Venturing out of your wig comfort zone


No, your wigs don’t need to be twins!


When purchasing a wig for the first time many clients strive to find a wig that matches very closely with their hair. To keep the wigs in good shape, and for the convenience of not having to rely on just one wig, we recommend purchasing two wigs. Many customers want to find two identical looking wigs so the “switch” can’t be detected. We understand that feeling but also want to encourage you to make small changes that most won’t able to distinguish.





Perhaps one bang with a side swept bang and one wig with no bangs, or slight differences in color. Wearing a wig should be something you feel bound to but rather something you can have fun with.





We have clients who love to switch wigs and make slight changes between different wigs, yet they still maintain their look.



First we will show Mira (and her adorable kids). Mira is a gorgeous mom and student who does freelance web design (among many other things).  Mira wears a medium to dark brown wig. Just like many celebrities do, Mira has many looks that she switches between. She wears a long slightly highlighted wig, with a side swept long bang in the first photo, a long bob with no bangs in the second and full bangs with no highlights in the third photo.















mira blog





Those changes might be too drastic for some, but try adding slight highlights to one wig, or adding a slight bang to the other.

Next we have Faya, a stylist supermom who also runs an outreach center in New York City. She is involved with local enrichment, baking classes, women’s events and runs a religious center. This beautiful mom always looks great. Her wigs are all similar with small variations. The first is darker, a bit longer and thicker than the one on the right. The second photo shows a more highlighted wig, that has less body. Both wigs serve her well and are similar, yet each one is unique on its own.














We encourage you to enjoy your wigs, have fun with them, and venture out of your comfort zone just a little bit.

The wigs featured are the following styles, Riva, Atara, and the Danya. All can be viewed on .





New Year- New You

New Year- New You


As the last year fades away and the New Year begins our focus often turns into self improvement. New resolutions are made, gym enrollments increase, houses and schedules get organized, and we aim to shut our phones and focus on family.  It’s also a time when we think about our bucket list, the fresh start gives us courage to take a shot at things we’ve been nervous to try.




The most drastic style changes happen this time as well. Brunettes try out blonde, long hair tresses are lopped to shoulder length and the daring may try bold fringes. Here at Freeda Wigs we love those changes, half the fun of wigs is being able to try out new styles without having to commit.




Meet Perel; a mom, student and business owner. These are just a few of many hats she wears on a daily basis. She’s a fashion forward individual that carries many looks and trends beautifully. Here are some of the looks she carries, each one flattering and suitable. She has fun with her wigs and doesn’t commit to just one look.





In these photos Perel wears a Riva wig in a color 2, dark brown. She pins back the front section off her face on the photo on the left. On the right, Perel wears the same wig without it pinned away from her face.




newyou2 newyou1





Below Perel wears a Bob wig with bangs. The wig is color 2, dark brown and can be viewed here.







In this last style Perel wears a Mimi wig. The top of the wig is dark brown in the color she was accustomed to, but she had our colorist gradually lighten the bottoms with a caramel highlight.








Here’s a look at the same girl, showcasing 3 different looks. She pulls off all the styles seamlessly and carries them well.  Hopefully she inspires you to change your look and have fun with new styles and colors.


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