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The bobby pin, a wig wearer’s staple. You’ve used them more times than you remember and probably can’t do without them. This tiny, unassuming accessory rules with supremacy in the Freeda Wig salon. Today we talk about the wonderful, often overlooked bobby pin.




This overachieving hair accessory packs quite a punch. Its uses run gamut from household maintenance to culinary uses. It is a dependable, reliable accessory responsible for keeping a myriad of styles and coifs in place, (and those kippas affixed on little boy’s heads). Brides, runway models, and pretty much every fem you know couldn’t live without them. Today’s blog is dedicated to this must-have hair accessory; but first a little history.




The bobby pin was created in Paris by Luis Marcus all the way back in 1899. This small tool made of metal clips made with one straight and one ridged flexible prong, became popular and drew a broader audience in 1920 when the bobby pin helped keep the trendy bobbed style haircuts in place (hence the name “bobby” pin). In the UK bobby pins are called kirby grips or hair grips.









At Freeda Wigs we credit the bobby pin with a place of distinction in assisting to keep our wigs looking pristine. Here are some of our favorite wig styles that use of bobby pins held the strands in place.

This step-by-step up-do shown in a previous blog stays in place perfectly with help from the little magic tool.









Ruthy’s half up-do, tied in a knotted fashion tributes the bobby pin for it coveted wig perfection.




freeda blog ruthy





Faya’s and Perel’s gorgeous wigs are twisted in front and held in place by- you guessed it- our beloved bobby pin.  Also worth noting, this stylish, eye pleasing twisted ‘do can be done easily in seconds (even by the inexperienced wig wearer), for a fresh different look if you’re craving a wig style change. Why we really love it?  This bobby-pinned coiffure translates perfectly from daily wear to the events you’d don haute couture.










Speaking of couture, how brilliant would one look saunter in a room with this style? Keep this one for a professional, like the stylist with magic hands at Freeda wigs who weaves and creates these masterpieces.







And last, our ponytail wig (summer is coming up- the pony wig is perfect of those hot days) looks best with a few bobby pins concealed at various positions to keep the wig looking its best.







All wigs shown are Freeda wigs and can be viewed on our website

Freeda Wigs Dry Shampoo Experiment

Freeda Wigs Dry Shampoo Experiment



I love dry shampoo. I maintain that is the one styling product that delivers its promises and even more. It’s intended to refresh and revive hair without water, and it does the job well. I use dry shampoo for so many other reasons. I use it as hairspray and find it holds hair so well. I use it to give thin hair texture. I use it to extend the time between wig washes, or if I get caught in the rain. Those who exercise in their wigs find it’s a perfect refresher when used afterwards.


How it works:


1)      Spray the shampoo about 8-12” away from hair

2)      Massage through the roots

3)      Brush through for hair that has freshness and body


At Freeda we experimented with different dry shampoos using steps 1-3 to see which one stacked up the highest.



First up was Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo


This formula was safe on color treated hair (and yes, your dry shampoo should be color safe just as your regular shampoo should be if your wig is color treated).  The price was also a standout at less than $5 a bottle. When we used it to add texture to a wig styled with tight waves the set loosened significantly but it held well for a long time without needing to be retouched. We didn’t see this issue when we used less of the product on the hair. Spraying too close to the wig left a white residue that was harder to get out with regular brushing.


Overall, it works well, and absorbed oil.  It had a clean fresh scent that didn’t smell like chemicals. The shampoo didn’t weigh down the style when the appropriate amount was used. The shampoo added texture and reduced the fly-aways.  Some felt the spray left the hair a little dull looking. The consensus in the office was positive and the stylists liked how much body it gave the wigs.


Final grade- 9/10



Next we tried Dove Refresh and Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo   dryshamp



This shampoo was also under $5. This didn’t get the rave reviews like the others. The stylists felt that the spray smelled like chemicals and wasn’t very pleasant. On the thinner wigs this spray worked best if the hair was gently separated after it was sprayed rather than brushed or massaged through, it also needed a few more minutes to sit on the head.


Overall, this spray was very good for adding texture, but not as good at refreshing the hair and didn’t work as well at stretching the time between washes. One of the stylists liked this shampoo over the Suave shampoo.


Final Grade-8/10


Next up was Aussie Total miracle Collection Dry Shampoo     dryshampoThis shampoo was pricier than the others but still under $10. All the stylists agreed that this was the best smelling shampoo.  It wasn’t a favorite among the stylists who felt it left a sticky feeling in the hair.  We used it to spray just the roots of the wig and that gave it nice height and volume.


Overall it wasn’t the product that our stylists wanted to use again.


Final Grade 6/10



Batiste Original Dry Shampoo   dryshampoo




This seemed like a winner here in the Freeda salon. The stylists felt that it left the least residue of all the others. It was slightly more expensive than the others, at just over $10. It gave the hair nice texture; it absorbed the oil well and didn’t have a lingering smell. This dry shampoo felt the most like freshly washed hair, and the residue left behind was minimal.


I specifically loved this dry shampoo and it really saved me from a particularly bad hair day. My hair was looking flat and limp (the kind of day that requires hiding under a hat) and I would have been happy for my hair to be upgraded from poor to acceptable. After using the Batiste spray I loved how my hair looked and found myself having an extra great hair day.


