Hosting the Perfect Summer Brunch (while sporting the Perfect Summer Hair)

There is nothing I love more than hosting a relaxing summer brunch. Hosting a relaxed get together gives you time to connect to your friends in a laid back way. Here are some favorites for the perfect weekend summer brunch.


Go with light food that can be served cold, and doesn’t have you slaving over a hot stove.

Cut fresh fruits like melons ,berries and mangos, the bright colors will eliminate the need for centerpieces. Cutup vegetables for a DIY salad bar. Bagels with spreads like cream cheese , lox and egg salad,are a nice, filling favorite. If you want to look like you worked hard ,use parfait cups and layer yogurt , berries and granola. Top with whip cream and a sprig of mint.

Warm up assorted muffins and serve with butter.


Along with lemonade , iced tea and iced coffee. Its always nice to serve a light cocktail. Mimosas are a perfect summer drink and fuss free.

In a glass pitcher add equal amounts of sparking wine and orange juice. Top with a splash of triple sec.Tip: Instead of adding ice to the pitcher , fill champagne flutes with crushed ice. If the drink isn’t finished , it wont be watered down from the ice, and you can store it for later use.


As the host you want to look polished, but in a fuss-freeway that mimics the summers casualness. Beachy summer waves look great at all hair lengths and will give you the laidback look you want.

Start with clean hair and spray with sea salt hairspray.

Divide the hair into sections and with a curling iron wrap the sections around but leave a 1/2 inch or so at the ends. Hold the hair briefly , you don’t want too much heat.

When you’ve finished all the sections , allow hair to cool. Spray lightly with hairspray.

Run your fingers through the hair to give it a tousled , beachy look .


Provide your guests with board games like yatzee ,connect four , or games like bocce that can be played outside.

Gather photos of you and your guests from other events and occasions you spent together.

its a great way to reminisce about the past, get nice conversations going , along with smiles and a few laughs.

Enjoy the easy laidback day , with minimal fuss and one your guests will think of fondly.

Spring and Summer Haircolor

Spring and Summer are upon us. Bright and cheery colors replace the darker options we opted for in the winter. Colorful patterns and prints that hid in our closet all winter finally have a chance to come out and play. Its also a time when salons are full of people adding sun kissed colors to their hair, lightening up in a way that reflects the brighter colors of Spring and Summer.
You don’t need to be scared of color. Wigs made of 100%¬†virgin European hair, like Freeda Wigs, can take¬†color the way hair can. We recommend testing a spot on the underside of the wig before you fully commit.
If you want natural looking highlights ,ask for slight streaks or blended highlights that stay within 2 to 3 shades of your base color. Leaving a slightly darker root will give your hair or wig a natural look.  Balayage,  the art of painting on highlights, verses foil highlights, will look more natural here.
Find a salon that has perfected this method.
For a bolder look you can try lightening the bottom half of the hair , while leaving the top a bolder, darker color . Balayage works well here as well, unless you like a very sharp contrast. Consider getting the highlights¬†in¬†more then one color, you’ll want a few¬†shades to add distinction and variation. Natural highlights are made up of more then one color.
A great trend for summer hair color is called babylights. Babylights are those gorgeous shades of natural blonde you see in the hair of young children , its the perfect natural mix of blonde that slowly is lost as the child becomes older. Adding babylights to your hair is a perfect summer trend.    With babylights, you add a glint of color if you scatter them throughout . You can also add babylights all over the head, in tiny sections of painted highlights in varying thicknesses.
See our gallery or photos on our facebook page for your perfect summer inspired color.