Keeping cool – Some old tricks and new tricks

Keeping cool – Some old tricks and new tricks





It’s hot out! Wearing a wig when it’s hot out can make you feel even hotter. What’s a wig wearer to do when it just seems too hot for extra layers?




Synthetic wigs are bad news for wig wearers.  Synthetic materials cause excessive sweating and heat. You’ll appreciate your virgin European Freeda wig, which is more breathable. You may want to consider an open wefted cap with hair that is low in density.




Wearing a wig that is short is always a quick solution. A wig that exposes the neck will be cooler during the hot months.  A pony tail wig is always a good choice as well. If you like shade you can always get a hat fall and wear a baseball cap with the hair in a pony or a bun.





Some new tricks:



A good trick we tell our customers is to keep a small 4 ounce spray bottle in their purse. Spray your neck and face when you start feeling overheated.


Another trick we love it to place a wig cap in the freezer and put it underneath your wig, it will really cool you down. If you’ll be out all day you can use the freezer packs that keeps food cold ; midday when you are feeling the heat you can place your wig cap under your wig for a refreshing cool down. If that feels uncomfortable to you try a 100% cotton wig cap under the wig, it absorbs the sweat and customers report that it felt better to them in the heat than without.




What trick do you use for staying cool?






Hair Loss Wigs


Hair Loss Wigs





Buying a wig is a practical way of dealing with hair loss. There are so many different colors and endless styles to choose from. Your wig can be comfortable to wear daily and as natural looking as your hair.




Before Chemotherapy  



Choosing a wig before your hair falls is hard to do. It can be emotional when the expected hair loss starts feeling real for the first time. It’s important to find a wig before this happens so you can get used to wearing it. It also means it will be easier to find a wig that matches your current style and color. In case your hair falls out sooner than you expect, you’ll be ready.   There are many benefits of wearing a wig. Wearing a wig allows you to be in control of whether you want to share the details of your hair loss or if you want to keep it private. A good quality human hair wig won’t need much styling. You can also prestyle your wig days in advance, and be ready with picture perfect hair at a moment’s notice. High quality human hair wigs can also be dyed and highlighted just like your own hair.




Some things to be aware of while shopping for a wig  



  • If you are purchasing your wig before your hair falls out the size may change slightly. At Freeda we have a professional fitter on staff that will customize the fit if the sizing changes after the hair falls out.  Our wigs also have adjustable tabs in the back.
  • At Freeda’s we will also add some of your own hair to the hairline of the wig, so hold on to a lock of hair. It is comforting to be able to have your own hair on your wig.
  • Remember to get a prescription for a cranial prosthesis to submit to your insurance. Most insurance companies make reimbursements for medically necessary wigs.
  • Your wig will often qualify for a tax deduction as well.



Our knowledgeable staff can help you during this emotional journey. We welcome your questions about hair loss wigs.




My Wig Set Me Free

My Wig Set Me Free







Our customer C.M., who suffers from androgenic alopecia, is a guest blogger sharing her experience about her first wig.





After nearly four years of trying to cover my progressive hair loss, I finally got to a point where I had enough. I spent hours in the mirror rearranging my part, blowing hair forward to cover my sparse temples and blow-drying and spraying my hair to create any kind of volume to hide my thinning hair.




I had been to doctors and tried all types of treatments each time with the crushing blow when my hair showed no improvement. I finally realized I was a slave to my hair and didn’t want to be. I was tired of wearing hats all the time. I decided to bite the bullet over something I had been fighting against; I decided to buy a wig. I didn’t like the idea of people knowing I was wearing a wig, but I wanted hair more.




I searched the web endlessly for information about wigs. I found there where so many options. I made a list of what was important to me.




I wanted a wig:

  • That looked like hair and moved like hair

  • A natural looking part

  • Comfortable to wear all day long



Through the hair loss forums I heard about the company Freeda. I browsed their website and started feeling a little less glum about the whole wig thing. I could have straight hair, curly, thin or thick. The possibility of new pretty hair excited me.




I ended up with a shoulder length silky straight wig. I love the feeling of the hair swinging as I move. (My hair sure didn’t do that with the hairspray.) I felt self conscious when I first starting wearing my wig but today it’s just part of me. I had a coworker tell me that my hair looked different and I answered that I had styled it. Mostly no one else noticed, just comments about how nice my hair looks!



Today I feel free of my hair loss. I don’t spend hours in the mirror examining the balding areas and working to cover them. I don’t stress about the damage I am doing to my hair with the constant blow drying. I am ready to leave the house with perfect hair in under 3 minutes.  This wig has changed my life.





Breaking Down the Cap Construction

Breaking Down the Cap Construction


Freeda Wigs, known for their excellent workmanship continues to fine tune the crafting of our wigs. Often it’s hard to know if one is wearing a wig or not.  How do all these parts come together? Here is the breakdown of the different parts of the cap that make up the wig.



