Brushing My Freeda Wig

brushBrushing My Freeda Wig





Which type of brush would work best for my wig? You may think it is ok to use any old brush you have lying around, but you should not. Your brush is more important than you think.



A good brush is an important tool to maintain your wig. The right brush and using the brush properly will keep your wig in good condition.



The bristles are important. Anything cracked or with the protective heads missing can pull and damage the hair or pull hair out of the wig.  You’ll want to make sure all the bristles in the brush are going the same direction and that the protective coating on the ends is intact. Any brushes that aren’t like this should be tossed.



There are a range of brushes all types, sizes and prices. There are brushes that cost a dollar and those that cost hundreds. The right brush won’t cause split ends and will keep all the hair where it’s suppose to be – in your wig.


A flat paddle brush is a good option for a human hair wig. As long as you make sure that the wig is in good condition a brush from the drug store will work just fine.


Some advice from the Freeda pros to keep in mind:


  •    -Always brush from the bottom up. Remove the knots at the end and work your way up until your wig is free of all snags.



  •    -When brushing your hair wet you can spray a detangler or Moroccan oil to remove any knots. Be very careful when brushing the hair while it’s wet. Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair so use care when brushing to avoid any damage to the hair.






Take time and care when you are brushing your Freeda wig. Be gentle with the hair and it will serve you for many years to come.








We get a fair amount of calls asking if Freeda wigs have lace fronts.  While we can add a lace front to any wig purchase, our wigs are not created with a lace hairline. Freeda wigs have a durable, natural looking hairline that doesn’t require additional care without compromising that “growing out of your head” hairline.




A lace front will require a lot of attention and maintenance. You will constantly need to get it replaced after the duration of 6 months or less. Our wigs are made to last far longer, so for this reason we do not craft our hairline with a lace front. Our hairline is natural, comfortable and the upkeep of a Freeda wig is minimal.


After many questions about this a lace hairline, I decided to do research to see if this lace front was a good option for a hairline. To answer my questions I took my pondering to the web.



First I searched “What is a lace front wig?” The answer provided was “A lace wig or a lace front wig is a special type of hairpiece or wig in which human hair or synthetic hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp.” That sounded good to me.


My search continued.  It seemed that all the lace front wigs that kept coming up where in the $60-$200 range. Hmm… definitely not Virgin European quality wigs that Freeda proudly constructs.




I wondered about lace fronts on good quality wigs but I wasn’t finding what I was looking for.  I decided to order a lace front custom made with Freeda’s virgin European hair.


The lace arrived. It had a clear mesh fabric with hair sewn in a backward direction.

Here is what it looked like.


lace f




This is the close up of the lace front:


lace front blog





lace fr





At first glance I noticed the knots where the hair was sewn, but the lace looked like it would blend into the skin nicely. Our experiment was ready to begin.



A friend agreed to be my guinea pig. We attached the lace to her Freeda wig. This is how the lace looked on her hairline:





Her first comment was that she didn’t like the visible knots but once the wig was on the lace blended nicely and the knots weren’t obvious. She liked the ease of the off the face direction that the lace front afforded.

We followed up with her three weeks later. The lace front looked great and natural. She mentioned that she had to be very conscious about being gentle with the front, and needed additional time to blend the lace with the wig, but she was happy with her hairline.

The next time we did a follow up was three weeks later. The lace still gave the front a natural look. We didn’t see any big differences from week 3 to week 6.


We did the next follow up on week 9. The lace was somewhat curling up and more noticeably so.  With a little adhesive it was flat and looked beautiful. She mentioned that the hair on the lace was considerably thinner than the wig and that some of the hair where twisting to the wrong direction; not going back the way it was suppose to. We took the wig to our alterations department added a few strands to the lace, replaced the twisted hair and she was happy with the results.



By week 12 the lace no long sat as flat on her head, the ends had started to curl up. She said the lace had changed more after she washed and set her wig. She felt uncomfortable that it may be obvious up close that she was wearing a wig. She said some hair was still twisting forward and needed coaxing to sit properly. Overall the lace was in good shape and she agreed to continue our experiment.



By week 16 she asked us to remove the lace. She was spending more time then she wanted fussing with the hairline. She had to be cautious about treating it delicately while washing or brushing the wig. The wig wasn’t as easy to wear as the lace was now curling up more. She also felt with the lace front the wig had to be worn in the same direction and wasn’t as versatile as the multi directional was.



