New Year- New You

New Year- New You


As the last year fades away and the New Year begins our focus often turns into self improvement. New resolutions are made, gym enrollments increase, houses and schedules get organized, and we aim to shut our phones and focus on family.  It’s also a time when we think about our bucket list, the fresh start gives us courage to take a shot at things we’ve been nervous to try.




The most drastic style changes happen this time as well. Brunettes try out blonde, long hair tresses are lopped to shoulder length and the daring may try bold fringes. Here at Freeda Wigs we love those changes, half the fun of wigs is being able to try out new styles without having to commit.




Meet Perel; a mom, student and business owner. These are just a few of many hats she wears on a daily basis. She’s a fashion forward individual that carries many looks and trends beautifully. Here are some of the looks she carries, each one flattering and suitable. She has fun with her wigs and doesn’t commit to just one look.





In these photos Perel wears a Riva wig in a color 2, dark brown. She pins back the front section off her face on the photo on the left. On the right, Perel wears the same wig without it pinned away from her face.




newyou2 newyou1





Below Perel wears a Bob wig with bangs. The wig is color 2, dark brown and can be viewed here.







In this last style Perel wears a Mimi wig. The top of the wig is dark brown in the color she was accustomed to, but she had our colorist gradually lighten the bottoms with a caramel highlight.








Here’s a look at the same girl, showcasing 3 different looks. She pulls off all the styles seamlessly and carries them well.  Hopefully she inspires you to change your look and have fun with new styles and colors.


See the wigs discussed at












Festive Holiday Hair

Festive Holiday Hair



Festive Holiday Hair


The holidays crept up on me this year. I can’t believe the New Year will be here soon and 2016 will be part of history. Along with holidays come parties, gatherings with friends and family, traditions and presents. Holidays are the perfect time to dress up your look, bring out those heels and fix those tresses into something festive.


Here are some of our favorite festive hairdos.





This braided bun up-do was made with our Atara wig and is a natural red color made of only virgin European hair. If you love this look you can try it at home. The step by step instructions can be seen in our previous blog here. It’s a lot easier than it looks –anyone can do it.










This next look makes me so excited! Why? Because that’s my wig (It’s gorgeous, I know!), and even better- I did this look on my own. I’m not a trained stylist at all, but if you are able to make a braid then you are able to do this. See the instructions for a waterfall braid here.


The wig pictured is a Custom-made Freeda wig.  I added highlights and roots (the darker crown), and specified my preference for length, texture and hair distribution.








The next look is perfect for a bride on her wedding day, a celebrity at the Oscars or a holiday party. This look inspired by Kate Middleton is easy enough to do on your own, with supplies you likely have on hand. This up do is sure to make you stand out at the holiday party. Best of all it only takes about 15 minutes!

See a similar look here.






oscar2 oscar1




You and your Freeda wig will be the belle of the ball this holiday season. What are some of your favorite holiday styles?


All styles here have been shown on Freeda Wigs.



Common myths about wigs


Common myths about wigs




We encounter many concerned customers who have misconceptions of wigs. The industry has made leaps and overcome hurdles in terms of comfort, durability and how natural a wig can look. At Freeda we are constantly updating our wigs based on customers’ requests and feedback. Our research team constantly experiments with new techniques, fabrics, and workmanship in order to achieve a natural looking wig that is comfortable and durable. Yet, despite all these improvements myths about wigs and wig wearing still exist. Here are some of the common ones:




Myth: Wigs are for medical patients and those suffering from hair loss:

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Aside for those wearing wigs for religious reasons, wigs are much more common than you think. Wigs are an accessory just like hats, bracelets, or scarves.

Here are some examples of celebrities in hairstyles that you may have never guessed to be a wig.














Lori’s coveted hair always looks gorgeous and who would ever guess that she was wearing a hairpiece? See the close-up of her hairline which shows her gorgeous wig that is no doubt nicer than her hair.













Keira Knightley has talked publicly about wearing a wig. In fact she says …”So for the past five years I’ve used wigs, which is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to my hair”.