Final Grade-10/10


It seemed with all the sprays that less was more. Using smaller amounts of the product did a better job than spraying lots of dry shampoo all over the hair. Waiting a few minutes between spraying and styling also yielded better results. It’s also really important to shake the bottle well before spraying and will make a big difference in the results.


At the end the Batiste ranked the highest but the Suave brand was a really close second. Dry shampoo is now been upgraded at our salon to a product we can’t live without.

A Haircut That Will Change Your Life

A Haircut That Will Change Your Life


Can a haircut change your life?


It seems like a bold statement but psychology supports this claim. A haircut (or new wig style) may seem like something small, but has significant results. This change could be the push that inspires self confidence, creativity and courage. It symbolizes starting something fresh and new, or a marker of a change or shift from a past situation or attitude. A new look inspires confidence and trust, and the compliments or attention from the new look supports that.


Buying Your First Human Hair Wig



It’s evident in Hollywood where a different hairstyle can make or break someone’s career. A popular haircut on the show “Friends” known as the “Rachel” was credited for the previously unknown actresses rise to stardom as well as the show’s abounding popularity.



In fact, we created our “Friends” wig, because of the many requests for a similar style. The Friends wig, still popular, can be viewed here.





Do you remember your worst haircut ever? I certainly remember mine. Like me you may have cried, canceled plans, covered up your hair with hats, and in general felt disheartened. You never forget your worst haircut and how badly you felt.







A great haircut, on the other hand, gives you those same intense but positive feelings.  You want to make plans with family and friends. You’ll stand straighter with confidence. It’s a very wonderful experience. You’ll smile every time you think of how great it felt to look in the mirror and loved how your new hairstyle looked.



Hair is an individual’s crowning glory and an incredibly important feature; if your wig looks good, you feel good. Our wigs help define our personality and can make one feel younger. While a person isn’t their hair, great hair helps you as a person.





It’s important to upgrade your style periodically to give you that boost that a new hairstyle will give you.  At Freeda we want each customer to look in the mirror and love their new hairstyle. We feel privileged to be a part of making you feel confident, cheerful and beautiful.



freedablog human hair



All the beautiful, smiling women pictured are wearing Freeda Wigs. (The woman in the last photo is wearing her Freeda wig which is over 20 years old!) . See all our wigs at


Beachy Waves and Sugar Spray



Beachy Summer Waves


Spring just drifted in but it seems that it’s never too early to talk about summer hair. Even in winter we dream about summer’s arrival.  Beaches and beachy hair will always be a summer hair goal and we’ve seen that trend year after year.






There are a few hair products so revolutionary they raced up the best seller list as soon as they came out. Remember the salt spray craze? The masses were excited to be able to get the perfect beachy waves previously attainable only after a day at the beach. However, for some the hype deflated when the results fell flat, the spray worked well on some, others had less than stellar outcomes. Brittle dry hair was often highlighted in those with fine hair and in others it just weighted the hair down.







Who knew that the problem got solved with the exact opposite- Sugar spray? Sugar spray doesn’t just substitute sugar for salt. A mix like that would make the hair sticky. Instead Sugar spray uses cane sugar extract or sucrose instead of salt.  While sugar spray yields the same results as salt spray, don’t exchange one for the other just yet. Sugar spray rules for those with thin hair, those with medium to thick hair should continue using salt spray.


Sugar hair will retain the hairs moisture while adding volume and texture. Use in the same as you would salt spray, on wet or dry hair, scrunching the hair in small sections.

We love a good hair spray that you can DIY. Experiment with amounts to make the spray your own. Try it on sleeker wigs like the Friends or Riva.









Here’s the how to:
Mix 8 ounces of warm water a tablespoon of raw sugar a half tablespoon of coconut oil, and a drop of aloe vera gel into a clean spray bottle, shake it up for the perfect sugar spray.






How to Wash A Wig




At Freeda we always recommended that a professional should maintain your wig.  A professional will make sure that the way the wig is washed or set won’t compromise on the longevity or quality of the wig.


 In a pinch it is okay to wash your own wig while being very careful. Here are the steps to follow.


Step 1: Gently comb out the wig, being gentle with any knots. Always brush the hair from the bottom, removing any knots, than working your way higher up towards the top.


Step 2:  Rinse the wig by holding it under a stream of lukewarm water. Rinse from roots to ends.

Step 3:  Using a quality shampoo distribute evenly over the hair, roots to ends. Gently massage the shampoo through the strands.  Turn the wig inside out and gently wash the inside of the cab. Step 4: Rinse the shampoo in lukewarm water.


Step 5: Comb conditioner into the hair avoiding the root. (The oils in the conditioner loosen the knots and glue, so you always want to avoid putting conditioners, serums and treatments on the root.) You may leave in the conditioner for a few minutes if desired.



Step 6: Rinse the conditioner in a downwards motion, making sure no trace of conditioner remains.




  Step 7: Squeeze out excess
 water, then towel blot the hair to dry.




Step 8: While wig is damp comb through the hair, making sure the part it in its proper place.


 Step 9:Place the wig on a wig head, or a dome shaped surface to dry.




Wig pictured is an Extra Long Atara, color 16/8, wavy texture. All photos display a damp wig, last photo is the wig air-dried, with no use of products or tools.