Humidity and your Freeda Wig

Humidity and your Freeda Wig




We’ve discussed swimming in your Freeda wig  and how to stay cool in the summer, but what about dealing with the effect the humidity and heat that your human hair wig might react to.  Over and over you’ll hear about Virgin European wigs being the best quality hair – and it is, but just like hair it will react to the humidity.





Prepare Your Wig

Before going outside, you can prepare the hair in anticipation for the weather. Have your stylist use a stronger conditioner and shine sprays meant to fight frizz. You may find no issue with the weather and your wig.





Dealing with Humidity after the Fact

If your wig has lots of texture (which is great for a style with lots of body), you may find the hair gets flyaway hairs or some frizz when you’re spending time outdoors. Using a serum with silicon or Moroccan oil will help tame the hair.

Tip: If you get stuck in the middle of the day with no products take a little moisturizer and rub it into your hands. Glide your hands over the wig for an instant solution.





Pull it into a Braid

Braiding the hair will help the wig avoid the effects of the humidity. You can pull out the braid when you get indoors.




A Relaxer

Silky hair reacts less to the humidity than hair with body. Often we will have customers that will ask for a deep conditioning treatment or a Keratin treatment right before the summer.





Chlorine and Salt

Summer and swimming go hand in hand. Chlorine and salt aren’t great for the hair and can add dryness , but a little exposure isn’t a problem. You can swim in the wig as long as you’re careful to rinse the wig out well as soon as you are done.





A Second Wig

It’s always a good idea to have two wigs and it can be especially helpful in the summer.  If your wig’s style has drooped and needs a pick me up you’ll have your second wig to fall back on.




What are your tips for dealing with humidity?  You’re welcome to contact us with any questions or assistance by emailing [email protected]





Making your set last

Making your set last





We used social media to ask others which challenges they faced when wearing a wig. Making the set last was a theme we saw consistently while sifting through the responses.



Because we recommend getting as few wash and sets as possible, keeping the set in good shape is important.



First thing to consider is the type of shampoo and conditioner used when washing the wig. Are you looking for your wig to hold body? Are you looking for a sleeker look? Shampoo and conditioner will contribute to the style you are trying to create. Look for shampoo and conditioner with the words silky, sleek, body or volume to create the look you are trying for.




Next, are you using the correct tools to style your wig? Are the blow-dryers, curling irons and straightners the correct instruments for the style you are trying to achieve, are they the correct temperature? For example, using a barrel that is the wrong size is often the reason that a wavy set won’t hold well. Sometimes just changing the barrel just a ¼ of an inch will be the solution. Is the entire wig being set properly, or are you concentrating on the top and sides? Give attention to the entire wig, including the bottom and back, for the longest hold.



Experiment with the products you use. Often you’ll find the perfect product that your wig responds to, it can be different than the sprays and serums you use on your hair. Ask your stylists for suggestions and recommendations.





Dry Shampoo is a favorite product here; it’s a solution for so many wig quandaries that come up. It is made for stretching the time between washings. Cold rollers are also a great solution to keep the set looking nice. We recommend holding off when you think you need a washing, so many customers tell us they get the most compliments when they think their wig is desperate for a washing.




What are your tricks on keeping your wig styled? Send us your tips; we love to hear from you.







Natural Hair Wigs

Holiday Hair Blog

Holiday Hair Blog





It feels like 2017 flew by. The New Year is rapidly creeping up on us. The frosty weather is settles in.  We bundle up thinking about ice skating, cozy sweaters and warm tea. Spending time with family and friends is also the highlight of the winter months, with the holidays and celebrations.




Holiday time is always a good excuse to add a little sparkle to our do. If you’ve been waiting to try highlights with some shimmer or a little more drama than you are used to, the holidays are a good time to try a more.



Accessories are also a nice way to add shimmer to your wig. A thin headband or small clip is great way to add versatility to your look while adding some glamour for a holiday. How do you dress up your wig for the holidays? What are some of your favorite festive looks? We love to see your creative ways of wearing your wig. Please show us! Send your photos to [email protected].



















HELP! My wig is knotting up


 HELP! My wig knots up!






It’s a common thing we hear from wig wearers across the board. Wigs in general knot up. Why and what can I do about it?

Here’s why.



When you purchase a high-end wig you presume that the wig won’t experience knotting. Actually the exact opposite is true. Why is that? A good quality wig is made of 100% virgin European hair. Since virgin hair has its cuticles intact the cuticles will interact with each other and cause knotting. Usually you will see this at the nape where there is more friction. In the winter more knotting is more common because of the scarves and sweaters that rub against the hair on the neck.



Here are tips to try when your wig is knotting:



If you are more careful about the friction by your neck the knotting will be easier to manage. There are other tips to make the wig even more manageable.



