Maintaining Your Wig’s Healthy Hair


Maintaining Your Wig’s Healthy Hair



People ask us all the time about how long their wig should last. We really don’t have an answer for that. We proudly assure you that the hair on your wig will last longer than the cap, the material doesn’t have longevity the way the hair does. (Think about what your hat would look like if you wore it for 10 hours a day, five times a week.) The longevity of the wig is up to you and how well you care for it.


We have blogs with ideas, tips, and suggestions on how to best care for your wig that you can read here.
A different aspect we will discuss today is hair-aging and methods to keep the hair bouncy and healthy looking. Hair-aging might actually be a lot easier to prevent than skin-aging, as your use of hot tools and products play a big role on the health of the hair.








Dermatologists who specialize in aging skin and hair explain that when you flat-iron and blow the hair often or use products with a lot of chemicals you may see breakage that shows up as shorter hairs, or hair that doesn’t lie as smoothly. These two features can be fixed by a hair trim, but it is important to stop behaviors that contribute to these issues so that the hair will be maintained in a healthy manner, and one that makes the hair look its best. Even better is to care for the hair so that these drawbacks don’t occur in the first place.





Luckily if you find the hair needs a pick me up, the fix is quite basic. The simplest thing to do is to use a conditioner — even if your wig has sleek, fine, or thin hair. Many people with thinner and finer wigs don’t use conditioner as they are afraid it’s going to weigh down the wig’s hair.” Conditioner keeps your hair healthy — many also contain an SPF for further protection from the elements. At Freeda we experiment with different conditioners as all textures of hair responds differently to the various formulas on the market. Finding the right conditioner for your wig will give the hair the bounce and boost it needs. Further, always protect the hair from prolonged exposure to the sun. Avoiding access sun is key in preventing unnecessary damage and aging to the wig. See our suggestions on DIY hair masks and conditioning treatments you can do at home, here.






Last, find the right comb and brush for your wig. You’ll want to look for a brush with coated bristles that is gentle on the hair and doesn’t cause snags. Freeda’s salon offers excellent treatments to restore your wigs bounce and shine for years of happy and long-lasting enjoyment of your wig.


 “Gloss Smudging”



gloss smudge




It seems there are always new terms rolling off the tongue when it comes to hair and color. Here’s the latest one we’ve just heard of;” gloss smudging”.



We bring you the latest trend in color (and we are just crazy about it!). Gloss smudging is the newest technique to make your highlights more natural than ever. Created by Keri Hill, an LA celebrity colorist, gloss smudging is a technique that disguises the line between where the root starts and where the highlight begins.






How it works: After the tresses have been perfectly highlighted, the colorist will apply a toner or gloss to the roots, using a brush to ‘smudge,’ or blend that line that makes the obvious line between root and color. Think of it the same way you smudge your eyeliner to make the line less obvious.



The end result?



The most natural looking highlights ever. At Freeda Wigs, our colorists are constantly maintaining training to be in the know with all latest trends and techniques. We are excited to show you this gorgeous subtle new trend.







Shown are close ups of the most precise and delicate highlights done by Freeda professionals.



Questions about color, wigs or style? Shoot us an email at See our wigs at

Spring Color Trends

Spring Color Trends 

It’s time to liven up the color on your wig to match the imminent (we hope!) emergence of spring.  Here are some looks to inspire you as you head to the Freeda Wigs showroom for a color consultation for a new, updated spring makeover.       1         We have been getting color requests for ashy wigs for a while now, and we are excited to hear about the latest hair color trend. This year it’s all about the reds! We breathe a sigh of relief here because European hair typically leans toward the warmer hues, being that we only use 100% virgin European hair this news has us jumping for joy.


      Yes, red tones! Vivid browns, crimson shades of blonde and coppery shimmers will be the new requested shades. Glimmers of warmer tones, the gold and bronze shades, compliment many skin tones and require a lot less maintenance then the ubiquitous ashy colors. We are glad warm tones are the new favorite thing. What do you say? No way or it’s about time!       hairlossblog     Pictured throughout this blog are all Freeda Wigs that boast warm, bronze shaded tones. See similar wigs on our site



Is it spring already? With the extreme changes in weather daily, winter has officially overstayed its welcome here, but we are hopeful for the warm weather and blossoming trees that will soon show up.

Changing of weather always brings out the craving for change. Changes in clothing, shoes, and activities come out along with spring, and of course the hair trends change too…..So we bring you the latest spring styles of 2017.