Katie Holmes tricked people in thinking she had shorn her long tress when she showed up to the Met Gala in a short chin length bob.
When she showed up to her next event back to her long hair it was apparent that she had worn a wig on the red carpet.





Myth: A wig will never look as good as your hair

Not only is this completely false, the opposite is true. As seen above, when celebrities will be photographed and need to look their best, they rely on wigs which look as natural as and more beautiful than their hair. Olivia Palermo’s gorgeous tresses are beautiful full wigs. Gwyneth Palrow always looks beautiful on the red carpet, thanks to the wig she wears. Her natural hair is thin and damaged, but her wigs make her look like a star.










Myth: Wigs require lots of maintenance

People are under the impression that a wig requires a lot of maintenance. There is certain maintenance that is required, but it’s a lot less than people imagine. A wig does not need to get washed once a day, once a week or even once a month. We recommend washing the wig between four and six times a year. Other maintenance is required such as filling in missing hair or tightening the elastics about once every year and half. In fact, we hear the opposite benefit. Our customers rave about the time they save, how they can just throw their wig on and be ready to walk out the door.






If any part of a wig purchase feels intimidating to you, or if you have endless questions or don’t know where to start, call our friendly representatives for a consultation over the phone or in our showroom. We gladly communicate by email us well. We have a ten day policy with a full refund and ship all over the world for comfort and ease while shopping for the perfect wig.
Freeda Wigs




Our customer Adi, who feel beautiful in her Freeda Wig.








Conditioning Your Wigs- DIY Masks for Luxurious Hair

Conditioning Your Wigs- DIY Masks for Luxurious Hair


Our European Wigs give a pleasant shock to those who experience them the first time. While many expect the tresses on a wig to feel wiggy, stiff or a poor imitation of real hair, our European wigs are the opposite.  European hair feels luxurious to the touch, like the friends whose hair you envy or the hair you always wished for, that is European hair, the kind Freeda wigs are made of.








We’ve boasted about our wigs quality over and over again, and for good reason, European wigs are the highest grade wigs that exist, you simply can’t get better. European wigs will act like hair will, which means sometimes the elements like sun, humidity or dye might cause your wig to need a pick me up.




Here are three tried and true DIY hair masks that will nourish, and liven up your wig’s locks and give your hair sheen and luster.




These masks are easy to make, simple ingredients and likely items you already have. Best of all these masks are chemical free!


Coconut Oil and Honey Mask 



Let’s talk about the properties of the two ingredients and why they are good for the hair.

Coconut oil is a powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants. The coconut oil will moisturize and condition the hair; it will soften and smooth the cuticles (which are intact on European hair). It will tame any frizz and will offer protection against split ends.

Honey is rich in vitamins and minerals. It will soften the hair and lock moisture into dry locks.



2 tsp of honey

1 tbsp of coconut oil

The ingredients will mix best when warm, you can each place a bowl into hot water to warm or place in the microwave from 15 seconds.
Stir together until you create a paste.



Spray wig until it is damp

Using your fingers, spread small amounts on the bottom ends of the hair, leaving the two inches at the root untouched. (The reason for this is that the oil will loosen the knots and glue which will compromise the longevity of the wig).

Leave mixture on for 30-60 minutes, then rinse off.







Egg Yolk and Olive Oil Mask


Eggs are rich in protein and loaded with b-vitamins. This will help strengthen the follicles and lubricate dry damaged hair. It will also leave your locks feeling silky.

Olive oil has been used to nourish hair since times of old. Rich in vitamin E, olive oil with strengthen the strands and help prevent breakage and split ends.





1 egg yolk

1 tbsp olive oil




Whisk the ingredients together until frothy. Using your fingers, spread small amounts on the bottom ends of the hair, leaving the two inches at the root untouched. Cover wig with a plastic wrap or shower cap, leave on for 30-60 minutes.  Rinse the hair very well then do a final rinsing with shampoo when mask is fully rinsed. IMPORTANT: Rinse hair with cold to tepid water only.




Avocado and Banana Mask











We love this mask because it smells so nice and what better way to use the bananas that are about to go bad? Avocado contains vitamins A, E, D and B. The natural oils in avocado nourish and moisturize the hair leaving it soft and revitalized.

