Summer hair accessories



This month celebrity makeup artist Jen Atkin and Chloe+ Isabelle launched a collaboration of summer hair accessories to obsess over.

The collection features trendy clips, pins, barrettes and have you ever heard of a bun cuff?  We never need a reason to add glamour and bling to our ‘dos, and this collab makes looking polished a breeze. We love the hammered crescent hair comb, versatile enough to go from office to night out, and the crystal pavé fan pin is obsession worthy. Add them to braids and fishtails for a fresh spin on the classics.

Shop the collection here.









When talking hair and summer you can never go wrong with a fedora or Panama hat.  Straw woven fedoras and similar straw hats scream summer and style. What better way to keep your hair and skin protected from damaging sun rays?  This white fedora on the left comes in a his and hers version available on or the straw version below at













A summery scarf with colorful patterns and prints wears well with many of our wigs that are perfect for the summer. The hat fall discussed above wears nicely wrapped with a summer scarf. We also carry a ponytail wig in our Freeda collection. Every summer we struggle to keep our ponytail wig stocked as customers swear it’s the best everyday wig for the summer. Its light and comfortable and the perfect length for twisting up in buns and up-dos or wearing with a ponytail or a braid. See photos below for ponytail inspiration, our friend Ruthy wear her wig beautifully in a half-do’.  Shop the Freeda ponytail wig, available in all colors, here.



What’s your favorite summer style? Is there one we haven’t mentioned that is your go to summer look? Sound off in the comment section below.









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fishtail braid







Summer hair color trends


Summer Highlights and Colors 



When people think of summer hair it often goes hand and hand with lighter locks.  In the past our customers have asked us for brighter blondes and extra highlights as soon as the weather starts to become warmer. This year the trends have changed.


Summer hair in 2016 is different then we have seen in a while.  While beach blonde and baby blonde is still a current trend, it’s on the back burner this season. This season is all about coppery red, babylights in buttercream, and rose gold hair.



Coppery Red

For a long time our customers requested ashy wigs that lacked red tones. Freeda wigs are made with 100% virgin European hair which generally has redder tones to them.  Although ashy colors have been the trend, red tones compliment all skin shades and look good on everyone.

We love how Emma Stone carries her copper colored hair. If making a full red commitment scares you, you can also add coppery highlights to your mane as seen in our customers wigs shown here.












The middle photo showcases our Riva Short wig in color 6 with added copper highlights. Our stylist added soft waves to complete this gorgeous look.  On the right you see our Atara wig in color 14/8. The color 14/8 is a blonde with strawberry tones, usually with small streaked highlights.






Buttercream Babylights

We first discussed Babylights in the post seen here. Babylights are those barely there highlights you see in young children that fade as they grow older. Babylights are a natural looking highlight verses the ombre trend that has been so popular.

Buttercream is the color one shade brighter than platinum. We think buttercream on hair is better than buttercream on cupcakes any day. The babylights on the Freeda wig shown is our Olivia in color 16/10.











Rose Gold hair


Rose gold hair is a trend rumored to be inspired by an Instagram filter, imagine that. Rose gold is the gorgeous color that has just a touch of pink to it, but yet is still blonde with pinky tones instead of red tones.

Our highlighted Danya, shown on the left, looks like a centerpiece.










What is your favorite summer trend? Are you happy to see the trends veering away from the beachy blondes we are used to? Sound off in our comments or questions.



Beachy hair


Beachy waves for summer


All year round we get our stylists get requests to style the wigs with beachy waves. Gone are the days of ringlets or perfect hair. Today’s trends involve textures that are low maintenance, and perfectly imperfect.

Beachy hair tries to mimic the way your hair looks after a day at the ocean. You know that beautiful tousled look you get after a day at the beach? Even if you can’t get to the beach anytime soon, it’s easy to create this look at home (or with our stylists help).



First you will need a salt spray for your hair. There are many on the market, but it’s really simple to make on your own.  Add a cup of water to a spray bottle, add a few teaspoons of sea salt, and last add a little conditioner or Moroccan oil. The good thing about making your own spray is that you can customize it based on the needs of your hair. Hair textures vary; you may need more or less salt and conditioner depending on the thickness and thinness of your hair. Just spray on damp hair scrunch or diffuse to dry.















Another way to create this look is with a 3 barrel iron also called a waving iron


First, separate dry hair into sections. Spray each section with a heat protecting spray. Then clamp the iron down on the hair until the entire length is done. To finish, mist the hair with finishing spray for extra hold.































The last way to create waves reminds me of my childhood.  At night after showering allow the hair to dry about halfway.  Separate hair into two or three sections and braid the hair tightly. In the morning the hair will be dry and will loosen into beautiful waves.  Spray with addition salt spray and finishing spray for hold.












Freeda carries four naturally wavy wigs in our collection, our Maya, Danya, Mimi, Atara, and Pearl wig.






The Maya, a shorter shoulder length wig, naturally dries with beautiful beachy waves.



MayaOur mid-length Danya comes in wavy to curly texture that also just air-dries in perfect tousled waves.  Our longer wavy wig the Mimi is so popular that it has a waiting list.


mail4Last our Atara and Pearl dry with beautiful loose waves for            those who like to wear super long wigs.

April showers bring May flowers… but its June!



pril showers bring May flowers…






At least that’s how the saying goes. We anxiously await the warmer weather that summer brings but it seems New York didn’t get the memo this year- it’s June and we still can’t store away our umbrellas and rain boots. Rain often equals hair and wig disaster, but it doesn’t have to.





Here are our some of our favorite ways to look cute and chic in the rain. This fun patterned rain hat from is nothing like the plastic functional rain hats that tie under the chin.

It’s vivid, fun colors brighten up a gloomy day. Bright lipstick gives another pop of color to dull overcast rainy days.  You almost wish it would rain with a hat like that.












How adorable is this rain hat? Cats dislike rain as much as your wig does. This hat can be folded up and stored in your purse during rainy season so that your wig never gets caught in a downpour. Shop it here.














What about the frizzy texture that often happens when the rainy season comes, no matter how well your mane is covered?  Rain raises the humidity in the air and its hard (aka impossible) to keep frizz at bay.





A favorite style we like to keep our wigs looking chic is this deconstructed ponytail from wit and delight. It looks complicated but it’s really quite simple. Another great thing about this style is that it works best on dirtier hair, so you get to stretch out the time before your wig needs to go back to your stylist for a wash and set.  Click here to follow step by step instructions for the deconstructed ponytail.

















Buns and rainy day hair go hand in hand. This boho chic bun looks impressive and literally can be done in under a minute. Have fun with different hair band accessories to switch up the look.

View the how-to here.





















Which look is your favorite? Sound off in the comments.

The styles shown here can be done with many of our wigs; such as the Mimi, Friends, Riva, Ponytail and Atara, all available at