The Base


The wig cap or base is the material the hair is attached to. Freeda’s caps are durable and made to last. We create our wigs to be worn for many hours a day.  The most common cap we make is a closed cap. Closed caps are made out of soft and comfortable, yet resilient material. It has stretch for optimum snugness and comfort. The closed material prevents the hair from coming inside the cap.




Wefts are the rows of hair sewn on the cap. Our wefts are expertly placed so that the hair falls just as it was growing from your scalp. We also ensure that when the wind blows no bald spots will show. As you move the wig will move with you.




Adjustable Elastics


Two adjustable elastic tabs are located under the ears toward the nape. These are good for when you want a snugger fit or as the size fluctuates such as when you cut your hair or as it grows.



Ear Tabs


The ear tabs are small slightly oval shaped tabs that rest in front of the ear. Many choose to remove the ear tabs and the wig can be worn just fine without them


The Crown


Our crown boasts a multi-directional top, with a natural looking skin part. You can part your wig in any direction just like you would your own hair.



Will insurance pay for my wig?

Will insurance pay for my wig?



Recently a customer came in to buy a wig. Alopecia had caused her hair to thin to a point where she wasn’t comfortable anymore.  As she was leaving I mentioned that she should find out if her insurance might contribute toward the cost of the wig. She called me today, ecstatic, to let me know that her insurance pays for 80% of the cost of the wig!




If you ask your insurance company if they cover the cost of wigs the answer will likely be no.  However, if you asked about cranial prostheses the answer can be positive. A wig is considered cranial prostheses.




How it’s done?

You’ll need a prescription with the diagnoses code from your doctor.  After you’ve chosen your wig you receive a receipt for a cranial prosthesis to submit with your insurance claim. It’s as simple as that. You may be surprised at how much of the cost is covered.


If you’ve purchased a wig from Freeda and believe your insurance will cover it, you can email and request a cranial prosthesis receipt.







Can I Sleep in My Wig?

Can I Sleep in My Wig?




While you may want to sleep in your wig, it’s not always the best idea. Sleeping in your wig will considerably reduce the lifespan of your wig. As you sleep the wig brushes against the pillow and will cause friction. This friction can cause split ends, matting and tangling of the hair. You’ll also need to style and wash the wig more often which will cause more wear and tear on the wig.


It’s understandable to want to wear your beautiful wig at night. If you still want to sleep in your wig these tips will help reduce the damage that sleeping in your wig will cause.




Your Pillow



Use a pillow with a silk or silk like pillow case. This will help the hair glide and cause less friction with the hair against the pillow. This will reduce matting, tangling and other friction related issues.




Prep Your Wig


Before you go to sleep in your wig you should prepare it. A long wig should be braided or put in a ponytail to reduce friction. A short wig will be less of an issue but if you can clip it or hold it in place with bobby pins it will be better for your wig.



The Next Day


When you wake up you’ll want to gently remove all knots by brushing the wig carefully. Never leave the knots and sleep in the wig, it’ll cause further damage and the knots will be very difficult to remove.




A Second Wig


If you are sleeping in your wig you may also want to swim and exercise in your wig. We recommend getting a second wig that you designate for such activities. You won’t need to worry about the wig not looking right in the morning. Even if you just alternate sleeping in the two wigs you’ll do less damage than if you wear just one.









Change Your Hairstyle in Less Than 30 Seconds!

Change Your Hairstyle in Less Than 30 Seconds!







It seems impossible or only for the extremely talented but it’s true. There’s no taking your wig to a stylist – you can also do this switch yourself in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.




Be it the changing season or just because you feel like it, we sometimes feel like our wigs must have a change. Before you do anything drastic to your wig like bold highlights, cutting off length or a blunt bang try these instant changes to upgrade your style.




This quick new looks don’t involve scissors or bleach and you’ll have everything you need laying around the house.




So what are we suggesting? Something as simple as switching up your part can change your look a whole lot more than you think. With the Freeda wigs that boast multi-directional parts you can rock a middle, off center or deep left or right part. It’s super simple too; spray the part and surrounding hair, comb the hair over to the new desired part. Blast the area with a little heat from a blow drier and boom! A new look in under a minute.



The next tip is even simpler and takes even less time and no tools at all.  How about trying the behind the ear hair-tuck. How simple is that? Tucking the hair behind your ear will open the features, you can add a bold earring to give your look every more change. This is so simple, easy to do and really transforms your look. If you feel that the ear piece on the wig looks too naked or stark you can add soft wavy baby hair to the wig’s ear tab. We do this service in our Freeda showroom in under an hour!




If you’re already showing those ears in a behind-the-ear style, try styling your wig loosely around the face. Add a loose beachy wave or leave it as is. How about that? New look with no tools and easy as pie!