1)  Use a silicon based product on the nape hair. A spray will work best. The silicon gives the hair a silkiness which helps the hair glide more easily which gets rid of friction.


2)  If you blow-dry the hair at the nape with extra attention the heat will realign the cuticles in a downward direction to reduce further friction, you can also flat iron the hair if your wig is styled straight.


3) Make sure to brush out the knotted hair every single night.


4) Be careful when wearing sweaters and scarves


5) Speak to the company if you are experiencing these issues. Often there is a simple treatment or solution that can help these issues.


Many find that as they wear the wig, the knotting at the nape reduced. As Freeda used to say “the hair learned to live with each other”.


With time and some technique your wig will be knot free and you will wear it with pleasure.  Our salon is a good resource for issues like this and we welcome all calls and questions.

Our Newest Curly Wig- The Danya Long

Our Newest Curly Wig- The Danya Long



At Freeda’s we recently added a few styles to our Collection to satisfy the needs of our clients. One of our new styles is the Danya Long. Here is some background on the Danya. The Danya has been part of the Freeda Collection for over 12 years. It is one of the original curly wigs that Freeda manufactured. Freeda called the wig Danya, the name of a close friend of hers, who has been wearing the style since it first came out.




The “Danya” air dries in a wavy to curly texture, one of the only wigs on the market that is a “wash and wear” style. It’s easy to maintain on your own. Our customers love it, many of whom wore straight wigs because a texture like this was hard to find.  They were so happy to look like themselves again.




The Danya is a shoulder length wig. Before we added the Mimi to our stock, the Danya was the only curly wig in our collection. The Mimi, an 18” long wig then joined the collection. We had a shoulder length curly wig and a long curly wig, but we didn’t have a mid-length wig with that curly texture. The Danya Long, now part of the team, fills the gap between a short and long curly wig, at 15” long.




The multi-directional crown allows the hair to be parted in all directions. This wash and wear style can be easily maintained on your own.  It is quite simple; when the hair is wet use a wide tooth comb to get rid of any knots. Simply use your favorite product for curly hair, and scrunch the hair with your fingers. That is all the Danya Long needs.




If you’d like to wear the wig in a straighter style the Danya Long is also perfect for that. The hair blow dries nicely so the wig can be worn straight, with body, wavy and curly. It can be styled, blow dried,  or washed and worn air dried. It’s a very versatile wig.  The texture lends itself well to a set that will hold strongly and for a long time. Because the wig has light layering people find they need only a bang or some face framing in order to wear the wig. It’s also a great wig for any mid-length hair style. See the Danya Long in our Brooklyn showroom.




All You Need To Know About Parting Your Wig

Training your part



You wouldn’t believe what a world of a difference your wig experience will be after you learn how to “train” the part.

It’s so simple and will change so much in your wig experience.

Here’s why we do it. The wigs come from our factory with an intended hair direction and part. Once the wig is yours the part will change to suit you and perhaps the direction of the way you wear the wig. A multi directional crown can be parted in every direction but sometimes it takes some effort for the wig to “cooperate”. Until then, people often find they are fighting with a direction that seems to have a mind of its own.  These steps will help fix that problem. (We also have other solutions if you need more assistance.)




Here’s how it’s done:

Training the part starts with a wig that has been washed before it has dried. First the wig should be wash, part changed as desired, and then blow-dried.






Next, pin the wig on a foam or canvas wig head

Using T-pins pin the bangs away from the face a lot higher than you’d like them to fall.






Make an exaggerated pin curl, and pin into place


Repeat each time you place your wig on a foam head.

After a short time your bangs will fall into place perfectly in an off the face direction.






Brushing My Freeda Wig

brushBrushing My Freeda Wig





Which type of brush would work best for my wig? You may think it is ok to use any old brush you have lying around, but you should not. Your brush is more important than you think.



A good brush is an important tool to maintain your wig. The right brush and using the brush properly will keep your wig in good condition.



The bristles are important. Anything cracked or with the protective heads missing can pull and damage the hair or pull hair out of the wig.  You’ll want to make sure all the bristles in the brush are going the same direction and that the protective coating on the ends is intact. Any brushes that aren’t like this should be tossed.



There are a range of brushes all types, sizes and prices. There are brushes that cost a dollar and those that cost hundreds. The right brush won’t cause split ends and will keep all the hair where it’s suppose to be – in your wig.


A flat paddle brush is a good option for a human hair wig. As long as you make sure that the wig is in good condition a brush from the drug store will work just fine.


Some advice from the Freeda pros to keep in mind:


  •    -Always brush from the bottom up. Remove the knots at the end and work your way up until your wig is free of all snags.



