Freeda Wigs Photo Shoot

Interested to see what it’s like to be a Freeda sheitel and human hair wig model? Take a look at this recent photo shoot where we explore the beauty behind a well-crafted wig! You’ll see many of our current wigs from the Long Collection that focus on longer hair styles, as well as summer and warm weather friendly wigs from the Short Collection. If you see anything that you love or want to learn more about our company and philosophy, don’t hesitate to visit our home page or contact us anytime!




Big Wigs: Celebrities and Their Wigs




Many of today’s major trends in clothing, makeup and hairstyle come from celebrities or political figures bringing them to light. However, there is often a disconnect between those of us who wear wigs or sheitels and fresh celebrity styles. Luckily, it doesn’t take too much research to find celebrities who embrace the use of real human hair wigs–and look great doing it! Let’s take a look at a few celebrities known for their great style and wigs.


A couple of celebrities who love to explore crazy colors and designs with their wigs are Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. Now, these aren’t styles that average wig users are jumping up and down to emulate, but they’re still really fun and bring great publicity to the world of wigs.


Beyonce is not only one of the most famous artists on the music scene, but she has recently moved into fashion, film, and television. With that spotlight she is sure to set the fashion standards for countless women across the world, which is exciting for those of us interested in the wig-wearing community. Beyonce has brought fame to her blonde wig, even wearing it to Barrack Obama’s inauguration ball. She has made huge strides with making women across the country more comfortable with their choice to wear a wig.

Jew In The City: Freeda Wigs Makeover

Freeda Wigs and Jew in The City have formed a partnership in order to create excitement over the use of real human wigs, specifically in the Orthodox Jewish community. Allison Josephs, the founder and director of Jew In The City, has been working on Jewish Outreach programs for over a decade and hopes to continue her mission through Jew In The City. Essentially, their mission is to reeducate non-Orthodox Jews, as well as the non-Jewish community as a whole, in the real practices of Orthodox Jews, eventually breaking away from the stereotypes found in current popular culture. Allison has been mentioned in numerous publications and was named one of NJOP’s Top Ten Jewish Influencers in 2012, and we couldn’t be more excited about our partnership.


The Freeda Wigs Makeover with Jew in the City is an excellent example of one of these outreach projects. Allison worked directly with us to choose a winner that would receive a new hair wig for women handpicked for her style and look. There are currently two episodes of Freeda Wigs Makeover with Allison of Jew in the City, and we hope to continue to make more over the course of the next year! Our first winners could not be happier with the results, and giving back to the community is a major aspect of the Freeda Wigs philosophy. To learn more about how you can be involved, visit Jew in The City or Freeda Wigs.


The Art of the Headscarf

Real Human Hair Wigs Work Perfectly With Scarves The headscarf has come a long way from the days of the hippie. These days, the ways in which women can wear these accessories are almost as varied as any hairstyle. Whether you are covering your real human hair wig for religious reasons, or are simply drawn the fun and easy look it offers, the head scarf is the perfect way to inject a little personality into your hairstyle.


When choosing a headscarf, know what style you are aiming for. Certain styles require scarves that are long and narrow, others need a wider piece of material to work properly. Not sure what scarf style you need? There are countless online videos that will walk you through the process step by step. Simply type “tying a hair scarf” into YouTube and be prepared for hundreds of tutorials.


For the purposes of this post, we will focus on the easiest headscarf style out there, the plait. For this style, you are essentially working your scarf through an average braid, and you will need a long hair wig for women to pull this off. Choose a long and narrow scarf in a bright color that will accent your outfit. Wrap the scarf around the crown of your head until the ends meet in the back. Then use these ends to add to your braid. Include one side in each section of hair as you go about the braiding. The result will be a fun look that is incredibly easy to create!

Trends That Should Be Left in the Past

Stay Away From These Trends When Styling Your Real Human Hair Given the versatility of today’s hair wigs for women, the style world is your oyster! Improvements in wig creation and production have made it so that literally almost any style you see on the runway, or your favorite celebrity, can be had with your wig. The advent of real human hair wigs has been largely instrumental in taking wig wearing from a dull adventure and turning it into a freeing and fun chance to experiment. While you are contemplating the style for your next wig, let us take a look at some past trends that are best left behind.

Questionable Styles of Years Gone By:

  1. The Bra Strap Headband: Whoever decided that undergarments should be worn on the head was seriously misguided. Yet, somehow, the style took off and suddenly respectable women were walking the streets with a bra strap holding their hair back. We hope never to see the resurgence of this look!
  2. Cornrows: Need we say more. Not everyone can pull off this intense style, but the ‘90s saw hundreds of women desperately attempting to do so. Let us call that a lesson learned and move on.
  3. Crimped Hair: All the rage a decade or two ago. This started as fun way to add some crazy texture to your hair, but ended up just looking a little crazy. Today, thankfully, crimping irons are a rarity.

With the litany of amazing hair looks available to you today, there is no need to revert back to these!

Wig Myths

Real Human Hair Wig Myths The world of wig wearing is still relatively new to many people. Therefore, there are still a number of myths surrounding human hair wigs for women. Like most myths, there is rarely much truth in these myths. In this post we will list, and debunk, as many myths as possible. We want everyone to know that real human hair wigs are worlds different from their synthetic predecessors.

Myth: All wigs are created equal.