Move over Bobs and Lobs, long hair is back. Not just long hair, super-long waist-length hair. Long hair had its moment here at Freeda Wigs a while back when lasses tried to get their hands on the longest wigs possible. Our clients wanted hair that was lengths we had never seen before – longer the hair the better.

Well, here we go again. Based on trends seen on celebrities at red carpet events super long hair is back.


The 17th Annual Latin Grammy Awards - Red Carpet




Pictured are celebrities who have embraced the super long waist length trend





Making wigs with hair that long is quite a task for us here at Freedas. Our hair is 100% virgin European. Finding hair that long that meets Freeda’s strict uncompromising level of quality is very difficult.  As our goal here is to provide each customer with the wig of their dreams, we will find that long, long hair that meets our stringent quality of excellence.









We have two super long wigs that are part of our Freeda Collection, our Pearl and our Extra Long Atara. (Our Atara was our longest wig, but as the requests for even longer became more ubiquitous we introduced the Extra Long Atara to our collection.)













Want a wig that’s even longer?!

For even longer wigs then the 24” wig we keep in stock we can also  custom make any length wig you request. Shown here are some of the longest wigs we’ve made for our customers. As you can see the wig pictured exceeds 27 inches! This is a real feat in the world of virgin European hair.













The customers who request these are also among the most patient of clients – the wait for a wig that long can sometimes take as long as 12 weeks!










There is a fine line between gorgeous and silly looking when pulling off this trend. It’s definitely not a look for everyone. There is also more upkeep necessary with a wig that long- brushing out the hair every night and other essentials that don’t show their face while wear our shorter wigs.








Pictured throughout the blog we show some of our clients looking gorgeous in waist length wigs as well as some customs and stock wigs in our longest lengths.



What do you think about this latest trend? Wish you could try it or not for you?



Click here to shop our Atara and our Pearl .






At Freeda there is a Wig for Everybody

At Freeda there is a Wig for Everybody














Our showroom, with wigs in every style and color



At Freeda Wigs we have thousands of wigs. They range from short little pixie wigs like our Linda, to our Pearl which cascades in waves down the back. In between we have curly wigs, straight wigs, wavy wigs, browns and blondes, black and red. We have highlighted wigs and ombre wigs. Out of all the numerous choices we always can find the perfect wig for you.



Most of our wigs are made as full wigs to be worn covering the wearer’s entire head. We also make ¾ wigs (our tape fall) which starts further back on the head and expose the first four or five inches of the crown. Last we have hat fall, made to be worn comfortably under a cap or a hat, it’s a great way to feel comfortable while at the park, running errands or in casual settings with a baseball cap, or dressier occasions with a proper hat.


Freeda has a professional fit specialist on site that will insure a customized fit. Whether in between sizes or preferences such as removing the nape, ears, extra bulk behind ears, or modifying the fit to allow comfort while wearing glasses, we will make sure your wig feels comfortable. We can also thin out a wig that is too thick, add hair to a wig, add baby hair When it comes to alterations, if you imagine it, we can make it a reality.





  There is a wig for everyone


Custom orders

Freeda dedicates itself to having a wig that you’ll enjoy and feel proud to wear. What happens when you need a wig that is one of a kind?

Freeda’s custom department will create a wig that is uniquely yours.

Custom wigs can include toupees and toppers, full and partial wigs all made with each unique detail a customer requests.

We customize fit, color, hair density, length, texture and everything in between. Our reputation is based on our uncompromising dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and personal service. The wig is yours once you are satisfied.

At your appointment you can bring in samples of colors, textures and photos to assist our specialists to create the wig you envision.

It goes without saying that Freeda will create your masterpiece using only the highest quality materials and the finest 100% virgin European hair.



freeda blog ruthy




Two custom ordered wigs made specifically for individual clients



Toupees are made for men, and customized in terms of length and color and specific head shape and size. Your toupee will be made to blend in with your hair, as it will match your hairs color and texture. Our toupees, which are hand sewn, will be crafted to match your hair’s growth patterns and style so you can wear your toupee with confidence and comfort.




Pictured here is a custom toupee with salt and pepper coloring. This will blend seamlessly with the wearer’s hair





Toppers are wigs that cover just the crown of the head. Often women who have thinning hair or just want more fullness and volume will order a topper to blend in with their own hair. Toppers are created and customized based on the customer’s preferences. Our customers rave about the comfort and quality of our toppers and their new found confidence once they experience the fullness they desire.