The banana is full of vitamins, potassium, and antioxidants. This will help with the hairs natural elasticity to prevent hair breakage and split ends.


1/2 avocado

2 bananas

Add ingredients to a blender and pulse until mixture has no lumps. It is important that there are no lumps as it is difficult to remove from the hair. Using your fingers, spread small amounts on the bottom ends of the hair, leaving the two inches at the root untouched. Cover wig with a plastic wrap or shower cap, leave on for 30-60 minutes.  Rinse the hair very well there is no need to rinse with a shampoo once the mixture is entirely removed from the hair.


You can use these masks every 4-5 washings, or whenever you feel your wig needs a pick me up.




Facing Hair Loss Challenges and Regaining Your Confidence

Facing Hair Loss Challenges













A good hair day can make one feel confident, happy and capable. That good-hair high can give one a boost of confidence that will assist in social situations or career related success. The opposite rings true as well, a bad hair day can leave you feeling down and cheerless. The influence of one’s hair is powerful. We identify people based on their hairstyle and hair color. Rockers are known to have specific hairstyles, and fashionistas have theirs. There are hairstyles and hair colors that are appropriate for teachers and other professionals. You may be dubious trusting a qualified professional with blue hair rather than one without.





We are taught that “it’s what’s inside that matters” and that is true, but most accept that having an attractive appearance positively impacts our lives. In fact, a survey from Tresemme showed that nearly 25% of women don’t want to leave their house on a bad hair day.








In a Harvard study, women who felt that they looked more youthful after a haircut or color change showed a decline in blood pressure, suggesting that a simple hair change can make your body feel younger. It also shows that the way we look impacts how we feel and how we feel shapes the way we look.




We use our hair to convey to others who we are or to shape our identity. Romans adorned their hair with golden and ivory pins to relay status and wealth. In the 1900s women traded longer locks for bold short haircuts to make brazen declarations of their feelings on women’s liberation.




Those facing hair loss feel stunted by their changing appearance. Hair loss can occur from various factors including cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, lupus, thyroid issues, and certain medications. These conditions are stressful enough without adding hair loss to the equation.




The impact of hair loss can cause feelings of despair, depression and feelings of unattractiveness. Since hair loss itself is not life threatening often consulted doctors won’t address the psychological aspects of hair loss. Hair loss sufferers can feel overlooked and unimportant and have little knowledge of where to turn for help. Some feel acute anxiety related to their changing appearance and often feel overwhelmed when searching for acceptable solutions.









At Freeda it is our goal that each person who wears our wigs feels confident and beautiful. We make our wigs so those facing the burden of hair loss feel secure and self assured. We create wigs the boost the quality of life, whether it be socially or psychologically. There is this lovely moment we experience in our showroom when someone facing hair loss for the first time finds the perfect wig that makes them smile, when the person and the wig click in a way where they seem perfect for each other. There is nothing like seeing the happiness on their face, the immediate confidence, and the tears of joy. We feel privileged to be part of moments like this.









If you are facing hair loss and don’t know where to turn for help call our knowledgeable staff at Freeda Wigs. At Freeda you will have


  1. -The assistance of stylists whose area of expertise is with wigs
  2. -A completely private shopping experience with stylists that are trained to meet your needs
  3. -An onsite fit specialist who will customize your wig cap to fit exactly how you like it
  4. -A wig that will stay on securely without the need for combs and clips
  5. -Complimentary alterations for 6 months
  6. -A full year warranty on manufacturer’s defects
  7. -Assistance to purchase a wig in the comfort of your home
  8. -A ten day return policy to purchase your wig confidently
  9. -Outstanding and personal service


Give us a call at 718-771-2000 or email us at for more info.



All photos pictured show confident women wearing their Freeda wig.





Presidential Hair

Hair and Election Day



In the political world the influence of hair is essential. The hair sported must project the candidate with confidence and certainty. It can’t be a distraction or untidy. The hair must impart wisdom, confidence, and poise. It needs to be modest and in no way ostentatious.

