Maintaining Your Wig’s Healthy Hair


Maintaining Your Wig’s Healthy Hair



People ask us all the time about how long their wig should last. We really don’t have an answer for that. We proudly assure you that the hair on your wig will last longer than the cap, the material doesn’t have longevity the way the hair does. (Think about what your hat would look like if you wore it for 10 hours a day, five times a week.) The longevity of the wig is up to you and how well you care for it.


We have blogs with ideas, tips, and suggestions on how to best care for your wig that you can read here.
A different aspect we will discuss today is hair-aging and methods to keep the hair bouncy and healthy looking. Hair-aging might actually be a lot easier to prevent than skin-aging, as your use of hot tools and products play a big role on the health of the hair.








Dermatologists who specialize in aging skin and hair explain that when you flat-iron and blow the hair often or use products with a lot of chemicals you may see breakage that shows up as shorter hairs, or hair that doesn’t lie as smoothly. These two features can be fixed by a hair trim, but it is important to stop behaviors that contribute to these issues so that the hair will be maintained in a healthy manner, and one that makes the hair look its best. Even better is to care for the hair so that these drawbacks don’t occur in the first place.





Luckily if you find the hair needs a pick me up, the fix is quite basic. The simplest thing to do is to use a conditioner — even if your wig has sleek, fine, or thin hair. Many people with thinner and finer wigs don’t use conditioner as they are afraid it’s going to weigh down the wig’s hair.” Conditioner keeps your hair healthy — many also contain an SPF for further protection from the elements. At Freeda we experiment with different conditioners as all textures of hair responds differently to the various formulas on the market. Finding the right conditioner for your wig will give the hair the bounce and boost it needs. Further, always protect the hair from prolonged exposure to the sun. Avoiding access sun is key in preventing unnecessary damage and aging to the wig. See our suggestions on DIY hair masks and conditioning treatments you can do at home, here.






Last, find the right comb and brush for your wig. You’ll want to look for a brush with coated bristles that is gentle on the hair and doesn’t cause snags. Freeda’s salon offers excellent treatments to restore your wigs bounce and shine for years of happy and long-lasting enjoyment of your wig.


 “Gloss Smudging”



gloss smudge




It seems there are always new terms rolling off the tongue when it comes to hair and color. Here’s the latest one we’ve just heard of;” gloss smudging”.



We bring you the latest trend in color (and we are just crazy about it!). Gloss smudging is the newest technique to make your highlights more natural than ever. Created by Keri Hill, an LA celebrity colorist, gloss smudging is a technique that disguises the line between where the root starts and where the highlight begins.






How it works: After the tresses have been perfectly highlighted, the colorist will apply a toner or gloss to the roots, using a brush to ‘smudge,’ or blend that line that makes the obvious line between root and color. Think of it the same way you smudge your eyeliner to make the line less obvious.



The end result?



The most natural looking highlights ever. At Freeda Wigs, our colorists are constantly maintaining training to be in the know with all latest trends and techniques. We are excited to show you this gorgeous subtle new trend.







Shown are close ups of the most precise and delicate highlights done by Freeda professionals.



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Spring Color Trends

Spring Color Trends 

It’s time to liven up the color on your wig to match the imminent (we hope!) emergence of spring.  Here are some looks to inspire you as you head to the Freeda Wigs showroom for a color consultation for a new, updated spring makeover.       1         We have been getting color requests for ashy wigs for a while now, and we are excited to hear about the latest hair color trend. This year it’s all about the reds! We breathe a sigh of relief here because European hair typically leans toward the warmer hues, being that we only use 100% virgin European hair this news has us jumping for joy.


      Yes, red tones! Vivid browns, crimson shades of blonde and coppery shimmers will be the new requested shades. Glimmers of warmer tones, the gold and bronze shades, compliment many skin tones and require a lot less maintenance then the ubiquitous ashy colors. We are glad warm tones are the new favorite thing. What do you say? No way or it’s about time!       hairlossblog     Pictured throughout this blog are all Freeda Wigs that boast warm, bronze shaded tones. See similar wigs on our site