The Crafting Process


We believe that a dependable and long-lasting finished wig begins with a principled crafting process. Freeda wigs are made of pure Eastern and Northern European hair, grown under specified conditions for optimum volume and richness and never processed. Freedas are hand-woven in our factory and in private workshops by our staff of expert weavers, sorters, cap and weft makers and color specialists using the process developed by Freeda in 1964. Our staff works five days a week in an airy crafting facility set on five landscaped acres. The factory is strictly smoke-free and is maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness.

Once crafted, each individual Freeda is inspected for natural human motion, texture and vibrancy before being brought to New York for finishing, cutting and styling.

    The Crafting Process:
  • Buying – Brokers choose various collections of raw hair to show us.
  • Approving – Our buyers examine the collections and select the superior grade hair.
  • Washing – Hair is carefully washed using gentle shampoos and conditioners.
  • Drying – Air-drying the hair reveals the authentic texture.
  • Combing – A gentle combing process smoothes vibrant hair and removes damaged hair.
  • Grouping – Hair is categorized by color, texture and length.
  • Wefting – Strands are woven onto reinforced ribbons, creating little bunches of hair.
  • Capping – The wefts are machine-sewn to the cap for a natural swinging motion.

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