and ask what your secret is.



Call today and speak with our knowledgeable team members to see if a topper is a good choice for you.


Thinning out a Wig

Thinning out a Wig





While some love the instant volume and fullness that a wig offers, others feel more comfortable with a thinner wig especially when their hair wasn’t very full to begin with.



You may dismiss a wig solely because the wig feels and looks too thick, but if you love everything about it, there’s an easy fix to get that wig perfect for you.



Thinning out a wig won’t damage your wig, the hair or the life span of your wig. While a hair dresser might scissor thin a wig to remove some of the bulk, it often leaves behind little short hairs that spike up on the crown needing lots of attention to stay flat.




If you’d like to thin out a wig the process is very simple. All you need to do is ponytail the areas that are too thick for you. Our stylists will gently remove individual hairs in a systematic pattern leaving behind no bald spots or short spiky hairs. We also will send back any wefts we remove so you can have them in case you ever want to add the hair back.




Send your wig to our full service alterations department for thinning and stay tuned for blogs about other services we offer that will enhance your wig so you can love it even more than you already do.

Keeping cool – Some old tricks and new tricks

Keeping cool – Some old tricks and new tricks





It’s hot out! Wearing a wig when it’s hot out can make you feel even hotter. What’s a wig wearer to do when it just seems too hot for extra layers?




Synthetic wigs are bad news for wig wearers.  Synthetic materials cause excessive sweating and heat. You’ll appreciate your virgin European Freeda wig, which is more breathable. You may want to consider an open wefted cap with hair that is low in density.




Wearing a wig that is short is always a quick solution. A wig that exposes the neck will be cooler during the hot months.  A pony tail wig is always a good choice as well. If you like shade you can always get a hat fall and wear a baseball cap with the hair in a pony or a bun.





Some new tricks:



A good trick we tell our customers is to keep a small 4 ounce spray bottle in their purse. Spray your neck and face when you start feeling overheated.


Another trick we love it to place a wig cap in the freezer and put it underneath your wig, it will really cool you down. If you’ll be out all day you can use the freezer packs that keeps food cold ; midday when you are feeling the heat you can place your wig cap under your wig for a refreshing cool down. If that feels uncomfortable to you try a 100% cotton wig cap under the wig, it absorbs the sweat and customers report that it felt better to them in the heat than without.




What trick do you use for staying cool?






My Wig Set Me Free

My Wig Set Me Free







Our customer C.M., who suffers from androgenic alopecia, is a guest blogger sharing her experience about her first wig.





After nearly four years of trying to cover my progressive hair loss, I finally got to a point where I had enough. I spent hours in the mirror rearranging my part, blowing hair forward to cover my sparse temples and blow-drying and spraying my hair to create any kind of volume to hide my thinning hair.




I had been to doctors and tried all types of treatments each time with the crushing blow when my hair showed no improvement. I finally realized I was a slave to my hair and didn’t want to be. I was tired of wearing hats all the time. I decided to bite the bullet over something I had been fighting against; I decided to buy a wig. I didn’t like the idea of people knowing I was wearing a wig, but I wanted hair more.




I searched the web endlessly for information about wigs. I found there where so many options. I made a list of what was important to me.




I wanted a wig:

  • That looked like hair and moved like hair

  • A natural looking part

  • Comfortable to wear all day long



Through the hair loss forums I heard about the company Freeda. I browsed their website and started feeling a little less glum about the whole wig thing. I could have straight hair, curly, thin or thick. The possibility of new pretty hair excited me.




I ended up with a shoulder length silky straight wig. I love the feeling of the hair swinging as I move. (My hair sure didn’t do that with the hairspray.) I felt self conscious when I first starting wearing my wig but today it’s just part of me. I had a coworker tell me that my hair looked different and I answered that I had styled it. Mostly no one else noticed, just comments about how nice my hair looks!



Today I feel free of my hair loss. I don’t spend hours in the mirror examining the balding areas and working to cover them. I don’t stress about the damage I am doing to my hair with the constant blow drying. I am ready to leave the house with perfect hair in under 3 minutes.  This wig has changed my life.





Change Your Hairstyle in Less Than 30 Seconds!

Change Your Hairstyle in Less Than 30 Seconds!







It seems impossible or only for the extremely talented but it’s true. There’s no taking your wig to a stylist – you can also do this switch yourself in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.




Be it the changing season or just because you feel like it, we sometimes feel like our wigs must have a change. Before you do anything drastic to your wig like bold highlights, cutting off length or a blunt bang try these instant changes to upgrade your style.




This quick new looks don’t involve scissors or bleach and you’ll have everything you need laying around the house.




So what are we suggesting? Something as simple as switching up your part can change your look a whole lot more than you think. With the Freeda wigs that boast multi-directional parts you can rock a middle, off center or deep left or right part. It’s super simple too; spray the part and surrounding hair, comb the hair over to the new desired part. Blast the area with a little heat from a blow drier and boom! A new look in under a minute.



The next tip is even simpler and takes even less time and no tools at all.  How about trying the behind the ear hair-tuck. How simple is that? Tucking the hair behind your ear will open the features, you can add a bold earring to give your look every more change. This is so simple, easy to do and really transforms your look. If you feel that the ear piece on the wig looks too naked or stark you can add soft wavy baby hair to the wig’s ear tab. We do this service in our Freeda showroom in under an hour!