Even though there was life left to the lace we decided to remove it. While she enjoyed it at first it took too much energy and time to keep it in good condition. She missed the carefree wig that it once was. She commented that if she added a lace to a wig again it would be better on her second, less worn wig and that she had enjoyed the lace when the maintenance was low.



Here is the photo of the lace a few weeks later.


lace fron






lace front wig 1




To conclude:

A lace front was originally created to make an inexpensive wig look more natural. It is perfect for a wig that will have a 3-6 month lifespan. On a Freeda wig the lace front would work well for someone who is willing to put in the maintenance it requires.  We would encourage those to try our hairline which is very natural and




If you’d like a lace front or any other type of hairline, a Freeda custom wig would be perfect for you. We assist our clients in giving you a wig that you will love and one that fits your lifestyle.

Our Freeda hairlines are made on multidirectional crowns. We add short wavy baby hair to give the hairline a very natural look. The hairline will have the same lifespan of your wig with no additional maintenance. The hair will be able to be parted in any direction you want.

See our beautiful and natural hairlines:


freeda blog ruthy
















Below is a photo of a popular celebrity wearing a wig with a lace front. While the wig looks very natural on her, there is a very obvious lace bordering the entire hairline. For this reason we recommend trying out the hairline your Freeda wig offers, meticulously crafted with the highest quality hair.






Bobby Pinned Wigs; Les Deux


Bobby Pinned Wigs; Les Deux


As a part two of bobby pin love, we move on to wig styles we love created with bobby pins. These are not styles with pins buried inconspicuously and out of sight. These awesome styles that feature exposed bobby pins. There’s no perfectly placed pins here. In perfect disarray these  styles can’t be wrong.




Here are some of our favorite looks. Exposed bobby pins are a great way to have fun with your wig without commitment. To change the look again simply pull out the pins and gently shake out the wig.





I love the juxtaposition of this glamour up-do dressed down by vertically placed bobby pins.  There’s really no right way to wear this style, this style looks great messy or neat.  For more formal occasions use dressy pins to add a little glam and sparkle.







This next wig has a similar half pulled back style. The pins are placed in a triangular shape at the base. Use fun colored bobby pins or place in multiples of two to give some excitement to your wig.

A snowflake or a twinkling star is a simple way to add sparkle or festivity to your wig.





To execute these styles spray the bobby pins with dry shampoo for better grip on the hair. It seems every time a bobby pin is needed if you search the floor long enough you are almost guaranteed to find one. It’s impossible to keep track of those things. This great tip will help avoid that problem. Attach the desired length of magnet behind a cabinet in your beauty station.  The bobby pins will stay in place and gone will be the days of fishing those pins out of the bottom of your makeup bag.








The best thing about these styles is how non committal they are to any style your wig is in. It’s a fun and easy way to give your look a change and no skill is needed. Anyone can play around and create their own version of this style that suits them. Have you a favorite look? Please share with us!

















Interesting Facts about Hair

Interesting Facts about Hair


Every Freeda wig is made from 100% Virgin European Hair. Here are some fun facts you may have not known about hair. We certainly learned a lot.



Fun Fact:

Dear Redheads, you have the rarest color tresses of them all. Less than 1% of the world’s population is born with naturally red hair. The most common: People with black colored hair will have the most company- most people sport black hair. About 2% of the world is born with blond colored hair.

As red hair is such a hard thing to come by many companies don’t make red wigs at all. Freeda carries gorgeous red wigs in varying shades.








Fun Fact:

Melanin will determine the color of your hair. Eumelanin is dominant in dark colored hair. Pheomelanin is what makes hair colored red.  Lack of pigmentation is what makes hair blond. Gray hair happens when the melanin production slows down or stops.

At Freeda we have a small amount of gray (is it gray or grey? Actually, both are acceptable but gray is more commonly used) hair and wigs. Because our hair is unprocessed it is hard to find gray hair healthy enough that meets our high standards of quality. We can add small amounts of gray hair to customize your look.









Fun Fact:

Hair is predominantly constructed of proteins, specifically keratin. Each strand of hair is made up of three layers, from the outside in, the medulla, cortex, and cuticle. The fibers on the hair will determine whether your hair is straight, curly or wavy.


Freeda wigs are made of 100% virgin European hair, which means all three layers of the hair are intact, not stripped or coated. The benefits of virgin European hair; hair with an incredibly long lifespan, hair that can be colored, washed, blow-dried and will act just like hair is suppose to.




Fun Fact:

Hair can stretch (and also break) almost 1/3rd of its length when wet. Brushing gently is important!

Damaged hair comes from brushing, washing and the way you treat the hair. The lifespan of virgin European hair can last more than 30 years! Treat your wigs right.




