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Holiday Hair Blog





It feels like 2017 flew by. The New Year is rapidly creeping up on us. The frosty weather is settles in.  We bundle up thinking about ice skating, cozy sweaters and warm tea. Spending time with family and friends is also the highlight of the winter months, with the holidays and celebrations.




Holiday time is always a good excuse to add a little sparkle to our do. If you’ve been waiting to try highlights with some shimmer or a little more drama than you are used to, the holidays are a good time to try a more.



Accessories are also a nice way to add shimmer to your wig. A thin headband or small clip is great way to add versatility to your look while adding some glamour for a holiday. How do you dress up your wig for the holidays? What are some of your favorite festive looks? We love to see your creative ways of wearing your wig. Please show us! Send your photos to [email protected].



















All About Our Multi-Directional Crown


All About Our Multi-Directional Crown




When wigs were first produced they weren’t quite the wigs we wear today. The wigs of the past didn’t have the ability to be to be parted in any which way, they weren’t flat on the head, they also didn’t have a skin-like part, and rather they were sewn on top and knotted with the short return. The short return required the wig to be styled with some height so that the short hairs wouldn’t stick out.




Freeda came up with a novel idea. She was the first in the business to introduce the multi-directional cap.  For the first time the wig could be parted in any direction, there were no short returns, and the wig could be worn super flat.
The “multi”, as it is referred to, is the most delicate part of the wig. Each hair is meticulously sewn one at a time. It must be pulled through slowly as not to stretch or compromise the hair in any way.  It takes hour and hours to complete a multi-directional crown.




It’s important to treat your multi-directional wig with extra care; it is costly and is sometimes unable to be repaired. Here are tips to increase the longevity of your crown.




1)      When you wash your wig always dry your wig on a wig head. We see shrunken multis that ripple and bump when they aren’t dried properly.


2)      Never stick pins in the multi when securing the wig to the head. Pin the wig by the ears and the back. The pins leave little holes in the multi that cause the delicate material to slowly break down


3)      When using oils or sprays while styling your wig try and be sure to avoid spraying on the multi. Oils in the spray loosen the knots and cause the hair to fall out.


4)      Never ever store your wig on a lamp. The wig could catch on fire even when it’s off.


5)       Always dye the wig with a professional. We’ve seen too many multis where the hair has slipped in creating a pillow.




Keeping your multi –directional in good shape is the key to enjoying your wig from many years to come. People have enjoyed our wigs for 10 years or longer. Your wig will come along that journey with you, as long as your wig is treated delicately with care. We welcome all questions regarding your wig’s care.





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