Chicago Freeda Trunk Show

 Chicago Freeda Trunk Show






Our happy customers always comment how they wish they could visit and come see our showroom. We welcome all visitors and love meeting our clients but not everyone is able to make the trip. Visiting our customers is a treat to us as well. We are planning trunk shows in various areas and hope to meet you if you are nearby.



Our Chicago trunk show will take place on February 3rd, 4th and 5th. We will bring hundreds of our top quality wigs at special discounted prices. All wigs will carry our Freeda warrantee. All the details are available in the flyer below.




Would you like a Freeda trunk show to come to  your city?  Contact us at [email protected]



We look forward to meeting all our Chicago friends!




(our Long Island trunk show is planned for mid February- details will be posted shortly)





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Baby hair blog

Baby hair blog



What is baby hair?



Baby hair is the hair that lines the edge of the hairline. It can be added from temple to temple, ear to ear, or a portion of the hairline.

Baby hair can be put in endless ways.

Some the most common reasons we add baby hair are:



1)  To soften a hairline- this is typically softer wavy short hair that adds a natural look to the edge of the hair.

2)  To cover a widow’s peak- this can be done with a curlier hair, it masks the area where the hairline might protrude.

3)  To give the wig lift- we add a courser hair that helps the hair stand away from the face



There are many other sorts of baby hair; anything you can imagine can likely be added to your hairline. Baby hair can be short or long, curly, wavy or straight. Some people send us their own hair to add to their wigs. Adding your own hair to the hairline is especially comforting for cancer wigs. Baby hair is a customization, so your wig won’t have the hair added until you request it.



Baby hair will help the wig look more natural look like it’s coming from the scalp. When you order a wig and you’d like baby hair added, call us or email us for assistance on customizing your wig.





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Freeda Wigs and Guinness Book of World Records


Freeda Wigs and Guinness Book of World Records




Wigs that break world records? It’s an interesting topic.



We get lots of requests for thick full wigs, but there was a wig so thick that was so jaw dropping, we almost didn’t believe it. The wig was more than seven ft wide! Seven feet!  That’s wider than some cars, and taller than most basket ball players! This record happened here in New York, by a wig worn by an actor, who broke the record in 2017 on the Today Show.



We don’t carry wigs that thick here at Freeda Wigs, but we do custom order wigs, if that is a style that might interest you. While our wigs take about 8 weeks to order, you may need to allow some extra time for a request this big.





This wig measured 5 ft 3 in high and took four people to put the wig on her head.  Just look at it! Can you imagine how long it would take to brush and style a wig like that?




The record for the tallest wig made of hair was made in Italy. It was 46 ft 11” (!) and was erected in the main square of the city. Can you imagine washing that wig?  That’s taller than a four story building! The record for most people wearing wigs is 31,304 people! This record was broken at a baseball game in California.




I’m certain Freeda would win the record of “wig with the longest lifespan”. We have customers who are happily wearing their Freeda wigs that are 30 years old or older! What world record could Freeda break next? Send your ideas in; we love to hear from you.

Holiday Hair Blog

Holiday Hair Blog






It feels like 2017 flew by. The New Year is rapidly creeping up on us. The frosty weather is settles in.  We bundle up thinking about ice skating, cozy sweaters and warm tea. Spending time with family and friends is also the highlight of the winter months, with the holidays and celebrations.




Holiday time is always a good excuse to add a little sparkle to our do. If you’ve been waiting to try highlights with some shimmer or a little more drama than you are used to, the holidays are a good time to try a more.




Accessories are also a nice way to add shimmer to your wig. A thin headband or small clip is great way to add versatility to your look while adding some glamour for a holiday. How do you dress up your wig for the holidays? What are some of your favorite festive looks? We love to see your creative ways of wearing your wig. Please show us! Send your photos to [email protected].