Hair has a big job, and not just for presidential candidates and other officials. A wig wearer certainly understands how important having the “right” hair is, and how it affects our mood and our confidence. There is a reason our Presidential candidate’s hair have had almost as much press as their politics do.





Hillary Clinton has tweaked her hair continuously going from scrunchies and headbands to polished, sophisticated hair. She made headlines causing traffic in Bergdorf Goodman getting her hair cut by John Barrett, whose fee is $600 a cut and an additional $600 for color.  Clinton also travels with her hairstylist who starts working on her hair as early as 4:45 am!


Shown below is the presidential hopeful in her signature style, a layered bob. If you envy this style try our popular Dorothy wig or our newest addition, the Maya wig , add soft highlights and rooting for natural look that exudes confidence.




Democratic Candidate For President Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Vegas Area








The coif Clinton sported in 2013 sparked conversation, calling the hair “presidential”.  The change in style was all it took for media to predict Clinton as a candidate for the elections three years later. Try our Linda wig for a similar style.










Male contenders in the political world are subject to similar hair scrutiny. Donald Trump’s hair is almost more popular than his politics (almost!). Discussion on whether Trump utilized hairpieces, as well as insults of style and color has followed his campaign. Just four days ago Trump made hair headlines again when he updated his color for a lighter hue.  The verdict is in, the twittersphere is giving him rave reviews on the new look.







Freeda services male hair needs as well. Toupees and male hairpieces are available through custom order by emailing . All our hairpieces and wigs are always made with 100% virgin European hair for the most natural looking and top quality products on the market.




These styles similar to those discussed here are available at





maya olivia



Midlength Hair: Taking the Plunge from long to short

Midlength Hair:

Taking the Plunge from long to short



Have you been sporting a long wig but been thinking

about shorter tresses?



Thinking about going from the Atara to the Riva Short,

or from the Pearl to the Friends? Fall is a perfect time

to try a change in style. Medium length hair is chic,

sweet and very easily managed. Medium length hair

can add beautiful bounce to its cuts and frames the

face beautifully. There is lots of versatility within



mid-length cuts as well; it can be worn wavy, curly or straight. The cut can have blunter ends or softer.



































Luckily with wigs you don’t need to fully commit before you jump in and oblige yourself to a shorter style.  Come take a tour of the Freeda Wigs showroom and try on some of our shorter styles.

Let’s take a look through some of our  favorite longer to shorter  makeovers.














































Have you been wearing long wigs for a while and itching for a change? Do you have a friend who you think would look great in a shorter style? Or, perhaps you don’t like mid-length hair at all. We welcome your comments and would love to hear from you.





The Scarf Blog

The Scarf Blog

scarf blog2

There are those who love the changing seasons, those who eagerly await drinks in warmed mugs, and cozy thick sweaters.




Yet, even those who don’t appreciate the climate change reach for this one accessory as the temperature plummets, we are talking about scarves, of course.





Scarves come in different textures and lengths, add color to an otherwise monotone ensemble and are an effortless way to look chic.  The snug factor makes scarves a favorite addition as chill levels peak.





When donning this beloved accessory, wig-wearers face a challenge even the non-attired face. Scarves add heat and friction to the neck area causing the hair in the nape area to knot up. Untangling knotted hair is time consuming and bothersome.




See some of our favorite cold weather picks fashioned to end this unpleasant chore. Instead of dreading the polar vortex and the shivers that accompany it, think about building the best snowman on the block and having your wig look great at the same time.






Easy Knotted Updo



Step 1

Section off the hair horizontally

at the crown.



 scarf blog






       Step 2

Divide the section into two pieces.









Step 3

Tie the two sections into a knot.

Then, with one hand, insert one

bobby pin horizontally from the

left, and then one from the right.

Let the ends hang.scarfblog4





Step 4

Repeat the process by sectioning off hair at ear level, dividing it into two sections. Knot and pin them. Repeat.

Gather any remaining ends on the left side of the head and knot them together. Insert two bobby pins vertically, one down from the top and the other up from the bottom. Repeat on the right side, tying ends and then knotting and pinning them.


