Why Do Hair Loss Wigs Make My Scalp Itchy?

real human hair wigsDorothy1Women facing the prospect of wearing hair loss wigs, due to alopecia, cancer, or other conditions that cause hair loss, do not want the additional burden of an itchy, red, and inflamed scalp. Itchy scalps may be a common problem, but there are simple preventive and curative measures.


1. Proper rinsing techniques will remove shampoo and conditioner from the wig’s hairs. Improper care may leave residue in the wig and cause irritation to a sensitive scalp.


2. The lining of the wig plays a significant role in the comfort of the wearer. Choose a cotton or silk lining for maximum comfort. With some wigs, it may be necessary to place a cotton liner over the scalp before affixing the wig.


3. Hairs that have been forced back into the inside of the wig due to improper brushing or styling may cause localized irritations. Paying a stylist might be a wiser choice than saving a few dollars by styling wigs at home.


4. Lotions and moisturizing creams are useful as a means of preventing itching and rednessĀ for skin types that are easily irritated.


Wearing real human hair wigs due to hair loss may not be a choice, but using proper methods of care is. Contact us at Freeda to schedule a consultation today!

Do Real Human Hair Wigs Cause Hair Loss?

real human hair wigsSome people combat hair problems by investing in hair loss wigs. Others worry that all real human hair wigs are a leading factor in hair loss issues. We thought it would be wise to separate fact from fiction and ease the worry.


The argument is that wigs must be putting pressure on the hair follicles and preventing the follicles from receiving proper air and blood flow, thus causing hair loss. In truth, most high-quality wigs are designed to allow adequate airflow through the hairs and cap. Similarly, properly fitted wigs rarely add enough pressure to the follicles to cause hair loss. People experiencing hair loss with no other apparent cause may be wearing a poorly made or poorly fitted wig. The quality of the hairs are immaterial if the final product is shoddy and ill-fitting.


In many cases, lifestyle is a larger factor than the actual wig. Some wig wearers became complacent with the care of their own hair because of the mistaken belief that it’s no longer important. In fact, properly shampooing and conditioning original hair is just as necessary whether one is wearing a wig or not.


Another problem we have found is a tendency to put on wigs with little regard for positioning the natural hair. When the natural hair is jammed into the wig, the possibility of damage and breakage increases. The extra few minutes spent on aligning natural hair with the wig is worth the effort.


At Freeda, our wig experts provide our customers with tips and techniques for the proper wearing of our signature sheitels.

Why Are My Sheitels Tangled in a Ball?

SheitelsA common complaint among women who wear human hair wigs concerns tangled or matted hair. The sight of a several thousand dollar wig completely tangled and disheveled is disheartening, to say the least. Understandably, women want to know what causes this issue and whether or not it can be prevented.


There are several reasons for tangling, but in many cases it is the result of swelling of the wig due to moisture or humidity. When the wig swells, the hairs come in closer contact with each other and may tangle.


High-quality, minimally processed hair is much less susceptible to tangling. The reason for this is that as hair undergoes processing, the protective cuticle becomes damaged or removed. Without cuticles, the hair is more likely to become tangled. However, even the highest quality hair must be added to real human hair wigs by professionals who know how to keep the cuticles aligned. If hair is placed willy-nilly without regard to cuticle alignment, the possibility of matting increases significantly.


At Freeda, all our luxurious sheitels are constructed from the highest quality hair, and our experienced wig makers and stylists ensure the hairs are properly aligned. Unfortunately, manufacturing defects are an unavoidable possibility, so we do include a six month warranty with all our regularly priced wigs.

Finishing Touches to Our Real Human Hair Wigs

real human hair wigsOnce the hair has been attached to the selected cap, the crafting work in our airy Ukrainian factory is complete. The finished sheitels are carefully inspected to ensure they conform to the high standards Freeda requires from its products. Each wig must be tested to ensure the tresses swing naturally and have the appropriate texture and vibrancy. Only those that pass the rigorous inspection are carefully shipped to our showroom in New York where we apply the final touches.


In our New York showroom, our experts inspect the wigs one more time and then begin the finishing touches. They cut the wigs and style them to meet the specific features that distinguish our real human hair wigs styles from each other. This is a careful process as one wrong cut can irrevocably damage a hairdo.


This is the point at which we introduce our customers into the mix. There is only so much cutting and styling our wig experts can do without an actual human being to match the wig to. We ensure all our experts have the proper training to match a specific style to a specific customer.


Freeda Wigs has a long history of providing top-notch human hair wigs for women. Our long list of satisfied wearers is undoubtedly our greatest reference.