Call the Freeda Alterations center at 718-771-2000 if you’d like to add baby hair to your wig or to visit our Freeda showroom.

Tips for Purchasing Your First Wig

Tips for Your First Wig Purchase






When you start to shop around for a new wig the idea can be somewhat intimidating. We gathered information from first time wig wearers who experienced hair loss. We asked them for their best tips or advice for first time shoppers to help make this adventure more comfortable.

Here is what they said:





I came with a friend who had worn a wig before, there were things I wouldn’t have known to ask about and her guidance was helpful.






I liked that Freeda was able to make little customizations for me.  I thought that the wigs hairline was a little unnatural looking and that I’d need to make do but the baby hair you added changed everything for me. No one at work even knows I wear a wig.

-S. W.





The Freeda Band was a life saver. The wig cap was so itchy once I lost my hair that I wearing it mostly when I went out, the band allowed me to wear it for long periods of time.






Your stylist made me feel comfortable; all the little things she suggested made the wig perfect for me. My hair is growing back but I find myself wearing the wig anyways, it’s so much nicer than my hair.


(Note:  Our stylist cut in layers that framed the face, added a root, and thinned out the crown of the hair.)




Buying a second wig took away a lot of anxiety for me. I stopped worrying what would happen if for some reason I couldn’t wear my “hair”.





Buying a high quality human hair wig made me feel like I had hair on my head. My first wig was made with processed hair and it never looked the same once I left the salon.

-T. A.



Other online companies I researched had no return policies or really short time frames for return plus a restocking fee. This was my first wig, how would I know what color or size I needed? Your flexible return policy allowed me to order a few wigs and choose my favorite (I ended up keeping two!), I was also able to show them to the women who cut my hair and get her opinion.

W. C.





We hope these tips help you in your search for your new wig. We invite you to offer support to others who suffer from hair loss by sharing what made your wig purchase less frightening.  Stay tuned for our next post of helpful advice.







Our customer who loves her first wig even more than her hair!

She wears an Atara in color 4 with added highlights.





Pipe Braids




If you read this blog you’ll know that I’ll never get tired of braids. I love braided styles, for all different occasions, on all lengths of hair, and all seasons.



Now that warm weather is finally here and it’s outdoor-music-festival season, braided hairstyles will be a centerpiece and focus style which will last as long as the weather is warm. Braided hair is the perfect  solution of a of a polished or  statement look, that allows the hair pulled back and away for warm weather activities like, enjoying outdoor music, walks on the beach , or an evening out.  This style can be a lifesaver during those humid hot days.




Lately a new style braid has been exploding all over social media.  It’s called the pipe braid;  a hybrid of the infinity braid, the French braid and the twist, created by Nikki Welch (who also created the “S wave”).  Reminiscent of the friendship bracelets you made in overnight camp this braid uses a similar technique.









An interesting fact- Welch used sailor knots and other similar tying methods for inspiration, trying to achieve the durability that “tight-to-the-scalp” braids offer. It took her months to figure out the perfect wrapping technique, but she got it.



This braided style will take practice. Here’s a step by step guide on how to get your pipe braiding technique up to par from the expert herself.  Try this style half up, in a loose version or anything else you can think of.











Keeping Cool During Summer Months

Keeping Cool During Summer Months



A question we hear a lot is “isn’t the wig hot in the summer?” While Freeda wigs are constructed to wear year round and for many hours a day, we have suggestions on how to keep cool while wearing your wig in warmer weather.



Is the wig you normally wear thick and full?
You may want to consider a thinner wig with less density for this season. A thinner wig will also be easier to pull back away from the face, which brings us to our next solution.



Change Up Your Style
Wearing your wig in a pony is a go to summer style; with the hair off your neck and away from your face you will feel cooler. Our pony wig is a great option and can be seen here. You can also tie a longer wig into a braid to keep the hair off your neck.
Another suggestion is to wear a shorter style; our popular Dorothy wig is a great option for a classic shorter hairstyle.


Wearing a Cap or Hat
If you prefer to stay cool under a cap, our hat fall wig is a favorite of mine. The hat fall also transitions well into winter with knit caps and such. Over and over again our customers tell us how they wear their hat fall so much more than they thought they would. Bonus, our hat falls are deeply discounted in our sale department. See them here.





A Lighter Wig Cap
Are you wearing a Freeda Band to secure your wig? We love them, but the extra layer may be overheating you in the summer. There are vast options for keeping your wig secure. You may want to experiment with a different method specifically for warmer months.
Another option is to get an open-wefted cap. Many of the styles in our sale section have open caps instead of a closed net. Many find this cap a problem solver, and the sale prices are a big perk.



Show us your summer wig styles! We love to hear from you.






The wig pictured is a Riva pulled back into a ponytail. The beautiful highlights were done by our talented colorist