Step 5

Gather any two ends on the left side of the head and knot them together. Insert two bobby pins vertically, one down from the top and the other up from the bottom. Repeat on the right side, tying any two ends and then knotting and pinning them.



Step 6

Pin up any loose ends.

Spray hair lightly to hold the style.







For those who don’t like to wear an up-do a simple braided look is a chic way to ward off knotting. This style is fabulous as it is a perfect way to wear your wig when you need a wash and set but can’t get to your stylist right away. A highlighted wig will look extra special as the color patterns are woven through each twist in the braid.




The braided pigtail braids might seem most suitable for the tots- to ten crowd, but our favorite version is for the panache and stylish.




Wear two braids loose and not completely symmetrical. This style will have your wig knot free and looking chic.








There are so many ways to assist the winter wig issues. We welcome your best ideas or comments.


Accessories for Fall

A different way to accessorize your hair this fall


Accessories have made their way into mainstream styles. Barrettes, clips, and bands once thought of as a bridal accessory or for tikes and schoolgirls, hair accessories have made their mark in the world of fashion.

Accessories are a good way to change your look. Hair can get cut, grow out bangs, and cut bangs to change the looks. Those changes don’t lend themselves well with wig wearers; the hair doesn’t grow back so every change is a commitment.

Braids and accessories are nice way to change up your look without commitment.  After years of working with wigs it’s always a surprise to see a style that’s novel and new.

This style is described as “ring braids”. Here’s how to:





  •  Grab a two-inch section of hair right at your part, split it into three even sections, and begin creating a classic three-strand braid.


  • As you work your way down the hair, slide a single gold ring around one of the three sections and continue the braid to lock it in place. Make sure to space the rings out inconsistently.



  • Secure braid with an elastic.




















































Another fall trend that’s different then what we have seen in the past is this bold look showcased by Alexander McQueen.


McQueen adorned hair with multi vintage clips and pins. It’s a little over the top for some, but looks just as nice with just one, or try multiple smaller sized pins and clips.











I was absolutely in love with this ornate headband by Miu Miu until I noticed the $550 price tag!

The mix of pearls and crystals merges perfectly for this year’s fall trends, and luckily scoring the internet will yield lower priced versions of this beauty. There is even a step-by-step DIY for those skilled pinterest queens. Still, this lavish style looked perfect in a jean button-down and can be worn to a black-tie affair as well.














Our ponytail wigs rejoiced when they saw this fall’s trend of ponytail cuffs.  Ponytail wigs often get thought of as the dressed-down sort. These Marni ponytail cuffs, and Colette Malouf hair wraps give the ponytail a whole new status.

Which fall styles will you try come fall?



















Sombré: The perfect highlight color this fall

Sombré: The perfect highlight color this fall




As the seasons change the urge to try new things and update styles comes along with the change. Styles change from sandals to boots, from tees to coats, and from ice cream to hot cocoa.

The trends of hair styles and hair color are no different. Tones become more muted and less bright. Here is a color change we are really excited about here at Freeda wigs.



    Ombré it seems is still a ubiquitous trend that isn’t going anywhere. So many find the trend on the wilder side, more flamboyant, fit for the fashion risk takers and the bold.

Enter Sombré; as the name suggests, sombré is a soft, more subtle version of ombré. Sombré is slight lightening of the hair from root to tip, a style that works even with blonde colored hair. It stays within 2 shades of the root color, a small change that makes a vast difference. Sombré says goodbye to obvious roots and thick streaks of color, and hello to fine, understated lift in color.

We love this new trend, perfect for wig wearers not ready to commit to big changes in their wigs. For those who are even more commitment-phobic try rooting- just the slighted darkening of the hair at the roots.



Pictured here is Freeda herself circa 1997, founder of Freeda Wigs, way ahead of the trends, wearing a rooted Linda wig.











ShlomitOur popular Shlomit wig, with shadow roots, just the slighted darkening

at the first ¼” of the roots.








 Our Pearl wig with sombré coloring


Are you excited to see a different direction in hair color, or are you firmly sticking with Ombre?