Fact: Like the hair we are born with, each wig style is uniquely created. Some are entirely human hair, some are a mix. There are as many variations as there are people.

Myth: The wig you buy is the wig you will have forever. It cannot be styled or dyed. You are stuck with that style until you replace it.

Fact: Thanks to the new technology that has been applied to hair wigs for women, the wigs you buy from Freeda Wigs can be cut, dyed and styled in exactly the same manner as natural hair. There is literally nothing you cannot do with your wig.

Myth: Everyone knows you are wearing a wig. It is immediately obvious to all.

Fact: All of the facts above mean that no one has to know you are wearing a wig. This is especially important to those wearing a wig for medical reasons. Regardless of why, your wig wearing is your business.

Now that you can differentiate the true from the false, buy with confidence.

Lessen the Fear of Cancer Treatment with a Party

Ease Cancer With Human Hair Loss Wigs Cancer is one of the most feared words in the English language. There are not words to adequately explain the feelings that overwhelm women when they first get the diagnosis. There are so many conflicting thoughts and feelings that flood the brain. After the logistics of treatment are ironed out, the realization of impending hair loss can hit a woman like a ton of bricks. For many of us, our hair is part of our identity, and we loathe to give that up. Give yourself some time to get used to the idea.

Once it has settled in a bit, rally your friends and loved ones and throw a hair loss wig shopping party. Turning the devastating news into a reason to spend time with loved ones and celebrate the possibilities of new, fun hairstyles. Today’s human hair wigs for women come in any number of styles, cuts and colors. The world is practically your oyster. But, more importantly, you are conveying the message to yourself, your brain and your loved ones that you are a fighter. You are establishing an optimistic attitude that will carry you through the entire treatment process.

Have a drink or two and set out for wig shopping, laughter and some emotional support. You will be happy you did!

Tempted By Ombre?

Human Hair Wigs In Ombre The latest hair trend to sweep the nation is ombre. It is still too early to tell if ombre is here to stay, or if it will die out like so many other fads. Regardless, thousands of women have jumped on the ombre bandwagon, and thousands more are wondering if this look is for them. Are you one of the wondering bunch? By now you know that your real human hair wig is completely ready to be dyed. You have just as much access to the stylist whims of pop culture as the rest of America. But will it work for your life? Before jumping on board and dying your human hair wig, consider the following.

Ombre Considerations:

  1. Your Profession and Future Aspirations: Consider your workplace. The ombre look is on the trendy side of the scale. Not every workplace is ready for it. But, even more importantly, consider where you want your future to go. If you are hoping to move up in the corporate world, this might not be the look for you.
  2. Your Skin Tone and Wardrobe: A person can choose between one and three shades for their ombre look. When choosing your shade, consider your attire and skin tone. Basic dying guidelines should be followed for all three shades. Asking a hair dresser is probably the best bet here.
  3. Previous Color Activity: Has your wig been dyed before? If yes, corrective (and more drastic) measures will have to be taken. Weigh those actions carefully before deciding.

Human Hair Wig Styles Based On Your Face Shape With all the cuts and styles of real human hair wigs available, how do you decide which is right for you?

The answer is staring you in the face. Choosing the best cut and style is as simple as examining your face. The shape of your face determines what look is right for you. Here is a cheat sheet to use when choosing a human hair wig for women.

Oval/Round Faces:

You have a round face if:

  1. Your face is almost as wide as it is long.
  2. Your jaw line is round and full.
  3. Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face

Your Best Style:

Adding layers will create fullness around the face and fill the jaw area.

Diamond/Heart Faces:

You have a heart-shaped face if:

  1. Your face is slightly longer than wide.
  2. Your jaw line is long and pointed.
  3. Your jaw is the narrowest part of your face.

Your Best Style:

Long hair works best because you want more hair around the jaw line and mouth area to accentuate this narrow place.

Rectangle Faces:

  1. You have a rectangle-shaped face if:
  2. Your face is definitely longer than wide.
  3. Your jaw is broad
  4. The sides of your face are straight.
  5. Your forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are the same width.

Your Best Style:

A hair style that angles at the end with soft bangs and fullness. This will add curves to cheekbones and relieve the square features.

Wigs and Fashion Trends Unite

Real Human Hair Wig StylesWhether you cannot get enough of the deep side part that is all over the runways or love everything about the new ombre trend, there is no reason for you to choose between wearing a real human hair wig for religious or medical reasons and indulging in the latest fashion trends. The days of all wigs looking and feeling the same have passed. Freeda Wigs offers an almost endless selection of wigs in any color, style or cut you could possibly wish for. And our hair wigs for women can be styled and dyed to fit even the most eccentric or fashion forward of tastes. Stuck on ideas for a new style? Here is a list of the top styles from this year’s Fashion Week. Feel free to copy the one you love!

Top Fashion Week Hair Trends:

  1. Art Deco: This gorgeous hair trend works with any color or cut. To recreate the looks that swarmed Oscar de la Renta’s runway, weave any and all jeweled hairpieces you have into any style. The result is pure opulence.
  2. French-Braided Topknot: We all love the ease and sophistication of the topknot, and a French braid is truly classic. Combining the two results a complex, yet elegant, updo that is suitable for any occasion.
  3. Deep Part: Briefly mentioned above, this new trend was all over Calvin Klein’s runway. Super easy and ultra fashionable, this is surely going to populate the street in no time!