We welcome all custom requests, and invite you to book a consultation with our team of experts.









A topper wig that is blended with our clients hair

New Hair Trends Inspired by the Oscars

New Hair Trends Inspired by the Oscars



The Oscars; an event where celebrities dress in diamonds, glitter and couture to walk the red carpet.  There, celebrities show off new makeup, fashion and hair trends. Here’s a little about what was popular this year and some of our favorite looks.



Both of these styles channeled old Hollywood glamour, with side parted hair tucked behind the ear and finger waves toward the bottom. Try our Riva Wig to recreate this look





oscarsblog oscarsblog1





A pixie isn’t a style for everyone but on certain individuals it’s just right. Our Linda wig would work perfectly to achieve this ‘do, and make you look more beautiful than any celebrity.




See our Linda wig? Freeda is one of the only companies that created a short little pixie wig that hugs the nape of the neck. When wearing a short style, many complain that the neck stands away from the neck, which is a dead giveaway that you’re wearing a wig. With Freeda’s expert craftsmanship you won’t have this problem. See our Linda here.






oscarsblog oscarsblog1






This next hairstyle seen at the Oscars is both wild and wow. Freeda Wigs prides ourselves on being the exclusive company to sell curly wigs. Our Collection includes many curly styles from short hair, medium length, long and super long. See our Danya wig below which mimics the trend above. We are proud of this natural and free style that our company carries, that requires very little maintenance.









Which styles do you like?  Which styles would you want to try? Perhaps you’re daring enough to start showing off a new style.

See our site for all our different styles.







Venturing out of your wig comfort zone


No, your wigs don’t need to be twins!


When purchasing a wig for the first time many clients strive to find a wig that matches very closely with their hair. To keep the wigs in good shape, and for the convenience of not having to rely on just one wig, we recommend purchasing two wigs. Many customers want to find two identical looking wigs so the “switch” can’t be detected. We understand that feeling but also want to encourage you to make small changes that most won’t able to distinguish.





Perhaps one bang with a side swept bang and one wig with no bangs, or slight differences in color. Wearing a wig should be something you feel bound to but rather something you can have fun with.





We have clients who love to switch wigs and make slight changes between different wigs, yet they still maintain their look.



First we will show Mira (and her adorable kids). Mira is a gorgeous mom and student who does freelance web design (among many other things).  Mira wears a medium to dark brown wig. Just like many celebrities do, Mira has many looks that she switches between. She wears a long slightly highlighted wig, with a side swept long bang in the first photo, a long bob with no bangs in the second and full bangs with no highlights in the third photo.















mira blog





Those changes might be too drastic for some, but try adding slight highlights to one wig, or adding a slight bang to the other.

Next we have Faya, a stylist supermom who also runs an outreach center in New York City. She is involved with local enrichment, baking classes, women’s events and runs a religious center. This beautiful mom always looks great. Her wigs are all similar with small variations. The first is darker, a bit longer and thicker than the one on the right. The second photo shows a more highlighted wig, that has less body. Both wigs serve her well and are similar, yet each one is unique on its own.














We encourage you to enjoy your wigs, have fun with them, and venture out of your comfort zone just a little bit.

The wigs featured are the following styles, Riva, Atara, and the Danya. All can be viewed on .





New Year- New You

New Year- New You


As the last year fades away and the New Year begins our focus often turns into self improvement. New resolutions are made, gym enrollments increase, houses and schedules get organized, and we aim to shut our phones and focus on family.  It’s also a time when we think about our bucket list, the fresh start gives us courage to take a shot at things we’ve been nervous to try.




The most drastic style changes happen this time as well. Brunettes try out blonde, long hair tresses are lopped to shoulder length and the daring may try bold fringes. Here at Freeda Wigs we love those changes, half the fun of wigs is being able to try out new styles without having to commit.




Meet Perel; a mom, student and business owner. These are just a few of many hats she wears on a daily basis. She’s a fashion forward individual that carries many looks and trends beautifully. Here are some of the looks she carries, each one flattering and suitable. She has fun with her wigs and doesn’t commit to just one look.





In these photos Perel wears a Riva wig in a color 2, dark brown. She pins back the front section off her face on the photo on the left. On the right, Perel wears the same wig without it pinned away from her face.




newyou2 newyou1





Below Perel wears a Bob wig with bangs. The wig is color 2, dark brown and can be viewed here.







