Gentle Combing for Our Tresses

human hair wigs for womenWashed and dried hair must be combed before being sorted and bundled. The combing removes any remaining foreign particles from the hairs. More importantly, the process separates loose hairs and short hairs that would ruin the overall look of finished real human hair wigs.


At this stage, the combing is typically done with a hackle, a large metal-toothed comb attached to a table or bench. The hair is pulled through it, causing the foreign particles and short hairs to be removed. Fingers may be used as well to ensure the combing is thorough enough.


The combing, or hackling, helps create another important distinction in the quality of human hair. Single-drawn hair is a term used to describe the majority of hair, while double drawn is reserved for hair that has undergone extra care to ensure all strands are of an equal length. Many people mistakenly believe all double-drawn hair is simply trimmed to produce bundles of equal-length hair. In fact, quality double-drawn hair is of equal length because an expert uses the hackle and her fingers to slowly and carefully separate out hair of different lengths. That is where the term drawn comes from.


Depending on the hair, washing and combing may be done several times before our experts are truly satisfied with the hair bundles. The added labor is necessary to ensure we maintain the quality our customers expect from our signature human hair wigs for women.

Washing and Drying for Our Sheitels

real human hair wigsPreviously, we detailed the selection of quality hair for our world renowned real human hair wigs. Once our expert buyers have made their decisions, our hair technicians take over and begin the crafting process.


The various hair tresses are thoroughly washed and cleaned with a series of shampoos, conditioners, and other cleansers. The cleaning is designed to remove dirt, oil, and other particles that cling to the hairs. The process is laborious, as considerable care must be taken to ensure all the hair cuticles remain intact and face in the same direction.


Some wig makers process the hair to remove the cuticles, thus making the cleaning process simpler. However, stripping the cuticles increases the possibility of tangling and matting, so the quality is considerable lowered.


After the tresses have been thoroughly cleaned, we dry them carefully. Drying is a complex process as well. Poor ventilation can cause the hair to dry improperly and develop a peculiar smell. Using heaters for drying can have a similar effect. Therefore, our experts prefer to air dry the hair, allowing it to settle into a natural state.


The process of washing and drying the the hair is painstaking and rigorous, but it allows us to be confident that the cleaned hair will be suitable for use in creating our famous sheitels.

Sifting Hair for Our Real Human Hair Wigs

real human hair wigsAs we mentioned in the last post, our real human hair wigs are created using strictly European hair from the salons of Ukraine. However, not all hair is created equal. When brokers present us with the selections of hair they wish to sell us, our experts at the Freeda factory in Ukraine look through the options to select the finest quality.


When assessing the quality of a tress of hair, there are several factors every expert must consider. The first and foremost is whether the hair is Remy or non-Remy hair. There is much misinformation about the definition of Remy hair, but it is fairly simple to understand. Remy hair describes any hair in which the cuticle, the outermost layer of the hair, has not been disturbed in any way. This is typically done by the barber binding the hair while on the person’s head, cutting it as a unit, and packaging it without shifting the hairs. Non-Remy hair does not have the cuticle intact usually because it is collected from the floor of the barber shops and salons instead of straight from the source. Remy hair is less likely to tangle or matt in transit, thus it is in higher demand.


Our experts are trained to spot quality hair to ensure all of our human hair wigs for women meet the standards our customers have learned to expect.

Selecting Quality Tresses for Our Exclusive Sheitels

Sheitels Raw hair is a much traded commodity, and thousands of shipments of human hair make their way into the United States each year. Some of the hair is low-quality and slated for low-end toupee and wig makers, while the premium hair goes to luxury wig manufacturers to be molded into breathtaking final products.


The hair originates in several different countries including India, China, Israel, and the former USSR satellite states. In fact, hair is often identified simply by its place of origin. For example, European hair comes from Russia and nearby countries while Malaysian or Chinese hair originates from the People’s Republic of China and surrounding nations.


The price of the raw hair and the real human hair wigs produced by it is determined by several factors, including its country of origin. Since countries like India have a large amount of willing donors, the price for a shipment of Indian hair is considerably cheaper than European hair where donors are much more scarce.


Freeda Wigs has a factory in the Ukraine to allow it to successfully compete for raw hair from local donors. Thus, all our sheitels are produced from top-quality European hair which doesn’t have to be shipped from distant countries at additional cost.

Freeda: The Experts in Real Human Hair Wigs

Freeda Wigs Sheitels ManufacturerFreeda Wigs has earned its sterling reputation as a top-notch sheitels manufacturer through years of hard work and dedication. We take pride in our commitment to quality and style and demonstrate our allegiance to this ideal by producing real human hair wigs that are acclaimed by experts around the world.


Freeda Kugel, our founder and mentor, formed the business with a dream to bring a new level of sophistication to women’s fashion. Through her continued guidance, the company has not only realized her initial goal, but surpassed it.


We believe the creation of a high-quality wig does not begin when the hair reaches the wig makers. A truly phenomenal wig must be supervised through every step of the process, beginning with purchasing the hair from top brokers to wefting and capping the the hair.


Each of the 300 experts involved in our wig-crafting process has been handpicked for his or her mastery of the craft. They perform their magic in an airy workshop sprawled across five acres.


After each wig has been expertly crafted, it is shipped to New York where our stylists mold it to its final breathtaking shape. The finished products are featured in our showroom in Brooklyn.


To purchase a luxurious wig from our collections, contact us at (718) 771-2000 or through our website at