Purim and pastel colored hair




Purim is here!  While pink and purple hair was once reserved for silly costumes, rock stars and little dreaming girls, it is now, along with other colors being sported by celebrities, designers and hair stylists. Seen on the runway to the red carpet proves that pastel colored hair look chic and polished.  At Freeda Wigs we don’t see much of these wild colors on wigs, but Purim is always a good excuse to have some fun.

I’m by no means conservative when it comes to hair color- I jumped on the ombre train and embraced balayage. Still I found myself skeptical of this trend believing that it would be short lived.  Slowly I’ve come to see pastel colored hair as a fun, chic and laidback style that I may even try, as long as my Purim costume is on.

Designer, Lauren Conrad blogged about her soft purple colored hair, she uses temporary dyes that wash out after just one wash. She manages to make the look soft and pretty.

Guy Tang is a celebrity color genus. He definitely takes color up a notch, coloring tresses in bright greens and blues, rain-bowed colors and metallics. The silver- gray look he did looks anything but old and drab.

For those who need to ease into the look, clip-on highlights are the way to go.

Fit for a princess these highlights slice pastel pink color throughout blonde hair. Can you say a little more conservative than a full head of pink?… Perhaps.



We can’t talk about pastel hair without having a little fun.




It may not be everyone’s every day look, but the post sure looks colorful and pretty.

Would you rock pastel colored hair on a regular day, or is this hair strictly reserved for Purim?

Did you know?







Today we are sharing some interesting wig details. A lot goes in to making each Freeda wig; the information here will make you appreciate your beautiful masterpiece even more.













1)Your Freeda Wig is made out of the hair from approximately 10 people’s heads.




There is a lengthy process that occurs from the cutting of the hair until it is sewn into your wig.

First, the hair is examined and only the most superior grade hair is selected. It is than washed with gentle shampoos and conditioners, than air-dried to reveal the hair’s natural texture.


Last the hair is gently combed and all damaged hair or hair with split ends is removed to assure that your wig is made of the highest quality hair available.


It takes almost ten bundles of hair to gather enough to make a Freeda wig.