If you’re already showing those ears in a behind-the-ear style, try styling your wig loosely around the face. Add a loose beachy wave or leave it as is. How about that? New look with no tools and easy as pie!











Call the Freeda Alterations center at 718-771-2000 if you’d like to add baby hair to your wig or to visit our Freeda showroom.

Tips for Purchasing Your First Wig

Tips for Your First Wig Purchase






When you start to shop around for a new wig the idea can be somewhat intimidating. We gathered information from first time wig wearers who experienced hair loss. We asked them for their best tips or advice for first time shoppers to help make this adventure more comfortable.

Here is what they said:





I came with a friend who had worn a wig before, there were things I wouldn’t have known to ask about and her guidance was helpful.






I liked that Freeda was able to make little customizations for me.  I thought that the wigs hairline was a little unnatural looking and that I’d need to make do but the baby hair you added changed everything for me. No one at work even knows I wear a wig.

-S. W.





The Freeda Band was a life saver. The wig cap was so itchy once I lost my hair that I wearing it mostly when I went out, the band allowed me to wear it for long periods of time.






Your stylist made me feel comfortable; all the little things she suggested made the wig perfect for me. My hair is growing back but I find myself wearing the wig anyways, it’s so much nicer than my hair.


(Note:  Our stylist cut in layers that framed the face, added a root, and thinned out the crown of the hair.)




Buying a second wig took away a lot of anxiety for me. I stopped worrying what would happen if for some reason I couldn’t wear my “hair”.





Buying a high quality human hair wig made me feel like I had hair on my head. My first wig was made with processed hair and it never looked the same once I left the salon.

-T. A.



Other online companies I researched had no return policies or really short time frames for return plus a restocking fee. This was my first wig, how would I know what color or size I needed? Your flexible return policy allowed me to order a few wigs and choose my favorite (I ended up keeping two!), I was also able to show them to the women who cut my hair and get her opinion.

W. C.





We hope these tips help you in your search for your new wig. We invite you to offer support to others who suffer from hair loss by sharing what made your wig purchase less frightening.  Stay tuned for our next post of helpful advice.







Our customer who loves her first wig even more than her hair!

She wears an Atara in color 4 with added highlights.




New Style Blog- The Danya Long

danyalongblogNew Style Blog- The Danya Long


At Freeda’s we recently added a few styles to our Collection to satisfy the needs of our clients. One of our new styles is the Danya Long.



Here is some background on the Danya. The Danya has been part of the Freeda Collection for many years. It is one of the original wigs that Freeda manufactured. Freeda called the wig Danya, the name of a close friend of hers, who has been wearing the style since it first came out.





The “Danya” air dries in a wavy to curly texture, one of the only wigs on the market that is a “wash and wear” style. It’s easy to maintain on your own. Our customers love it, many of whom wore straight wigs because a texture like this was hard to find.  They were so happy to look like themselves again.





The Danya is a shoulder length wig. Before we added the Mimi to our stock, the Danya was the only curly wig in our collection. The Mimi is 18” long. We had a shoulder length curly wig and a long curly wig, but we didn’t have a mid-length wig with that curly texture. The Danya Long, now part of the team, fills the gap between a short and long curly wig, at 15” long.





The multi-directional crown allows the hair to be parted in all directions. A wash and wear style can be easily maintained on your own.  It is quite simple; when the hair is wet use a wide tooth comb to get rid of any knots. Simply use your favorite product for curly hair, and scrunch the hair with your fingers. That is all the Danya Long needs.





If you’d like to wear the wig in a straighter style the Danya Long is also perfect for that. The hair blow dries nicely so the wig can be worn straight, with body, wavy and curly. It can be styled or washed and worn air dried. It’s a very versatile wig.  The texture lends itself well to a set that will hold strongly and for a long time.





Because the wig has light layering people find they need only a bang or some face framing in order to wear the wig. It’s also a great wig for any mid-length hair style. See the Danya Long in our Brooklyn showroom.




Our huge Maya Sale EXTENDED plus SUNDAY HOURS!

Our huge Maya Sale EXTENDED plus SUNDAY HOURS!





Due to popular demand we’ve extended our Maya BOGO sale!




Some of our favorite comments and feedback from the Maya included women who had worn their Mayas daily and found it so comfortable and lightweight, or how they got compliments about their “hair” everywhere they went.




We love making you feel beautiful in your wig. To accommodate the demand during our sale we have some of the top guest stylists helping you find the perfect wig. We also have Sunday hours from 10:30-5:30 during this sale.



To visit our showroom call 718-771-2000 and we will arrange a private consultation and appointment for you.



You may also view all our Maya styles and our other wigs and Add code DOUBLEMAYA for our BOGO offer.

Our Huge Maya Sale – Buy One Get One Free!

Our Huge Maya Sale – Buy One Get One Free!




All year long we get calls about our next big sale.  Well, it’s finally here!




Ongoing is our Maya sale- buy one and get one free. Yes, all purchases of our very popular Maya wig, part of our Collection, come with a free wig!  The Maya is great for those who like volume and height.  It’s a shoulder length, layered wig that compliments all face shapes.  It is so versatile and can be styled in so many ways.  You can read all about our Maya wig here.




Just add two wigs to your cart, add the code DOUBLEMAYA, and dream about how beautiful you will look in your new Maya wigs.




Shop the Maya sale here.




Sale ends on Wednesday 03/14/18