Fun Fact:

The diameter of hair can vary from 0.00067 to 0.00709 of an inch.

At Freeda’s we don’t quite measure hair in that way: we call it thin hair or hair with body. Imagine how hard figuring out that measure would be!





Fun Fact :

Hair can grow just about anywhere on the body. You won’t find hair growing on the palms of the hands or the soles or the lips but almost everywhere else is fair game.


A Freeda wig could be made from the hair of up to 6 different people!






Do you know an interesting hair fact that we didn’t cover? We welcome everyone to get in touch with questions, comments or just to say hi. We look forward to hearing from you.

Swimming in Your Freeda Wig

Swimming in Your Freeda Wig





Summer means beach days and time at the pool. Many wearing wigs for the first time often imagine a summer void of their favorite warm weather activities such as swimming, relaxing in the spa or going to the beach. Swimming in a wig can seem intimidating, but it can be done.




You don’t have to watch the fun from a beach chair. You don’t have to buy a low quality synthetic wig. You want to look beautiful in your Freeda wig and with a few guidelines you can! A Freeda wig can look beautiful all the time, including at the pool or the beach.



Our clients are vast; we have sold wigs to deep see divers, those snorkeling on vacation, wigs for models doing photo shoots underwater, and just those who want to relax in a pool and the spa .Your Freeda wig is made with 100% virgin European hair. It is real hair, it moves like hair and can be treated like hair, but there are just a few tips to keep in mind. Here are our best tips for wig perfection in the water.




Strong Hold

There is nothing enjoyable about a day in the water when you are constantly worried that your wig won’t hold tight. If you are just doing light swimming your preferred standard method will work just fine. If you are looking to do more intensive swimming or diving we suggest using a sport adhesive with a water base.   At Freeda wigs we like a product called Bell Horn, our customers have raved about its super strong hold. We also like SuperTape which is good for those who prefer tape rather than glue. Some also like to put a hair-band on the wig for an extra secure feeling.




Take your wig for a test run

It’s a good idea to take your wig for a test run before you spend a day at the pool. Experiment with different adhesives, and make sure you feel comfortable and secure with the hold.  Test the wig underwater and during vigorous exercise. You’ll enjoy your day much more if you feel secure with the wig’s hold.




A special wig for swimming

Never wear your favorite wig in the pool. It’s important to have a designated wig for sports, the pool or even a rainy day. After the water your wig won’t be styled and will need tending to.  You’ll need time to brush your wig, rinse it, condition it and dry it. We don’t recommend wearing a wet wig for longer than necessary as it can stretch out the cap and loosen the knots.  You may want to consider a pony wig or a hat fall (to be worn under a bathing cap or hat) as your designated water wig.




Tie the Wig back
You’ll want to braid your wig or put it in a ponytail for more vigorous water activity. Loose wet hair gets tangled and knotty and is a chore to brush out.



After the Water

Tending to your wig once your swimming is done is very important.



The guidelines:

  • Rinse the wig in fresh water to get rid of chlorine or salt
  • Comb through the wig slowly and gently to get rid of all knots
  • Use a conditioner on the ends of the hair and rinse
  • Hang the wig on a wig head to dry completely



You are now ready for a beautiful beach day with your beautiful Freeda wig. Enjoy!

Curly Wigs that “Wash and Wear”

Curly Wigs that “Wash and Wear”

Wearing a wig in a natural air-dried manner is a popular growing trend. Our Maya, Danya, Mimi, Atara and Pearl all dry naturally with a wave or a curl.

Here are our best tips for wearing curly or wavy air-dried styles.





Air-dry the wig on an angle

You’ll have to get a wig clamp for this, but the results will be worth it. Drying the wig on an angle will allow the curl open up more, resulting in a bouncier curl.







Air-dry the wig upside down


To create a look with lots of volume pin the damp wig on a head with the nape on the top and the crown on the bottom. You can also hang the wig on a hook with the up side of the wig down. Air-dry the wig completely upside down for a full style with abundant volume. This tip works well on a straight wig as well as on a dry wig.




wavy airdried blogdanya



Get to “know” the hair on your wig




The products that worked best on your hair are the ones you’ll be naturally drawn to. There may be better products for your wig. Experiment with the many products on the market for waves and curls. Our Freeda stylist can recommend the best products to use based on the look you want to achieve.









All wigs shown are naturally dried Freeda Wigs. Our company prides ourselves on being the only company with wash and wear curly wigs. See Freeda’s curly styles and all our wigs here.