  •    -When brushing your hair wet you can spray a detangler or Moroccan oil to remove any knots. Be very careful when brushing the hair while it’s wet. Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair so use care when brushing to avoid any damage to the hair.






Take time and care when you are brushing your Freeda wig. Be gentle with the hair and it will serve you for many years to come.




Just in time for summer… The Ponytail wig

  Our Pony Wig





At Freeda Wigs we can almost predict the weather by our increased requests for Ponytail wigs.  As soon as the lemonade stands come out and the winter fashions head to clearance racks the demand for Pony Wigs increase. Ponytail wigs are a staple for those hot summer months.


 Fashionable and practical, they keep the hair off the neck for cooler comfort. Ponytail wigs never go out of style, in fact the popularity of pony trends have shown up on the red carpet as of late.  A casual style that is comfortable and also fit for a princess? Sign me up!










Celebrities and royalty are turning this go-to gym staple into high-profile worthy hair. At Freeda we are right up there with them. See our take on ponytail hair, all created with Freeda wigs.











Spend this hot season in comfort and try our pony wig, available here.

Dedicated to the Bobby Pin

Bobby Pin Blog


The bobby pin, a wig wearer’s staple. You’ve used them more times than you remember and probably can’t do without them. This tiny, unassuming accessory rules with supremacy in the Freeda Wig salon. Today we talk about the wonderful, often overlooked bobby pin.




This overachieving hair accessory packs quite a punch. Its uses run gamut from household maintenance to culinary uses. It is a dependable, reliable accessory responsible for keeping a myriad of styles and coifs in place, (and those kippas affixed on little boy’s heads). Brides, runway models, and pretty much every fem you know couldn’t live without them. Today’s blog is dedicated to this must-have hair accessory; but first a little history.




The bobby pin was created in Paris by Luis Marcus all the way back in 1899. This small tool made of metal clips made with one straight and one ridged flexible prong, became popular and drew a broader audience in 1920 when the bobby pin helped keep the trendy bobbed style haircuts in place (hence the name “bobby” pin). In the UK bobby pins are called kirby grips or hair grips.









At Freeda Wigs we credit the bobby pin with a place of distinction in assisting to keep our wigs looking pristine. Here are some of our favorite wig styles that use of bobby pins held the strands in place.

This step-by-step up-do shown in a previous blog stays in place perfectly with help from the little magic tool.









Ruthy’s half up-do, tied in a knotted fashion tributes the bobby pin for it coveted wig perfection.




freeda blog ruthy





Faya’s and Perel’s gorgeous wigs are twisted in front and held in place by- you guessed it- our beloved bobby pin.  Also worth noting, this stylish, eye pleasing twisted ‘do can be done easily in seconds (even by the inexperienced wig wearer), for a fresh different look if you’re craving a wig style change. Why we really love it?  This bobby-pinned coiffure translates perfectly from daily wear to the events you’d don haute couture.










Speaking of couture, how brilliant would one look saunter in a room with this style? Keep this one for a professional, like the stylist with magic hands at Freeda wigs who weaves and creates these masterpieces.







And last, our ponytail wig (summer is coming up- the pony wig is perfect of those hot days) looks best with a few bobby pins concealed at various positions to keep the wig looking its best.







All wigs shown are Freeda wigs and can be viewed on our website

Beachy Waves and Sugar Spray



Beachy Summer Waves


Spring just drifted in but it seems that it’s never too early to talk about summer hair. Even in winter we dream about summer’s arrival.  Beaches and beachy hair will always be a summer hair goal and we’ve seen that trend year after year.






There are a few hair products so revolutionary they raced up the best seller list as soon as they came out. Remember the salt spray craze? The masses were excited to be able to get the perfect beachy waves previously attainable only after a day at the beach. However, for some the hype deflated when the results fell flat, the spray worked well on some, others had less than stellar outcomes. Brittle dry hair was often highlighted in those with fine hair and in others it just weighted the hair down.







Who knew that the problem got solved with the exact opposite- Sugar spray? Sugar spray doesn’t just substitute sugar for salt. A mix like that would make the hair sticky. Instead Sugar spray uses cane sugar extract or sucrose instead of salt.  While sugar spray yields the same results as salt spray, don’t exchange one for the other just yet. Sugar spray rules for those with thin hair, those with medium to thick hair should continue using salt spray.


Sugar hair will retain the hairs moisture while adding volume and texture. Use in the same as you would salt spray, on wet or dry hair, scrunching the hair in small sections.

We love a good hair spray that you can DIY. Experiment with amounts to make the spray your own. Try it on sleeker wigs like the Friends or Riva.









Here’s the how to:
Mix 8 ounces of warm water a tablespoon of raw sugar a half tablespoon of coconut oil, and a drop of aloe vera gel into a clean spray bottle, shake it up for the perfect sugar spray.