Braids are summer’s hottest trend and also works for both short and long cuts.

Braids are simple to play around with, you can’t mess them up. Pinned up or down or tied in a bun, the braid looks trendy and chic all ways. Here are some of our favorite braided ‘dos that are perfect for wigs and perfect for summer.


The Side Fishtail Braid


Fishtail braids are the latest obsession.

They are not-so-perfect perfection and the thicker the better.

They absolutely must be worn to the side. Swing that ‘do over your shoulder and allow wisps to fall around the face.




•For a smoother braid, brush your hair out first. For a messy braid, skip the brush and leave the natural texture. Use your figures to separate your strands. For a cleaner look run a comb through your hair first.
•Create a ponytail using a clear elastic.
•Split the ponytail into two separate sections.
•Take a piece from the first side and pass it to the 2nd side.
•Next take a piece from the 2nd side and pass it back to the 1st side. (You should be making an “x”)
•Don’t think too hard just take a small piece from one side and pass to the other.
•Once you’ve finished your braid, very carefully cut the clear elastic at the top.
•Loosen pieces around the face




Next up , the halo braid. The halo braid is the perfect half-do for medium length wigs and well as long wigs.



•First, separate the upper portion of hair from the temples to crown and pin it on top of your head.

• Take a small section at each temple and tightly French-braid it, working back toward your crown. Secure each braid with an elastic.

•Next, unclip the hair at your crown.

• Use one hand to hold this section up and the other to tease it at the roots with a fine-tooth comb, making a little pouf.

•Gently smooth over the teased portion with a paddle brush.

• Then anchor the braids to the bottom of the pouf with bobby pins.



How to maintain your hairstyle despite the humidity



How to maintain your hairstyle despite the humidity




Your hair was looking fab all winter and spring when all of a sudden your style falls flat, it lacks luster. What’s going on?
Likely its the humidity wrecking havoc in her wake. The high moisture in the air will cause your hair to frizz or will weigh it down. How can you carry your style with perfection throughout the day?


Make sure your wig is well moisturized. Dry hair will be more porous than moisturized hair, therefore it attracts more frizz. Summer is a good time for a deep conditioning treatment or a leave-in conditioner for your wig. The blow-dryer also dries out the tresses , so its best to air dry your hair or wig when possible.
When washing the wig always end with a cold water rinse. The cold water seals the cuticles so the moisture in the air can’t get in. This helps to explain why quality, expensive wigs frizz in the summer. Wigs of good quality ,specifically 100% virgin European hair will have the cuticle intact, the hair won’t be stripped or processed. It will react to the weather and light the same way your hair might.


Use a product with silicon in it. Rub a dime sized amount between your fingers and gently brush through the hair. Silicon will coat the strands of the hair , adding extra protection against the forces.




 Once you start styling the hair try not to fight your hairs natural texture. Your blow-dry will last longer if you work with the hair then against it.  When you curl straight hair or straighten curly hair you are giving your hair more to work against.  Cutting layers into your wig also helps the blowout last longer. Hair that is one length weighs more and drags down your style. Layers help keep the weight off which lends itself to a hairstyle that lasts longer.
Which summer hairstyle is your favorite?

Help! My Freeda wigs needs styling but I can’t get to the salon.

What do you do when you get caught in the rain and can’t get to a stylist immediately? Or when a last minute dinner invitation turns up when your wig is looking less than perfect? Don’t decline that invitation and make plans for finishing yesterdays leftovers just yet, Freeda Wigs to the rescue!

It’s hard to constantly maintain a perfect mane. Rain, frizz and plain old scheduling can get in to the way of wig perfection, even on a top quality human hair wig.

If you are anything like me, the YouTube tutorials that explain how to style your hair into beachy waves or simple chignons fill me with intense dread. With my two left hands I could never get my wig into a style that mimics a professional’s touch, no matter how many videos or Pintrest posts I study.

What saves me on a day that I need to look presentable is something anyone can do. You will look chic, fun and polished. What is this marvelous tress savior I am referring to? I’m talking about the scarf, of course.

Scarves come in all types of textures and prints. They can be worn during all seasons. I save my gray tweed, wool and cashmere scarves for winter. In the spring and summer months I adore my silk or cotton colorful prints. The colorful scarves that are bursting with bright hues. The yellow, orange and green prints put me in a good mood and give me character. I love how the colors woven through my wig brighten up a neutral ensemble, how they can transform my look into a boho princess, a chic 40′s housewife, or a hippie goddess.

There are those who find this trend tricky, but don’t be scared, anyone can pull it off. All it takes is a mist of your favorite hair product, a twist and a knot. In fact, The 40’s poster child of this scarf toting style, Rosie the Riveter, didn’t own a blow-dryer and managed to look quite fierce.

Here are some of my favorite ways to wear a scarf.

First I spray my Freeda human hair wig with a light leave in conditioning spray and gently comb through.
To start, pin the hair back at the nape of the neck. Next tie the scarf and make a knot on top of the head. Lastly, pull out some bangs for a more dramatic looking style. Finish with aviators or round sunglasses to look impossibly haute.

How easy was that? Look how cute your wig can look even when your wig is due for a washing and styling. The knotted style looks cute in many ways. You can experiment with the scarf knotted at the nape, pinning the hair up or leaving the hair down, braided hair also looks adorable and trendy.

I’ve included some of my favorite scarved coifs as inspiration. Let us know your own twist on this style.zzzz