In this last style Perel wears a Mimi wig. The top of the wig is dark brown in the color she was accustomed to, but she had our colorist gradually lighten the bottoms with a caramel highlight.








Here’s a look at the same girl, showcasing 3 different looks. She pulls off all the styles seamlessly and carries them well.  Hopefully she inspires you to change your look and have fun with new styles and colors.


See the wigs discussed at












Festive Holiday Hair

Festive Holiday Hair



Festive Holiday Hair


The holidays crept up on me this year. I can’t believe the New Year will be here soon and 2016 will be part of history. Along with holidays come parties, gatherings with friends and family, traditions and presents. Holidays are the perfect time to dress up your look, bring out those heels and fix those tresses into something festive.


Here are some of our favorite festive hairdos.





This braided bun up-do was made with our Atara wig and is a natural red color made of only virgin European hair. If you love this look you can try it at home. The step by step instructions can be seen in our previous blog here. It’s a lot easier than it looks –anyone can do it.










This next look makes me so excited! Why? Because that’s my wig (It’s gorgeous, I know!), and even better- I did this look on my own. I’m not a trained stylist at all, but if you are able to make a braid then you are able to do this. See the instructions for a waterfall braid here.


The wig pictured is a Custom-made Freeda wig.  I added highlights and roots (the darker crown), and specified my preference for length, texture and hair distribution.








The next look is perfect for a bride on her wedding day, a celebrity at the Oscars or a holiday party. This look inspired by Kate Middleton is easy enough to do on your own, with supplies you likely have on hand. This up do is sure to make you stand out at the holiday party. Best of all it only takes about 15 minutes!

See a similar look here.






oscar2 oscar1




You and your Freeda wig will be the belle of the ball this holiday season. What are some of your favorite holiday styles?


All styles here have been shown on Freeda Wigs.



Common myths about wigs


Common myths about wigs




We encounter many concerned customers who have misconceptions of wigs. The industry has made leaps and overcome hurdles in terms of comfort, durability and how natural a wig can look. At Freeda we are constantly updating our wigs based on customers’ requests and feedback. Our research team constantly experiments with new techniques, fabrics, and workmanship in order to achieve a natural looking wig that is comfortable and durable. Yet, despite all these improvements myths about wigs and wig wearing still exist. Here are some of the common ones:




Myth: Wigs are for medical patients and those suffering from hair loss:

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Aside for those wearing wigs for religious reasons, wigs are much more common than you think. Wigs are an accessory just like hats, bracelets, or scarves.

Here are some examples of celebrities in hairstyles that you may have never guessed to be a wig.














Lori’s coveted hair always looks gorgeous and who would ever guess that she was wearing a hairpiece? See the close-up of her hairline which shows her gorgeous wig that is no doubt nicer than her hair.













Keira Knightley has talked publicly about wearing a wig. In fact she says …”So for the past five years I’ve used wigs, which is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to my hair”.













Katie Holmes tricked people in thinking she had shorn her long tress when she showed up to the Met Gala in a short chin length bob.
When she showed up to her next event back to her long hair it was apparent that she had worn a wig on the red carpet.





Myth: A wig will never look as good as your hair

Not only is this completely false, the opposite is true. As seen above, when celebrities will be photographed and need to look their best, they rely on wigs which look as natural as and more beautiful than their hair. Olivia Palermo’s gorgeous tresses are beautiful full wigs. Gwyneth Palrow always looks beautiful on the red carpet, thanks to the wig she wears. Her natural hair is thin and damaged, but her wigs make her look like a star.










Myth: Wigs require lots of maintenance

People are under the impression that a wig requires a lot of maintenance. There is certain maintenance that is required, but it’s a lot less than people imagine. A wig does not need to get washed once a day, once a week or even once a month. We recommend washing the wig between four and six times a year. Other maintenance is required such as filling in missing hair or tightening the elastics about once every year and half. In fact, we hear the opposite benefit. Our customers rave about the time they save, how they can just throw their wig on and be ready to walk out the door.






If any part of a wig purchase feels intimidating to you, or if you have endless questions or don’t know where to start, call our friendly representatives for a consultation over the phone or in our showroom. We gladly communicate by email us well. We have a ten day policy with a full refund and ship all over the world for comfort and ease while shopping for the perfect wig.
Freeda Wigs




Our customer Adi, who feel beautiful in her Freeda Wig.